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Byrd Westbrook • 1 year ago

We should have public toilets just for blacks, so they won't feel uncomfortable . . . and separate toilets for whites.

Tiberius • 1 year ago

And water fountains.

D.B. Cooper • 1 year ago

They can't even build their own water fountains.

Robert • 1 year ago

Thats true. Blacks have created virtually nothing in this world.

mikeC • 1 year ago

Yes they have. They are aborting more fetuses then allowing full term. Another, tall basketball players.

sickofitall • 1 year ago

Not to mention the large contribution to prison population.

Trump Wins • 1 year ago

How we put up with this nonsense amazes me. White people are getting pissed off everywhere. All anyone wants is fairness so they need to stop this crazy next level insanity that breeds from PC culture. Can you imagine how bad things would be had Hillary stolen the election? Would be insane in the U.S. about now, maybe even a real revolution starting up.
Go on Drudge's conservative competitor - called Whatfinger News, and on top Judicial Watch just released some eye openers.

newsjunkie • 1 year ago

As long as we put a stop to these left wing maniacs now. all will be fine. But yeah..had Hillary stolen the election things would be bad. Nothing like leftists who hate America, white people, and want massive amounts of Muslims coming in to nations to start trouble. We had all of that with Hillary rolled into one ego-maniacal nutcase. America missed a real tragedy in that one, thank God.
On that Whatfinger News, been going on it more than Drudge for a few months now. Definitlely conservative but they have the same links from NY Times and WAPO that Drudge posts except they put them in their Fake News Quarantine area. So yeah that shows they are conservative for sure. I like that actually.

Rob • 1 year ago

California and the Democrat Socialist Party have made it clear that they are the anti-white, anti-Christian, pro-illegal alien, pro-criminal alien, pro-transgender bathroom, pro-high taxes institutions. That liberal college is just applying the racism against whites promoted by the larger entities. At USC, a mural went up that said, "Dismantle Whitness." I wonder what the reaction would be if white students put up a mural entitled “Isolate and Decimate Blackness.” We all know that white liberals have been brainwashed to hate themselves and feel guilty for everyone else’s problems. But the Liberals push everything too far. The backlash will be when white people decide they’ve had enough of the racism against them. This college campus should be sued using the same hostile campus speech code used to protect black students’ feelings. Or, white students could respond the same way black students would and burn a few buildings and cars down.

radar • 1 year ago

what a gift that black people dont want to be around us. who is complaining?

Guest • 1 year ago
mary12000 • 1 year ago

A reminder of what happened in Rhodesia and soon S Africa. Whites are a cowardly lot appeasing at every turn.

GabeM69 • 1 year ago

No question. Rhodesia was a pearl of Africa, now it's the anus. S Africa will soon be certified a sh88hole country. You cannot force these animals to appreciate a decent clean life. They are the majority and have the right to be idiots. Best thing is whites leave & go where they are welcome and there are plenty of places for that.

Patrick Henry • 1 year ago

Amen brother. Let the sh*thole countries destroy themselves.

Mac • 1 year ago

The the US Dems will put them on the foreign aid welfare rolls.

Sharp Shtik • 1 year ago

Segregation of left and right is a good thing. Racist minority leftists commit the vast majority of crime so it isn't a party any white would attend unless they are transcolor.

gabwinone • 1 year ago

Zimbabwe is begging white farmers to come back...offering 100 year leases on land.

Hal Slusher • 1 year ago

Which they can take away at a whim. They is black dey dont haf to play by da rules.

TheChairman • 1 year ago

Tell Zimbabweans to eat dirt. Return after they've starved themselves into oblivion.

ExTex • 1 year ago

...that aren't worth the paper they're printed upon,

scott • 1 year ago

Because black needs white, white don't need black

Patrick Henry • 1 year ago

I hope you're right

Guardian • 1 year ago

Where? The globalists are doing everything they can to destroy white cultures by inviting millions of low-life africans and middle-easterners into Europe and America.

fedup • 1 year ago

The only good countries on this planet are white run white majority. But they won't stay that way long once the gates are opened to the flood of human sewage from these third world sh tholes.

thomaswood • 1 year ago

Not so. Costa Rica, Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore are all clean, prosperous and generally well-run. Tonga and Samoa, while maybe not as prosperous due to limited resources, are very nice places with friendly, likable moral people.

ArkonaRus • 1 year ago

Agreed with most of them, although Costa Rica is still not yet a 1st world country. Not technically prosperous. But they're still a shining example for Latin America.

But Thailand is a 3rd world country. It's just the tourist areas that make it seem like it's richer than it is. And even there it still looks relatively poor. With that said Thailand is heads and above everyone else in SE Asia. And rural China, as well.

