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Mike Rapp • 6 years ago

You never “needed” a css framework to design modern websites.

Bootstrap and Foundation made it possible to bypass writing redundant css code and focus on the unique aspects of your design that required custom css. Flex and Grid simplify most of the column based layout tasks that css requires to layout a website template, but they won’t replace Bootstrap or Foundation. Rather, both are implementing these new concepts within their css with their next versions.

I understand the frustration with css, but you can’t design websites without css, and until that changes, Bootstrap amd Foundation will continue to be the go to tools for designing stable and expandable websites.

IamManchanda • 6 years ago

Its not that true, with foundation for sure!

Disclaimer: I am an Open Source Developer (Yetinaut) at Foundation!

IamManchanda • 6 years ago

Actually Foundation focus for 7 is to remove pre generated grid classes and focus on Sass mixins