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Los Angeles will always belong to the Raider Nation and we will dominate all of Southern California from Las Vegas no matter how many teams are in LA. {{-_-}}

LAFan101 • 9 months ago

The BLM criminal loves to repeat the same line over and over again. Okeke, the loser community college dropout that thinks the "Raidas own L.A. and SoCal." Hahahahaha Only in the minds of people that don't make 20K a year. Take one look at this clown and you'll see he'll never be anything but an EBT BLM criminal Raida supporter. That is all of "Raida Nation." Las Vegas Metro PD will be very busy in 2020. Hahahahaha

Mike_Ahmentz • 8 months ago

Hey knock off the racist nonsense. If you can't heckle someone without dragging his possible ethnicity into this then post your droppings on Breitbart. Hate Raider fans all you want, just hate em equally. -white SD Chargers fan.

LAFan101 • 8 months ago

Be quiet, Libtard. Don't be such a snowflake. This BLM criminal thug that most likely kneels and disrespects our flag, anthem and military goes around every blog, post, and tweet spewing his Raider nonsense. I will call him out every chance I get. Don't worry about if it doesn't concern you. Libs always want to play the race card. Why don't you take your sensitive self over to Huffington Post or CNN. P.S. You're a Chargers fan? No wonder you're such a pansy.

SROD • 9 months ago

Longtime Chargers fan here, since the days of RB Don Woods. The team may be "forced" to return, but the bad situation would only be worse. There is no good option now.

I'm reminded of a former girlfriend: "If you get dumped, you don't go backwards. No do-overs. Ever."

OBomb • 9 months ago

I could see them being welcomed back warmly by the community. But with anyone named Spanos in the ownership group? Forget it.

darkkat38 • 9 months ago

Where are they going to play the stadium is going to be torn down after the college football season and is likely going to be a soccer venue sometime in the future.
Unless the NFL throws in big bucks which is not happening or someone else throws in massive dollars in the $2+ billion range. Which is not happening either why are we keep beating a dead horse.
Fans already stated they don't want NFL they rejected the stadium vote and stated in polling and other surveys done by local media .
They don't want the NFL anymore that the will be better off long term they see it as a fleece or a massive giveaway to folks like Spanos.
Time for folks to move onto better things the NFL had it's stay there was a 20 year window that they had to get something done and nothing happened it is best to bring in the MLS and embrace that.

Dan Castor • 9 months ago

Petco? but I doubt the Padres would want that.

aamern79 • 9 months ago

Perhaps if the rumours about the Chargers returning to San Diego are true and come into fruition, they might postpone the demolition until a new one is built there. Or worst case scenario, play a couple seasons in that soccer stadium in Carson until Qualcomm is renovated or replaced. I know that usually takes at least a couple years.

Guest • 9 months ago
Nate • 9 months ago

A lot of people aren't old enough to remember, but the Murph was a great stadium before they did the '97 addition, which ruined the view to the east and destroyed the aesthetics of the place, and all we got out of it was two Super Bowls, the ticket guarantee, and a bunch of TV blackouts when we were left with a stadium with 10,000 too many seats for our market.

Tear down the addition, return the stadium to the 60,000 seat range, restore the views, refurbish the remaining parts, and there's no reason the old girl doesn't have another 40 years in her.

Chris • 9 months ago

Forget modest
Go world class
The Valley needs a revamping of major proportion
I watched Hadl in the early 70's in that stadium...

GO BIG!!!!
Punt the Greek Goons to the curb

Charger Fan 4 LIFE!!!!

darkkat38 • 9 months ago

Why they already have stated the stadium is coming down after the college football season is over and the college games are going to Petco.
Because it is a massive financial drain to taxpayers now and being replaced with a soccer venue sometime in the future which is far cheaper to run and better rate of return to the city.
Unless some Billionaire forks over $2 billion no stadium is being built.
A lot of folks are mad but why build a stadium for fans of the Steelers, Raiders, Cowboys, Rams to take over it is not a good investment and is a bad way of showing off San Diego on tv.
San Diego needs a new arena, and a soccer stadium more than anything.

SROD • 9 months ago

That may be the "best" compromise. I wish I had the billions & charisma to sell a return. I love the city, and with the right plan they could reclaim the fan base.
First step is getting rid of every Spanos connection. I wouldn't let 'em sell hot dogs at this point.

aamern79 • 9 months ago

Of course it would be the best compromise. Why Spanos and company or the city of San Diego never thought about that boggles the mind.

