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Woof • 1 year ago

'potential grizzlies'
- DeVos

* the number one cause of death

rg9rts • 1 year ago

another gopee intellectual giant

The Sisyphus • 1 year ago

That, and giant spiders...

Wheresthebeef • 1 year ago

My father was a diary farmers kid. His father thought school was for reading, writing and math. When school was over for the day, you went back to work of the farm. My father taught me that school was a place where you could learn about the world. I taught my kids school is where you can learn to be free if you applied you mind. The president says school isn’t for everyone, so don’t set your goals too high.

Tybalt_King_of_Cats • 1 year ago

"I will refer back to Senator Enzi and the school he is talking about in Wyoming. I think probably there, I would imagine there is probably a gun in a school to protect from potential grizzlies."

And it's "refer to Senator Enzi," not "refer back to Senator Enzi."

west_of_eden • 1 year ago

One of the many factors that play a role in this trend is the kind of
cultural challenge described by the rural student Dustin Gordon in this
quote: the simple fact of going from a place where everyone knows your
name to the big world of college.

This is absolutely irrelevant. What about the kids in his small town who went into the military? How is that not just as much a cultural change? Also, just because a student comes from a larger school doesn't mean they'll integrate well into college.

EsRechtMir • 1 year ago

"What about the kids in his small town who went into the military?"

They also face a lot of culture shock... I'm not sure what your point is with that though?

"Also, just because a student comes from a larger school doesn't mean they'll integrate well into college."

This is true, but correlations are seldom absolute.

basarov • 1 year ago

pitiful---Hofstadter showed that americans have always been anti-intellectual and hostile to education...a nation of idiots
the US Dept of Education concludes that 6% of american adults read 1 book per year and that 69% of US university graduates are NOT English proficient."
"it is always the most oppressed that are the most stupid." Schiller

The Sisyphus • 1 year ago

Igor, you do have a sly sense of humor.
That quote describes you muzhiks perfectly.
While we are on Schiller, this is what he had to say about you and your fellow muzhiks: “With stupidity gods themselves struggle in vain”.
Despite knowing and understanding this fully, I won’t give up trying to educate you ignorant, ill-bred, vile muzhiks. Trying to educate you and your ilk, though, is the same kind of task as rolling my rock: never-ending and futile... but keep trying nonetheles, because that is what Sisyphus does, after all...

NYBamBam • 1 year ago

Good article. Here are a few quotes I've heard from phony liberals on education: "if you can't afford it you don't belong." (numerous high Umass officials, faculty and students 1998-2006). "If I wanted Black people, I'd buy them like Basketball players." Umass chancellor Lombardi, 2006). "Not one penny of University funds will be spent on anyone coming off of welfare to stay in school." MA state Democratic legislative leadership (1999).

I also learned that when a white liberal calls you a race traitor, they mean the same thing as a southern racist. Except the southern racist was being honest. It also means that white liberal is about to screw you out of their future.

Because that's what white liberals do....

eliza • 1 year ago

Those are interesting quotes, but they are rather old.

NYBamBam • 1 year ago

Maybe, but they reflect the legacy of pernicious Democratic Party destruction of educational opportunity. So full of crap. Everything the Democrats have done regarding education has been to wipe out opportunity for poor and working people and to preserve privilege for the upper middle class and rich people.

That's why poor and working people stopped voting for the Democrats (and mostly stopped voting at all). They threw everyone in economic danger under a bus and pretended they were helping us when they were, in fact, burying us under their BS.

Obama was no better than Clinton and - aside from Bernie - there's nothing on that side worth voting for.

JdLaverty • 1 year ago

Phew, okay (*sigh of relief*) the first two people who got quotes here were Eva Moskowitz and Betsy Devos so I thought for a second that the whole article would be quotes from horrible, arrogant people who hate public schools almost as much as they hate teachers. You can forgive me for making that assumption after last week when The Atlantic ran that ridiculous, fawning puff piece on Moskowitz.