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Chris • 5 months ago

Jill Biden is such a "Classy" Lady on the cover of Vogue.
Her 1st Husband was saying that while she was still married to him she was having Sexual Relationships with Joe Biden. Now that's "Class"

Hector Maldonado • 5 months ago

Streetwalker class.

sgtdoom • 5 months ago

NOW THIS is one classy lady --- hear her brilliant deconstruction of the corporate/commie attempt to revise Dr. Malone out of modern history!


Guest • 5 months ago
Chinook • 5 months ago

😂🤣💐. Well I am gladd there are couple of people here I agree with on couple of things😜.
...and they claim to be Catholic. I mean the Bidens.

sgtdoom • 5 months ago

The hookers who snorted lines with Hunter claimed that he always wanted to attend mass afterwards !

Chinook • 4 months ago

😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣💙😍 this is crazy. You know what? I beleive them. This added to the child pornography pics found on his laptop and the list goes on.

Charlton • 5 months ago

Have you noticed that California has 3 out of the 5 plagues listed. I guess that's because California is the epicenter of immorality in this country.

SoCalBeachDude • 5 months ago


DM: REVEALED: Owners of 136 condos in collapsed Miami tower were hit with $15m repair bill weeks before it collapsed as it's revealed developers skirted building codes to add penthouse...

Residents of the Miami condo building that collapsed in the early hours of Thursday were warned in April that they would have to pay $15 million in repairs and were given until July 1 to decide if they were going to pay up front or in installments over 15 years. The Champlain Towers South condo was due this year for its 40-year inspection, which is part of the Miami Dade county building requirements. The damage was first identified in 2018 by an engineer who had been hired to review the building. He warned of a 'major error' and found extensive concrete spalling in the parking garage.

The condo board started meeting to determine how they were going to pay for the repairs and when they would do them. In April, the board president Jean Wodnicki sent a letter to residents of the 136-unit building telling them that the repairs were needed. The total cost was more than $16million and the board had just $770,000 in cash reserves, leaving them with a bill for around $15million. They tried to get a loan first from Banco Popular but the deal fell through. In April, the condo board was finalizing a deal with Valley, another bank, for a loan to cover it.

kodster • 5 months ago

This process actually started in 2018. That's when the engineer found all the problems. Then they spent the next 3 years trying to get a contractor... put it out to bid, and NO one would bid on the job. Whenever they got someone to put a bid in, it was put to the condo owners (this is a condo 'homeowner's' association) to decide whether or not they wanted to pay what the contractor wanted, and ALL of them are complicit... they didn't want to pay it. So, procrastination on the part of the condo owners, led to their deaths and the destruction of their homes.

lSA41:10 • 5 months ago

Katerina Vavrinec, a 34-year-old from the Czech Republic living in Sydney, said she has sought counseling for mental health issues arising from the separation from her friends and family, and the anxiety that has come with it. She hasn't been to her home city of Prague for three years.
"Keeping borders shut is going to have a huge impact on people's mental health," she said, pointing to the high number of Australians with family ties overseas. "So this is going to have huge impact on the mental health of millions of people."
Vavrinec is on maternity leave and due to return to work in just over a week, though she's not sure what that will look like in lockdown. But she's found a silver lining.
"I'm actually quite happy that we're in lockdown because I've been quite frustrated with the indefinite border closures. So I'm hoping that the lockdown forces people to realize that completely isolating Australia from rest of the world is not going to get us out of this."

lSA41:10 • 5 months ago

It's just as hard for some living in Australia to get out. If someone from overseas has Australian citizenship or permanent residence, they need a government exemption to leave the country.
The result is not just holidays lost, but lost time with family and friends.
At the last census in 2016, around half the people living in Australia were either born abroad or had at least one parent born overseas.
One Brisbane resident from Canada, who is working in a hospital in health care, is hoping a speedier vaccine program will mean fewer border controls and, hopefully, a trip back home.
"I'm originally from Canada, and don't know when I will see my family again. Honestly, I think at least 2 years," the health care worker wrote in a message to CNN.
"We're so frustrated! The vaccination process is ridiculous. I'm a health care worker in the top list of people and there was so much confusion. We were told to email and that we'd be contacted when our appointment was ... then we're told just to show up because that program was actually not recording anything," she said.
"It's still only open to [people age] 50+ even though spreaders are averaging 20-30 years of age. We're sick of lockdowns, knowing the vaccine is out there."
And for some residents with strong ties abroad, there are more serious implications to this global isolation.

