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Doug Latimer • 1 month ago

Look beyond the circus clown to the ringmasters

neoconbuster • 1 month ago

People. Don't miss out this recent and fascinating Interview featuring Bill Binney, former NSA IT guy and whistle blower . The host made him the right Questions. He speak on very important issues In Particular The Russian "Hacking" of the DNC, and even 9-11.

Binney is "The Expert", Nobody can dispute his integrity.

-Bill Binney in His Own Words-


p.munkey • 1 month ago

Hi folks, terrific editorialism and journalism as always.
Just a suggestion; for those interviews/productions that are presented in a series, would you consider providing a contiguous headline subject that might be consistent throughout all episodes in the series?
Having thoroughly enjoyed your 12-part interview series with Alexander Buzgalin, I had to rely on the Part N of N suffix nomenclature to determine if the production was a component of the larger interview series. The title of the piece was not always clear that it was part of the same interview. The same might be said of this interview series with Paul Jay. You might consider providing a uniform subject headline, qualified by a descriptor following a punctuating colon (":").

NoDifference • 1 month ago

And maybe proofread the headlines and story captions for annoying and sometimes confusing syntax? For instance, it is OK to sometimes use a comma in a headline or caption if it makes it more understandable. I really appreciate TRNN's great work, but you guys could make it even better by just taking a minute(!!!) to proofread before hitting "submit" (or whatever your system tells you to do). Thanks.

0040 • 1 month ago

Mr Mate obviously did not live through the times when Kissinger's "correction" caused much pain and suffering, for the Vietnam vets and America's working poor, as well as the loss of Americas industrial base as a result of Nixon's surrender to Mao. Kissinger's elite friends were the beneficiaries of this treason as multinational neoliberalism, in its latest iteration, began with Nixon on bended knee in front of Mao. The restructuring of Russia happened nearly 20 years after the Kissinger /Nixon sell out of America, and by that time the US under Reagan/Friedman/Greenspan, had been fatally weakened by its oligarchs, this process continued under Clinton as he offshored America's emerging tech, computer software, and hardware industries, starting with NAFTA. But Kissinger continues to make billions for his clients, to this day, among which are Putin and Netanyahu. The collapse of the USSR in the end was an opportunity missed by those who wanted full spectrum dominance, which has never been achieved.The parochialism of these articles makes them inaccurate. The blustering, inept, hedonistic, bully boy Trump is an effect of what has gone before and is in no way causal.

p.munkey • 1 month ago

Hi 0040, I agree with all your assertions save for your allegorical use of the terms "bended knee" to describe Kissinger's approach to Mao. The distinction between LBJ and Nixon might be considered as the nexus between neo-colonialism and neo-liberalism. Nixon and Kissinger will have been neo-liberal emissaries seeking to exploit poverty in China, as well as Chinese labor and consumer markets. That said, I whole-heartedly agree with your indictment of Nixon and Kissinger's corporate-corrupt, if not treasonous, policies.

lr17 • 1 month ago

None of the problems discussed here mean that eliminating the power of American votes in American elections is acceptable. Without that power, it will be nearly impossible to resist the other problematic interests, and that was already very difficult. I'm not claiming that American elections have been tremendously fair, but they haven't been entirely useless either.

Just Say Yes • 1 month ago

In other words, white countries like America, Europe, and Australia want to join forces and invade Africa for renewable energy metals. World peak oil production is schedule by year 2050 and the Establishment is already behind. They need that renewable energy.

Unfortunately, NATO's current Africa plans are failing. BRICS countries Russia, China, South Africa, and Brazil are using investment instead of bombs. Last week, South Africa legalized returning land to black farmers and the Chinese are building shipping ports. BRICS is 'winning' the Africa race. The Establishment needs to turn this around, but their reputation is garage after Libya, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. Paul Jay's critique omits the raison d'ĂȘtre for today's 'full spectrum dominance' - Africa's minerals. (Which says a lot about why NATO is losing in Africa)

Other than Africa, war with Iran, North Korea, China, or Russia makes no sense resource-wise, so it's probably red meat to appease MIC employees.