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a-Rye • 1 year ago

This is simply brilliant! One of my favorite professors from Colorado State University showed us his collection of "Hello World" programs in several languages. He stressed the importance of being able to transfer our coding concepts to just about any language. I'm still pretty new in my career, but already I had to learn VisualBasic on the fly for a job. SQL likes to pop up frequently as well, but that's much easier to manage than programming logic. Thank you for such a wonderful playground, complete with helpful references!

Me.Harkness • 2 years ago

For an intro i must say I didn't understand a single word in the description/explanation segments. Why not just speak English for the sake of newcomers and work onto ridiculous words like concatenate , iterable , operands etc in more advanced lessons. I had felt i was getting somewhere before i ended up on this page which makes me want to delete myself.

TBali • 2 years ago

Sorry to hear that this playground did not suit you. Actually, it was not meant to be an 'intro to coding' tutorial at all. "The discussion assumes that you are already familiar with basic coding concepts, so you shall continue reading only if you already know to some extent at least one programming language" So my target audience was not really newcomers. Some external links to proper tutorials are provided at the bottom of each page.