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Alexander Glukhovtsev • 1 year ago

For the last part ( Blocking to Reactive )
one can use almost exact snippets from here

siddharth • 4 days ago

What hapen when the we subscriber request limited amount of data from publisher . for ex- request 10
then again subscriber requested 20 data form publisher..what will happen .
and mind it subscriber subscribe to publisher withe the limited request not with the Long.Max_Value .as per doc in the scenario

Aashish • 8 months ago

Is it a good idea to have pubisher and subscriber in the same app / Microservice and use Reactive-RabbitMq as reactive stream?

Mashrur Mia • 9 months ago

typo "in fact it can be though -> thought of as both a Subscriber to the operator upstream and a Publisher for downstream"

Mahantesh Ambali • 10 months ago

What is the answer for the last one. ? Unable to find. expect3600Elements

Raúl Montemayor Peralta • 2 months ago

Flux<long> counter() {
Duration period = Duration.of(100L, ChronoUnit.MILLIS);
return Flux.interval(period).take(10L);

Ankesh Kapil • 7 months ago

Flux<long> counter() {

return Flux.generate(() -> 0l, (state, sink) -> {
if (state == 10l)
return state;

Alexander Glukhovtsev • 1 year ago

Also clever typo in withVirtualTime()method's name example,
I spend almost half an hour, reading error messages,
until I figured that out .
And it was a surprise, for me,
that java.util.function.Supplier is lambda itself .
the method signature (void|:Unit|side effects) ->|=>|to Flux<T>
is equivalent to java.util.function.Supplier<Flux<T>>

Alexander Glukhovtsev • 1 year ago

It is nice that
one can add

import static org.assertj.core.api.Assertions.*;


import static org.junit.Assert.*;

to this snippet
and this will work just fine .

[CG]OlogN • 1 year ago

Hi Alexander, do you think you can send your pull requests on the GitHub project? https://github.com/reactor/...

Alexander Glukhovtsev • 1 year ago

I don't know .
Sometimes incomplete or slightly incorrect information
pushes your to discover what is actually goes on .
So, in this particular case it was beneficial, for me .
And I'm inclined to leave this part of the tutorial as it is
( more challenging ) .