Guest • 9 months ago
aamern79 • 9 months ago

Yes he should. Look what happened with the Pittsburgh Penguins when Super Mario took over.

darkkat38 • 9 months ago

I don't see it happening can you imagine massive lawsuit by Spanos over this . Until I hear it from Fred Roggin, Jason Cole, Vinny Bonsignore, Jason La Canfora , Mike Florio, Adam Schefter this is all smoke.
Bonsignore and Roggin just a couple weeks ago was saying how great things were with the Chargers and they were already working with how they were going to do things in the new stadium.
That they had no intentions of accepting a move back or forced move another city in the LA market that they would sue everyone involved and keep that going for a very long time if that happened.
Best thing to do is Rebrand the team bring in an expansion team to
San Diego and have a privately funded stadium for that area that is the best outcome.

aamern79 • 9 months ago

The LA team rebrand and a return of the San Diego Chargers via expansion also via Cleveland Browns arrangement would probably be the likeliest of scenarios. But if Spanos sells the team to someone who'll move it to San Diego, the lawsuit wouldn't even happen. If his team continues the way they are attendance wise in LA, then I heard San Antonio is a city waiting in the wings for a team. The Rams could have the LA market all to themselves.

matthew brown • 9 months ago

The league has already over-expanded, diluting talent. More teams would be a mistake.

skobro • 9 months ago

Jerry Jones would block a Chargers move to San Antonio but I think they would thrive there. I'd move to San Antonio if the Bolts played there.

Greg Haines • 9 months ago

The Raiders pulled a do-over, went back to Oakland & got fan support back.

And are now having to leave again. {{-_-}}

Bombillo1 • 9 months ago

One thing should be said at this point. The whole San Diego bashing, non supportive town etc is being exposed for the fraud it is. The Chargers are the same shitty team in LA and LA is going to show the Spanos clowns what they think of mediocrity as well. And if Spanos starts talking about relocation, going to San Antonio etc, in other words the same bullshit pulled in S.D., he is going to be looking at 12,000 people in the soccer stadium. As for shinny new stadiums being gifted by cities, we have probably seen the last of that anywhere. Schools, healthcare, city infrastructure, pension issues etc. will never allow 2 billion to be directed to billionaires anywhere.

bensonrt • 9 months ago

Sorry, San Diego is indeed a city where NOTHING GET DONE.... unless a couple rich investors can get even richer. They will"cock-block" any deal that puts "Shade" on their plans... i.e the convention center-hoteliers crowd.... or The morons who "flipped" SDSU to veto SOCCER CITY ...so they could develop Mission Valley site themselve$....

cocopow • 9 months ago

"Hey Sweetie, I'm sorry I trashed talked you, took money out of your purse, and flirted with other women. But I'm lost without you, and besides, my new girlfriend just kicked me out of the house. . . can I move back in with you? Sweetie? Sweetie?"

Falcons Blew A 28-3 Lead • 9 months ago

The Chargers move to L.A might be the stupidest and biggest mistake i've ever seen a sports team do.

johnsmart • 9 months ago

Love L.A., Love L.A. sports, and I also love my trips to San diego... and i gotta say : The Chargers belong in San Diego. This move was a mistake. Own it. Move back...and move on.

Jeffrey Madruga • 9 months ago

Way too little, way too late; period. You can't unburn this Charger/Spanos toast, and the stink of it will be synonymous with multiple layers of craven failure for generations..., a sad legacy indeed.

TheBaltimoron • 9 months ago

1st thing they need to do: force the sale of the team.

Mike Meram • 9 months ago

The League would have been light years ahead if they had kicked in an additional 200 Million in addition to the 200 they were committing toward a new stadium to keep the team in San Diego. ..Its costing them more than that in revenues now with attendance in a embarrassing 27,000 seat venue that they cant even sell out, let alone a NFL public relations nightmare..and still have 3 years of huge losses financially at that dump in Carson..between that 400 million, and Spanos's 650 million commitment, that stadium would have been 70 percent financed..

Jeremy W • 9 months ago

the Q is already getting tore down after 2018 the only way this seraio can work is a move to san antonio ready made 60'000 seat stadium that can fill in for 2 years while a new one is being build 4mil pop

Silvana Molina • 8 months ago

I became a Chargers fan in 1965 when we had Lance Alworth, I was ten years old! When they left San Diego last year, they lost a TRUE FAN! I've now embraced the Arizona Cardinals! Since I live in Phoenix, I figured why not! Go Cardinals!

bensonrt • 9 months ago

Rivers, Gates, and their close friends are WELCOME back in SAN DIEGO.... as long as the SPANOS FAMILY and their stinking lawyers stay in LOS ANGELES... so they can continue that pointless #FightForLA

matthew brown • 9 months ago

San Diego will never forgive a backstabber, nor should anyone. Forgiving the franchise is only possible if Spanos sells it. I hope he goes bankrupt.

Dan Castor • 9 months ago

Chargers should rebrand and move to San Antonio.

Dan Castor • 9 months ago

Spanos burnt the bridges to San Diego, the only way the city will embrace them is if he is no longer associated with the team.

Dale Huber • 9 months ago

Salt Lake needs to step up and rescue the Chargers

MrBeepo • 9 months ago

Don't they have rather strict alcohol laws in Utah? Wouldn't that be a potential road block to moving a pro football team there? I don't know the answer..I'm just asking.

Bombillo1 • 9 months ago

Also, no activities on Sunday, per God.

Robb 70257 • 9 months ago

Its week 3. Stop with the Man Drama. wtf

Dave K • 9 months ago

We don't need a subpar .500 team here (the Rams already are) and no one (not corporate types, not their money) wants to pay $400 a ticket to see the Chargers play.