lSA41:10 • 5 months ago

In a question to the Prime Minister, journalists on Channel 9's Today program on Thursday suggested that Morrison and his slow vaccine rollout were responsible for the ongoing lockdowns.
Morrison replied by saying an increase in supply "will really kick in next month in July," and that 600,000 Pfizer doses were due in next week.
"The challenge we've had, of course, has been with AstraZeneca. I mean, the medical advice has restricted its availability to those over 60, and prior to that over 50. Now, that was a big shock to the rollout and they are events outside of the government's control," he said, adding there were new supply arrangements with AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna.
"So, we'll keep working towards that goal, by the end of the year, of offering that vaccine to everybody who would want one and there will be an escalating ramp-up as we move through the second half of the year," he said.
Can't get in, can't get out
The government has also been criticized for leaving about 36,000 Australians stranded overseas. Caps on arrivals to the country have made booking seats on flights difficult and expensive, and the cost of quarantine is in the thousands of dollars. It's the responsibility of the person arriving to foot the bill.

lSA41:10 • 5 months ago

Australia has recorded just 910 deaths in its population of 25 million, one of the lowest per capita death tolls in the developed world, and cases have remained low as well.
While it beat much of the world in getting its economy back up and running, its tourism sector has taken a massive hit, its universities are struggling without the fees international students usually bring and some Australians, who travel abroad in relatively high numbers, are starting to feel the itch to go on holidays overseas.
Even New Zealand -- the only country with which Australians had an open travel corridor -- announced a three-day suspension of quarantine-free travel between the nations starting Saturday because of the outbreaks.
Australia has fully vaccinated just over 4% of its population, compared with more than 46% in the US and 47% in the UK, according to Our World in Data. Its rates are more comparable with Indonesia and India, which, like much of the developing world, were left out of the agreements with pharmaceutical companies that secured hundreds of millions of vaccine doses for most of the rich world.
Compounding the problem is hesitancy towards Covid-19 vaccines in Australia. One survey by The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, with research firm Resolve Strategic, found 15% of adults surveyed were "not at all likely" and 14% were "not very likely" to take a vaccination in the months ahead. The survey was taken after an April ruling that the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine was linked to a very rare blood disorder side effect, involving blood clots.
Australian officials have said they hope to reach herd immunity -- the point at which about 80% of the population is vaccinated -- before reopening its borders. Prime Minister Morrison earlier said that may not be until mid-2022. More recently, he was even unable to commit to a Christmas 2022 reopening.

lSA41:10 • 5 months ago

Already there are signs that Australians are getting weary of these sporadic disruptions to their lives. On Sunday, large crowds were seen on Bondi Beach, despite the stay-at-home orders. While outdoor exercise is allowed, images from Bondi showed people bathing in the winter sun and sitting on benches with drinks.
People visit Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia, during a city-wide lockdown on Sunday.
People visit Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia, during a city-wide lockdown on Sunday.
A 48-hour lockdown was also imposed in parts of Australia's Northern Territory, including its capital, Darwin, after four Covid-19 cases were linked to a worker at a gold mine. He is believed to have become infected during an overnight stay at a quarantine hotel in Brisbane. Now painstaking efforts to trace all 900 workers who have left the mine for cities across Australia over recent days are under way, as the country relies heavily on a robust track-and-trace system to keep clusters contained.

lSA41:10 • 5 months ago

In the window of a vintage shop in the Sydney suburb of Annandale, a sign expresses the frustration of many Australians with their country's pandemic strategy.