Maga • 1 year ago

Yea, all from tourist money, Lol

ArkonaRus • 1 year ago

I'll also add to your list, albeit with a BIG caveat. Arab Gulf Coast countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Kuwait. But the caveat being a huge amount of natural resources...and a very low population (Saudis being an exception but they have an extreme amount of oil). But just having a lot of oil doesn't mean a country will be successful. They have to be good at managing that wealth. Venezuela and Nigeria have had problems with that. Even before socialism Venezuela was hardly 1st world. They had huge poverty and societal problems. But absolutely better than during socialism!

And of course I meant good economically. Not culturally and legally.

Ty Quando • 1 year ago

Yeah, like Russia. And Germany 80 years go. Right? Huh?

Sharp Shtik • 1 year ago

Both run by leftists (national socialists ran Germany and communists ran Russia). Only difference now is global socialists run Germany. All leftists share the same insanity.

ArkonaRus • 1 year ago

You mentioned Germany 80 years ago but not Russia 80 years ago. Just Russia today. That's interesting...you seem to be saying you agree with communism. Or at least don't have much of a problem with it. Or perhaps I read it wrong?

ArkonaRus • 1 year ago

So tell me any successful, 1ST WORLD Latin American countries. Chile and Costa Rica do not count. They are a great example for their region but not yet 1st world. Tell me any successful, 1st world countries in Africa, too. But fedup was wrong. It's not just white countries who are successful but there are east Asian countries too. As well as Arab Gulf Coast countries. I'm surprised you didn't point it out. Maybe you just don't like Asians and Arabs? Sounds kind of racist to me.

Wm • 1 year ago

Pumkin pie, Byrd's in the sky

Martin Hoover • 1 year ago

I vote in favor of sending all the dune coons to Russia. All in favor say I

gabwinone • 1 year ago

Not an argument.

TheChairman • 1 year ago

They began by brainwashing 50% of whites into becoming self-hating liberals via indoctrination of 'white guilt', 'white privilege', and mentally-ill 'liberal' politicians.

ArkonaRus • 1 year ago

"electing mentally-ill 'liberal' politicians.". Most of whom are white! They are all for affirmative action policies - except for themselves! They NEVER give up their job/job opportunity to a minority.

KuwaitiPower • 1 year ago

No one INVITED middle easterners, take back your fucking invitation, we just have the wealth to go where ever we want to go, speaking from an oil rich country. Unlike you, white, tax paying, no healthcare, pseudo-cultured (or rather uncultured) bottom feeders, clinging onto every last bit of culture you can manage to. North Americans today are begging to be associated with Europeans, when in fact, more middle easterners reside in Europe living lavish lives with your makers. Americans are the mutt residuals of Europe. Ya shoulda stayed in Europe! unfortunately now you're all mixed with Mexican, Asian and black swine. Us middle easterners, we'll stay here, frequenting Europe, and North America 10 times over again, and you can rot in the town you grew up in for every millisecond of your life on earth.

KuwaitiPower • 1 year ago

Middle easterners cultivated prevalent foundations of science, and math. Even your lop sided version of OUR Abrahamic religion. Oh and for our sake, please treat your blackies fairly because now they every so badly claim they taught middle easterners what middle easterners worked to bring to civilization, which they wouldn't know civilization if it hit upside the noggin. So from the Middle East, Mr White guy, all i have to offer you is the bottom sole of my shoe.

Catman2 • 1 year ago

The problem, not that anything can change things, is in the not too distant future the modern world often referred to as the industrial countries will be forced to provide aide so the ‘children’ will have clean water etc. And they call them the developing countries. Tell me, how long will it take before they will develop?

mr3825 • 1 year ago

NEVER as they are low IQ like around shoe size

Wm • 1 year ago

Horse featherd, house flies, blue shoes, and ice cream pie

Frank • 1 year ago

China is still claiming to be a developing country!

Catman2 • 1 year ago

The communist can and do claim a lot of things.

Jennifer • 1 year ago

99% of it is. The modern industrialized China we see is the tip of the iceberg.

Frank • 1 year ago


Wm • 1 year ago

Klaatu Barada nikto

Guest • 1 year ago

Only trouble is....Once they destroy their nice new only black utopia, they will once again compare where whites are running a true utopia and the whole scenario will repeat itself. Blame whitey for excluding blacks. They will come again, , poop, destroy, whites will leave create another place, they will again call foul, poop and destroy. Get the picture?

fedup • 1 year ago

Anything blacks control turns to shit. We need to stop giving them food and monetary aid and just let them go extinct.

Hector Gonzales • 1 year ago

and ship the pavement apes back