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Steve Middendorf • 1 year ago

Great article but the mapping is horrible. If we could have one map that showed the countries, their boundaries and the major cities, then overlay that with the existing and planned transportation arteries. How hard can that be?

MadMoXie • 1 year ago

You must have been watching EmperorTigerStar, huh?

Steve Middendorf • 1 year ago

Well, mine was an honest criticism, I really want to learn and understand, we are you coming from?

Sushrut Sharma • 1 year ago

Great Article,very well researched and beautifully explained

Alison Fletcher • 1 year ago

Interesting but what I am unable to get my head around is whether above all this talk of nation states, is if there is another layer looking on and even pulling strings. Who really is in control? Anyone? Or is this all really about nation states thinking of their own people? Maybe there is a group who back both sides in any dispute such as this as they want confrontation as they benefit from it and achieve their ultimate goal quicker.