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Sahil Pawar • 2 years ago

What is Dynamic request and Static request?

Niko Jojo • 2 years ago


In document its mention about HashRouter but no example like BrowserRouter.

can you please show one example of Hash Router too?

UserAbuser • 4 months ago

Please do a realistic scenario and put the menu in a separate component. No one ever puts their navigation in app.js directly in reality.

hello • 1 year ago

Awesome, super simple!

AkonyaJohn • 1 year ago

thank you for the tutorial, do u have something on redux

Poorna • 1 year ago

Thanks for the tutorial. it works like a pro.

atif • 1 year ago

Argh! I hate when folks simply skip the concepts. Something tells me they don't the concepts themselves

Sohan Singh • 1 year ago

How to hide About link when Contact link click?

Shahed Mehbub • 2 years ago

There is a fix on the About component's first comment on the 'Step 2'. It should be 'About.js'.

Moses • 2 years ago

Thank you for the tutarial

Eng-Fadi Ramzi • 2 years ago

thanks for this tutorial,
but when i make reload for /contact page
the navbar will be hidden !!!

how to solve that?

Mushroom • 2 years ago

This is far from being complete.