"Dear Customers, We will be closed for the foreseeable future because Scott Morrison is a useless who only ordered enough vaccine to vaccinate 4% of the population 18 months into a pandemic," reads the sign, shared on Twitter, in reference to the Australian Prime Minister.
Artist James Powditch put up the testy sign at the Roulette store and art studio he runs on Saturday, as the city of 5 million people, plus towns and cities in its surrounds, went into yet another hard lockdown, this time for two whole weeks. By Sunday, a cluster of coronavirus infections of the Delta variant that began in Sydney's Bondi neighborhood had grown to 110 cases.
Australia was celebrated for its initial response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and for getting its economy more or less back on track long ago.
But with that security has come complacency, particularly in the federal government, which failed to secure enough vaccine doses to prevent the regular "circuit breaker" lockdowns that come every time a handful of cases emerge, or even the longer restrictions that Sydney is experiencing now. Australia's borders, controlled by strict quarantine measures, have been all but shut for more than a year.
Now Australians, who basked in their early successes, are wondering how much longer this can go on.
"We can't leave the country, people can't come in, and we end up periodically in lockdowns, which cost a friggin' fortune," said Powditch.

lSA41:10 • 5 months ago

With officials still struggling to motivate the hesitant population to get vaccinated so the US can cross the threshold needed to control community spread, concerns have grown that mobilizing boosters would add yet another challenge.
And for those wanting the protection but fearing potential negative side effects, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said Monday there is no evidence that Covid-19 vaccines affect fertility and the benefits of pregnant women getting vaccinated outweigh the risks.
Fauci noted that "tens and tens and tens of thousands of people" have received the vaccine while pregnant and before getting pregnant.
It's clear that Covid-19 can be especially dangerous during pregnancy, he said at an online event hosted by the Health and Human Services Department.
"The mother can have an adverse pregnancy event, as can the fetus," he said. "The best thing one can do to protect yourself is to actually get vaccinated."

Chinook • 5 months ago
the US can cross the threshold needed to control community spread,


"The best thing one can do to protect yourself is to actually get vaccinated."

there is no bogey man out there little lady. Either you are ignorant or you are a paid mouth piece.

lSA41:10 • 5 months ago

Another question experts have been searching to answer as variants spread: How long does the protection from vaccines last?
A new study suggests that, unlike vaccines for the flu that need a yearly booster, the two-dose Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine should keep an immune response up for years.
The human body produces immune system components called antibodies to attack and neutralize an invader such as a virus. But these die off over time. To make sure of a long-term response, the body needs to keep the capacity to make more antibodies that can specifically respond to certain viruses or bacteria as needed. It does this with B-cells.
Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis found people who got both doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine had little factories called germinal centers that make B-cells that should specifically recognize the coronavirus, meaning there's a possibility for long-lasting protection, according to a study published in the journal Nature.
The CDC's vaccine advisory committee has had discussions on potential booster shots as experts have been preparing for the possibility that immunity would wane quickly or that variants would elude the protection of current vaccines.

sgtdoom • 5 months ago

Wow, that was pretty impressive --- you really excel at repeating Pharma PR press releases and propaganda!?

Know of any research on short term --- and long term --- effects of vax-induced spike proteins on the brain??


lSA41:10 • 5 months ago

For parents worrying over the possibility of regional variant surges in the fall, the time to vaccinate children for school is now.
Many large school systems -- including Atlanta; Fort Myers, Florida; Flagstaff, Arizona; and the entire state of Hawaii -- start school in the first two weeks of August.
It takes five weeks to be fully vaccinated with Pfizer's vaccine, the only one authorized for adolescents ages 12 to 17. That means, for example, Atlanta students need to get their first shot by July 1 to be fully immunized by the first day of school on August 5.
Pfizer's vaccine is given in two doses spaced three weeks apart. After the second dose, it takes two weeks for someone to be considered fully vaccinated, according to the CDC.
As of June 24, nearly 1 in 5 children ages 12 to 15 were fully vaccinated and nearly 1 in 3 teens ages 16 and 17 were fully vaccinated, according to CDC data.

lSA41:10 • 5 months ago

Calling it a "precautionary measure," the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health issued the voluntary mask guidance Monday, saying it was necessary until health officials can "better understand how and to who the Delta variant is spreading."
Experts have said that evidence points to vaccines like those from Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech providing high amounts of protection against the variant, but LA Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said it is not clear what the future of the variant will be as it becomes more prevalent.
But not all local leaders are reinstating preventative guidance at this time.
New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced Monday that masks will not be mandatory in the state's school buildings.
With more than two months until schools open, Murphy noted these rules could change depending on how the virus spreads and what the CDC decides.
"This is our best sense of what back to school looks like. It's far more than an educated guess," Murphy said.

