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richard • 9 months ago

In my opinion, if you're not supporting Trump you're either an idiot or a traitor.

Cornpop Johnson • 9 months ago

Isn't it kind of funny that you don't hear too many people bragging about voting for Biden now a days. Not too many bumper stickers out there either.

Remco Kimber • 9 months ago

While in prison Eugene Debs ran in the 1920 election. No EC votes, but did get 6% of the popular vote. He was imprisoned under the unconstitutional Espionage Act enacted by a Democrat Congress and signed into law by the internationalist (read that as unAmerican) Wilson.

Southern Patriot • 9 months ago

You would probably love the book I’m reading .”Union At ALl Cost- By Taylor - Auburn University.. Boy was Lincoln a POS!

ReadytoVote • 9 months ago

Written by a lefty loonatic Auburn University groomer? And you believe it?!?!?!

GozieBoy • 9 months ago

Yes, they are aggressively trying to rewrite history, and too many receptive loons are always eager to believe the tripe fed to them.

Southern Patriot • 9 months ago

This is not one of those . He actually is of old school and exposed the truth. Probably why he’s not working for the Auburn University and now volunteers at the library of a rural county…

Southern Patriot • 9 months ago

Did you read it ? Obviously not .

Wolf • 9 months ago

Your right, the real Lincoln was nothing like the history books say.

ReadytoVote • 9 months ago

Are you a true conservative?
Obviously not.

Southern Patriot • 9 months ago

You would be shocked .:) like I said , if you haven’t read it , you are speaking without knowledge… Great document references in this book . I like when I can chase down the proof .

ReadytoVote • 9 months ago

Proof? It's full of lies and deceptions. Reviews even said so. You and the author seem to be the only ones willing to believe his delusions.

BoonDoggle • 9 months ago

Lincoln was NOT what they fabricated History to say. He handed our Nation over to his British Crown masters, that installed him. A snake under a rock ever since, robbing America blind and murdering us in all THEIR Wars for profit.

Gluteus Maximus Pimple Art • 9 months ago

Not true. Lincoln was part of the Republican party that brilliantly came up with a moral anti-slavery platform that was linked to westward expansion and increasing their power base.

The racist democrats have hated him ever since. By the way, no war, no debt.

Democrats have also always been the evil ones behind slavery, racism, oppression, wars, violence, false flags, lies, propaganda, etc.

Ane Steele • 9 months ago

The anti slavery platform was an add on by the Republican party in an attempt to end the civil war. And before you get your panties in a twist, both parties have been behind every evil thing since the inception of the country...

Gluteus Maximus Pimple Art • 9 months ago

No. The republican anti slavery platform in 1860 tied to western expansion was the cause for the civil war which basically started when Lincoln was elected and the platform became a reality. The democrats realized they would lose power and become an island only to be dominated by the north eventually.

Regardless, only the racist Democrat party supported slavery, the confederacy, kkk, 1ynching, and Jim Crow.

If you can't distinguish between good and bad, you need to read the Bible more.

wallypalo • 9 months ago

The cause of the Civil War was Lincoln’s claim that secession was illegal. If he had held off on his invasion until after the matter was ruled on by SCOTUS, 600,000 Americans would not have been killed. Yes, slavery was one of the main causes of the secession. But so was the fact that the Southern States were paying 75% of all federal taxes (thru import/export tarriffs).

Gluteus Maximus Pimple Art • 9 months ago

Yes, the war was fought over the legality of secession.

But why did Democrats want to leave the Union so bad?

Tariffs were an issue and so was slavery. But the control of western expansion of slavery became a proxy war on the number of electors and Congressman to control DC and legislation, judges, taxes, tariffs, etc.

The Republicans figured out a smart way to take the moral high ground while creating a political dynasty to move the nation forward.

Democrats hated the loss of power. Still do. That's why they believe the ends justifies the means. They are inherently evil. Whether it's the confederacy, kkk, blk, antifa, etc.

Southern Patriot • 9 months ago

Lincoln’s experiences with law and railroads gave him an opening to play Devil’s advocate . He had many legal cases teaching him how to play both sides in trials. He knew the big money came from the groups that wanted Corporate contrails and big Banking. Aka his buddy Mr Chase… The North just shifted their investments into other areas . The Northerners didn’t care for African slaves to be in their presence, but they liked the goods of agriculture and textiles which they benefited in with the demand for textiles in volume from overseas. Industry . Still involved in slavery, but indirectly benefiting .

Ane Steele • 9 months ago

Okay, what does reading the Bible have to do with it? Your premise is faulty. History has been rewritten so often that the truth is obscured. The dem supported ideas didn't come until later. The Southern states needed slavery to continue it's economy. But it wasn't a thing until later in the war.

Southern Patriot • 9 months ago

In fact the North supplied the slaves to the South. Primarily New England. They then transferred their investments into the industrial development . But loves the textiles money coming from the cotton . They depended on the agriculture .It was more of a “not in my back yard”, but ok in yours approach. Really he was all for big banks and big Corporations . Lincoln played both sides of the isle to gain power and control. He had intended to join the same law firm after his Presidency that he personally had helped gain great power . His assignation came before this final move for self glorification and money.
Typical politician…

Gluteus Maximus Pimple Art • 9 months ago

Lincoln didn't free the slaves of the South until 1/1/1863.

