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darkhorse64 • 1 year ago

Voronoi for Amazonial is a bit more involved. As players build on cells, more and more cells become unreachable because your pawns cannot jump on them. Do you take that into account by updating the connections ?

wlesavo • 1 year ago

darkhorse64 yes, it is quite easy to keep track of this, when someone build on cell I check and update related connections. It is at most 2*8 updates per build, but it is still faster than preparing connection map each time before running the voronoi. Sorry for the late answer, somehow I have no notifications on this platform.

Anonymous • 1 year ago

I said that pragma is use for the SOLIDITY programme for link with block is that correct ????

wlesavo • 1 year ago

This is some standart pragma's to use at CG, you can experiment with the first line to see which are the most important. Second and third lines may be safely removed since since it mostly targeted to using intrinsics, which are absent in current code, but are deffinetly something one should look at if even more efficient code is needed.