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XavierFromItalia • 2 years ago

I am in my last year in college and i found this "exercice" really cool are there others "exercice"like that ? (●'◡'●) ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

Elody18 • 2 years ago

Ok pour le premier exercice de cette page (la seul à solutionner) , il faut juste lire l'énoncé xD ça fait du bien de l'avoir réussi ! je vous donne un indice "Les variables peuvent être changés, alors que modifier une constante vous renverra une erreur."

XavierFromItalia • 2 years ago

Premier comm francais que je vois mdr (╯°□°)

myrteza • 1 year ago

Deuxième pour ma part

Anonymous • 1 year ago

Troisième pour ma part 😂😂

Lionel_Mbetid • 1 year ago

quatrième lol

alex • 3 years ago

HOw do you change the language to english?

XavierFromItalia • 2 years ago

Are you on chrome?
If yes next to the write bar at top you can see a logo (the first one when you go since the left) click on and put "english"( ´・・)ノ(._.`)

[CG]Thibaud • 3 years ago

unfortunately, this playground has no English translation

codebliss1412 • 3 years ago

so some some don't and thats it ? Can i translate it re post it ? Thanks Thibaud

[CG]Thibaud • 3 years ago

the content is provided by the community so it depends. You can add a translation to this playground if you click on the flag

rockstar555 • 3 years ago

nice this websites is very good for coding
I like this websites

XavierFromItalia • 2 years ago

Yes!that is

Neoyacine • 1 year ago

C'est moi où il y a quelques erreurs dans le 4/10?

ikram45 • 3 years ago

that's really helpful thank you very much

Marvin-Silva • 3 years ago

Thanks a lot for the contents...