But the South run by Democrats pre-emptively seceded immediately after Lincoln was elected because the Republican platform curtailed slavery in the western territories and prohibited slavery in the new states.

As more slave free states would be added to the US, the Democrat slave owning states would become politically and financially weaker in DC with the number of congressmen and electors that decide legislation, tariffs, taxes, judges, etc. Democrats wanted out.

You would know this if you watched more than gone with the wind and dukes of hazard.

And shame on you equating Republicans with Democrats that owned slaves, created the confederacy, kkk, 1ynching, and Jim Crow.

firesidechet • 9 months ago

If the south was so bada $$ they should have picked their own cotton.

Ane Steele • 9 months ago

The south was no worse or better than the north in terms of slavery use. Considering the indentured servant and use of children, I would say both sides were evil in their own ways.

Southern Patriot • 9 months ago

The cotton gin came into play. The railroads were pushed to develop to the western front instead of southward . Intentionally .

42NYY7 • 9 months ago

It’s why the gop was formed.

“ In 1854, opposition to the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which would permit slavery in new U.S. territories by popular referendum, drove an antislavery coalition of Whigs, Free-Soilers, Americans and disgruntled Democrats to found the new Republican Party, which held its first meeting in Ripon, Wisconsin that May. Two months later, a larger group met in Jackson, Michigan, to choose the party’s first candidates for statewide office.”

Ane Steele • 9 months ago

It was these republicans that insisted Lincoln use anti slavery as a reason to end the civil war. The history has been rewritten so often. Economic interests, cultural values and the power of the federal government to control the states were the major problems. Slavery was tacked on. I remember learning about it over fifty years ago and have since watched history being rewritten.

Facts Matter • 9 months ago

Gluteus, your last line is obviously false. Here is a list of just a few of the many current Republicans who have demonstrated that they themselves are racist:

James Comer KY-01

Jim Jordan OH-04

Mike Turner OH-10

Paul Gosar AZ-09

Virginia Foxx NC-05

Glenn Grothman WI-06

Gary Palmer AL-06

Clay Higgins LA-03

Pete Sessions TX-17

Andy Biggs AZ-05

Nancy Mace SC-01

Jake LaTurner KS-02

Pat Fallon TX-04

Gluteus Maximus Pimple Art • 9 months ago

Opposing racist Democrats doesn't make one racist unless the one the pointing the finger is a racist r3tard.

Facts Matter • 9 months ago

That doesn't refute what I said, stupid.

Miss Molly Pitcher • 9 months ago

All you did was make a list naming people that you don’t like. You provided ZERO evidence, data, or proof to support either your claim or your list.

Electro-optic Barney • 9 months ago

LOL. This is TGP, stupid Molly. The regulars here can't comprehend logic or evidence, and you won't find much of either here.

Southern Patriot • 9 months ago

Yes! The connections to the railroads… The railroads connections to the SSI Act 1933. The Federal Reserve Act 1913… The “Emergency Act”… All Notes, ANY note is equivalent to a bank note or a Federal Reserve note . Sec 401-403. March 9, 1933,. Perry vs US…, All promissory notes are paid the moment you sign the paperwork by the Treasury through the Federal Reserve, with banks (suppose to be) acting as your “Agent” as you are the “Member” by your SSI and the bonds created on your “Strawman” name (In ALL CAPS) . Ever noticed your “bills” in ALL CAPS name ? We’ll guess what!… Those aren’t bills. They are “Bearer Bonds”. Interest payments for the Investments ( you were never told about ) made on your bonds. ! Yep. You can prove you are a live human being and take back this power via a POA from All Caps to lower Capitalization. They just don’t want you to know this . Three centuries of ripping off the American People ! Foreign Gov. United States Corp . And Central Banking Institutions with Lincoln’s Corporation deals …

The tic tac toe mini crop circles are also non existent.

Mrs. Sunshine • 9 months ago

The U.S. is a constitutional republic.

Soapboxr • 9 months ago

That was the first thing that came to my mind. Can't we get that right occasionally? We are starting to sound like our enemy. just sayin~

Chuck lubchenko • 9 months ago

Too bad we have too many lawyers, DAs, and legislators that can't pass a high school level government or civics class.

deanbob • 9 months ago

In theory -absolutely. But when 2 or the 3 branches of govt violate the constitution and nothing is done, the reality is that we are NOT a being run constitutionally.

So is a banana republic without the democratic component.

Chuck lubchenko • 9 months ago

Or without growing bananas.

NVRANCHER • 9 months ago

Lots of bananas in DC and they are rotten.


Chuck lubchenko • 9 months ago

That's right.
A banana republic that does not grow bananas.
Flummoxing, isn't it.

BeakerCasual • 9 months ago

not to be a spelling Nazi... but you misspelled "Banana"

Combat Veteran • 9 months ago

And has ALWAYS been such!

Wolf • 9 months ago

Well, on paper..

cmr • 9 months ago

As long as People live in FEAR, the establishment is winning the PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE.

doesn't matter what people think, what polls say, or who they vote for.
Only thing that matters is how many fake ballots can be printed and counted
... and who counts the ballots.

Electro-optic Barney • 9 months ago

But you still don't have any evidence of significant election fraud. Keep trying. LOL

The evidence of election fraud is of every type and massive and presented over and over and over and over again to courts.
You are either lying or dumb as a rock.