ISA41:10 • 5 months ago

Why? Because Liberals HATE hearing the truth..............FACT

WATCH: Tucker Carlson Announces Whistleblower Confirmed the NSA is Plotting to Leak Info and Get His Show Pulled Off Air

By Cassandra Fairbanks
Published June 28, 2021 at 7:53pm

https://www.thegatewaypundit. com/2021/06/watch-tucker-carlson-announces-whistleblower-confirmed-nsa-plotting-leak-info-get-show-pulled-off-air/

ISA41:10 • 5 months ago

Liberals are COWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

NYT Contributor's Freakout Over Delta Variant Perfectly Captures Liberal America's COVID Hysteria
Townhall. com ^ | 28 June A.D. 2021 | Matt Vespa

Did you know about the COVID Delta variant? Do you even really care? I sure as hell don’t. COVID variants were always going to be something to deal with—and we are. We have three vaccines all of which are effective against the variants. It’s more transmissible. Ok? Is it deadlier or does it make you sicker? No. So, why are we panicking? No, scratch that—why is liberal America panicking? It’s because these are the same clowns who still refuse to admit that we were lied to about COVID. It was a political show from the start. Store-bought masks don’t work. Mask-wearing post-vaccination is not necessary. And airplanes are not sources of super spread, but you still need to wear a mask because of…respect? Whatever happened to following the science?

You follow it until it no longer supports your politically-motivated narratives. You follow it until the facts start to shred your lockdown agenda. And after all else has failed, scream into the wind, against those who have returned to their normal lives because COVID is over. You might not like it, but it’s over. Enter Wajahat Ali, a New York Times contributor, who took to Twitter to remind us that there’s still a pandemic going on and that he feels like he’s in a horror movie. Yeah, the pandemic is over, man.

“I feel America has forgotten we're still in the middle of a pandemic that has killed more than 600,000 people, and there's a deadly Delta Plus strain, and our kids are still not vaccinated. Sigh,” he wrote. “I see packed restaurants and people inside stores and malls and their kids aren't wearing masks. I feel I'm in a horror movie.”

Kids generally don’t get it or spread it. Their risk was already low and it’s even lower now that tens of millions of Americans have been vaccinated. The risk is so low that news outlets, like Axios, are ditching their weekly COVID maps. People are getting back to their lives, dude. We’re vaccinated and unafraid and if you can’t deal with that, stay at home. The lockdown era is over. COVID is over. And we’re not going back to listening to lying Fauci. You can. You can certainly live your life that way, but you’re not stopping the rest of us. Sorry.

The sick part is that Ali’s rant is very much the mindset of liberal America, the mainstream media at the very least.

ISA41:10 • 5 months ago


https://www.nowtheendbegins. com/immunaband-covid-19-vaccination-bracelet-band-prove-you-have-been-vaccinated-digital-lockdown/

ISA41:10 • 5 months ago

There is something sinister about all this coercion to get these Covid Shots

Former FOX reporter says media, WHO are covering up reports about effectiveness of Ivermectin, HCQ to treat coronavirus

https://www.lifesitenews. com/news/former-fox-reporter-says-media-are-covering-up-reports-about-effectiveness-of-ivermectin-hcq-to-treat-coronavirus?utm_source=featured&utm_campaign=standard

ISA41:10 • 5 months ago

Masks are for the STUPID.................PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Covid is a LIE, it is about CONTROL, it is the FLU..............

LA County Public Health Officials “Strongly” Recommend Everybody, Regardless of Vaccination Status, Wear Face Mask Due to “Delta” Variant

By Cristina Laila
Published June 28, 2021 at 10:31pm

https://www.thegatewaypundit. com/2021/06/la-county-public-health-officials-strongly-recommend-everybody-regardless-vaccination-status-wear-face-mask-due-delta-variant/

ISA41:10 • 5 months ago


Liberals are so STUPID I can't stop laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

California bans state travel to Florida, 4 other states
San Francisco Chronicle ^ | June 28, 2021 | OlGA R. RODRIGUEZ

California added five more states, including Florida, to the list of places where state-funded travel is banned because of laws that discriminate against members of the LGBTQ community, the state attorney general announced Monday.

(Excerpt) Read more at sfgate. com ...

ISA41:10 • 5 months ago

How can something be defunded when it never existed in the first place? Typical liberal argument. Refusing an increase is "defunding."

Liberals are SO STUPID I can't stop laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen Psaki says REPUBLICANS are the 'defund the police' party after they voted against Biden's American Rescue Plan that would have provided millions for local law enforcement
Daily Mail ^

On Sunday Biden's senior advisor blamed Republicans for defunding the police

Cedric Richmond said Republicans voted against the $1.9 trillion COVID rescue plan, known as American Rescue Plan, included $350 billion for police

On Monday Jen Psaki, White House spokesman, backed Richmond's remarks

She said the plan 'could help ensure local cops were kept on the beat'

Fox News' Peter Doocy had asked Psaki how Cedric Richmond, one of Biden's advisors, could claim that Republicans defunded the police by not supporting the American Rescue Plan.

'But how is it that that is an argument to be made when the president never mentioned needing money for police to stop a crime wave when he was selling the American Rescue Plan?' Doocy asked.

Psaki replied: 'Well, the president did mention that the American Rescue Plan, the state and local funding, something that was supported by the president, a lot of Democrats who supported and voted for the bill, could help ensure local cops were kept on the beat in communities across the country.

'As you know, it didn't receive a single Republican vote.

'That funding has been used to keep cops on the beat.'

Psaki added: 'I think that any local department would argue that keeping cops on the beat to keep communities safe when they had to - because of budget shortfalls - fire police is something that helped them address crime in their local communities.'

(Excerpt) Read more at dailymail. co. uk ...

ISA41:10 • 5 months ago

Joe and the HO can't fill a barn!!!!!!!

81 million votes my A$$!!!!!!!!!!!!

MASSIVE CROWD in Wellington, Ohio – Reports of 35,000-45,000 at Trump’s First Big Rally of Summer (VIDEO)

By Jim Hoft
Published June 28, 2021 at 10:44pm

https://www.thegatewaypundit. com/2021/06/massive-crowd-wellington-ohio-reports-35000-45000-trumps-first-big-rally-summer-video/

ISA41:10 • 5 months ago

STOP using these platforms people i.e. Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.

They are ANTI American GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Document dump shows that Big Tech is most definitely censoring Americans at the behest of Big Government

Monday, June 28, 2021 by: JD Heyes

https://www.naturalnews. com/2021-06-28-document-dump-big-tech-censoring-americans-government.html

ISA41:10 • 5 months ago

No one want to live in a Demonrat $hithole!!!!

Families Fleeing California Bay Area Causing Housing Frenzy in Austin, Texas
Breitbart ^ | 6-29-2021 | Penny Starr

Californians are fleeing the state to live where they can find more affordable housing, better schools, and a more rural lifestyle. A large percentage of them are choosing Austin, Texas.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported on the phenomenon of more people opting for permanent telework in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and the trend of people choosing to live in GOP-led states that didn’t impose draconian lockdowns:

Experts say Austin’s boom, particularly during the pandemic, has been accelerated by Californians and Bay Area giants like Apple, Facebook, Google and Tesla that are all hiring in Austin. Last year, a record 22,114 jobs were added from companies relocating and expanding in the region, including at least 5,000 from Tesla in its new mega-factory rising just east of Austin, according to the Austin Chamber of Commerce. Palantir co-founder Joe Lonsdale, podcast host Joe Rogan and Tesla CEO Elon Musk all made the California-to-Texas move during the pandemic. That’s a lot of newcomers looking for homes.

Last month, Josh and Jessi Rubbicco and their two kids joined the flood, moving out of the East Bay after seven years. They found a fast-growing neighborhood in southwest Austin called Belterra, where urban density gives way to lush green hills dotted with freshly built homes next to half-finished wooden frames.There are dance parties on weekends, bike and hiking trails and fishing ponds. Children can take a golf cart on wide, low-traffic roads to attend the local elementary school — parents optional, depending on age. In the Bay Area, it can take a year or two to secure child care. There’s no wait in Austin.

(Excerpt) Read more at breitbart. com ...

ISA41:10 • 5 months ago

The American people did NOT elect Joe Biden.............FACT!!!!

DEMS MUST BE TERRIFIED! Maricopa County Auditor Bob Hughes Shares How They Are Using High Tech Forensic Digital Cameras and OCR to Validate Ballots
Gateway Pundit ^ | 06 28 2021 | Jim Holt

Any massive vote fraud in Maricopa County Arizona is going to be identified. The Democrats must be terrified.

One of the auditors working for the Arizona Senate, Bob Hughes, discussed the audit and the reasons why the Democrats are absolutely frightened of the Arizona audit and it being performed in other states:

"The other thing that I think is interesting is they keep saying, ‘They don’t know what they are doing’. ‘They’re idiots’. ‘These people are ridiculous’. ‘They have no idea what they are doing’. ‘They’ve never done this before’.

This is the first time in the history of the United States, number one, that it’s ever been done, but more important it’s the first time it’s ever been needed. And it was done.

I can tell you that I could go over all the process and you’d all understand, but when a ballot gets created, think about this. It’s like your bill being paid from SRP. They go out and get your voter identification number and they find out what precinct you live in, what city, what county, where your school districts are. All that information has to be accessed to create the proper ballot exactly for you. Because you have to vote for the right candidates in a city mayoral election, council elections, JP elections, the legislative district, the congressional district.

(Excerpt) Read more at thegatewaypundit. com ...

Old Scribe • 5 months ago

"Start preparing yourself for the day when the police and the military are no longer your protectors and servants, but vile enforcers for an occupation government run by insatiable criminal oligarchs who despise you and wish you harm. We’re already most of the way there, and can’t afford to surrender another inch. Remember, those with great power don't need courage, and because they are above the law, they don't need righteousness. Because they rely on hired brainpower as well as hired muscle, they don’t even need intelligence. All they need is a limitless supply of bankster monopoly money to get others to fight their battles for them on their terms, for their exclusive benefit." -ANP

daburt • 5 months ago

How true!

SoCalBeachDude • 5 months ago

Obviously, totally false. Seek help for your delusions.

kodster • 5 months ago

Someone who obviously worships Satan. A liberal pagan who doesn't understand that he has made a choice, even if HE believes he is an atheist. You, by default, in not choosing to believe in God Most High, have chosen the very world that Old Scribe is talking about. Where do you think the wars that have occurred in history were all about? Those very globalists, playing both sides of the conflict, financing both sides, for their own benefits. Research it. It's what the Rothschilds did! And they are the 'banksters' Old Scribe is talking about!

Guest • 5 months ago
SoCalBeachDude • 5 months ago


Guest • 5 months ago
SoCalBeachDude • 5 months ago

Flagged and reported. Seek mental help for your pitiful and deranged and delusional state of mind.

Guest • 5 months ago
PocoPete • 5 months ago

Do you mean you could not care less?

Guest • 5 months ago
PocoPete • 5 months ago

Yes, but if you say "I could care less" then it means you are not yet at the point of minimum caring.

ISA41:10 • 5 months ago

Don't call yourself deranged........It's embarrassing!!!

Chinook • 5 months ago

if you think the trampe, the bush and the others were any better, then you're a fool. As far as "slimeworms", I'd give it 70% of this country's populace are, regardless of their political affiliations. Time to wake up and take an ice cold shower!

SoCalBeachDude • 5 months ago

DM: Miami condo tower collapse that left 11 dead and 151 missing crumbled from bottom up in 'domino effect' as Engineer says he warned board in 2018 about 'significant' cracks in parking garage but NOTHING was done...

151 people remain missing since the Champlain Towers South building came down in the early hours of Thursday morning. Ten deaths have been confirmed so far. The cause of the collapse remains a mystery but investigators are honing in a bottom corner of the building which, according to videos of the disaster, collapsed first and brought the tower down with it. Miami Dade Fire and Rescue Chief Andy Alvarez said on Monday the rescue mission was speeding up thanks to cranes they have just brought in that are able to lift larger slabs of concrete from the pile.

lSA41:10 • 5 months ago

Survivors filed a lawsuit against Champlain Towers South Condominium Association alleging there was negligence when a lack of maintenance led to the deterioration that they allege caused the collapse.

“It’s sad. And people ask me, ‘Where are you going to go? Where are you going to be?’ Well, for sure I am not getting a condo on the beach. That’s done,” said Steve Rosenthal, a survivor from Unit 705 who filed a lawsuit against the Champlain Towers South association.

GSOB • 5 months ago

5 days late!