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MarcoVaz • 3 months ago

Is it possible to put html iframe in the playground page? If yes, How can I do this?

G-Rom • 3 months ago

Not directly but you can use viewer to do so. Check https://tech.io/playgrounds...

MarcoVaz • 3 months ago

OK, Thanks

Gal Horowitz • 1 year ago

Hey there! If I were you, I would into https://idyll-lang.github.i... - it could really help!

Marco Vaz • 1 month ago

what is happening with TECHIO Command OPEN because when I run from my playground I get the following message: Runner error
Unable to open static viewer
TECHIO> open -s / project / target / www ExerciciosSequencial.html
I need to reset the viewer and it executes

G-Rom • 1 month ago

normally it's fixed

Marco Vaz • 2 months ago

How can I put left side menu on my playground?

[CG]Thibaud • 2 months ago

It's not possible for regular playgrounds, but readers can access the menu from the top. The left side menu is only available in the documentation (which is a playground too).

Marco Vaz • 2 months ago

OK. Thanks!

doblesesays • 5 months ago

It is possible to embed only the playground section on a web?

[CG]Thibaud • 5 months ago

If you mean the entire playground, no, it's not possible. If you mean just the code snippets, yes, it's possible. I wrote about that here: https://tech.io/blog/share-...

doblesesays • 5 months ago

What if a want embed more that one code snippets... i mean, have more than one iframe?

[CG]Thibaud • 5 months ago

still possible. Each snippet has an embed code associated to it.

doblesesays • 5 months ago

the snippets share the script code? i think no... This is having me problems right now

[CG]Thibaud • 5 months ago

each snippet has a unique identifier. What exact problem do you have? Don't hesitate to reach out to me at thibaud@codingame.com

Lemures • 6 months ago

Can we use this Ui for our Projects? I like the sidebar more than the drop-down at the top.

G-Rom • 6 months ago

Sadly not at the moment, but this is something we can consider in the future.

Chu21 • 6 months ago

how to learned here

[TLS][2021]florian.bord • 11 months ago

Hello, I have my course in French that I translated in English and I would like to know if it is possible that the two versions is on a same playground or I must create two different ?

Thibaud Jobert • 11 months ago

I replied to your mail. I'll update the documentation.

teleassist • 11 months ago

i'm interested too, can you send me the instructions ?

Thibaud Jobert • 11 months ago

hey, I need to update the doc, but I don't know when I'll have the time. Could you send me your pb on thibaud@tech.io ? It might also help me to write the proper explanations here.

loloof64 • 1 year ago

Hello ! Is it possible to translate a playground into several languages so that the computer automatically select the matched language or the fallback language (I mean "en") ?

Thibaud Jobert • 11 months ago

it's possible now!

Jerome Cance • 1 year ago

Not at the moment, but we're currently thinking about it. So expect it soon.

JBM • 1 year ago

I'd like to include an image in a quiz. Inline if possible, if not as a replacement, worst case as a separate block.

I've tried a few plausible syntaxes, to no avail. It seems like the inside of the ?[] markup is always interpreted as raw text.

Anything specific I should have tried, or is this simply not possible in the current state of the markdown interpreter?

Jerome Cance • 1 year ago

At the moment, it's not possible. But you can add emoticon inline.

JBM • 1 year ago

Ok, thanks for the confirmation.

In my case, the level of image complexity I'm looking for isn't readily available in any emoticon set. I mean, it's a lesson, not a chatlog :)

Jerome Cance • 1 year ago

Hum, to be honest, I wasn't thinking that emoticon would be the best solution for you ;)

M.M. • 1 year ago


I see no runner for Haskell :( Should I create one?

JBM • 1 year ago

Didn't find one, but I made a barebones one. I'll share if there's interest.

JBM • 1 year ago

Forgot the link https://tech.io/playgrounds...

Is there an automatic gitlab share, or do I need to export this somewhere?

t15t • 1 year ago

Hi, How can I delete a playground ? Thx

JBM • 1 year ago

My playgrounds menu (upper right near your avatar)
Select your playground.
On your playground metadata page, next to its title just under the top bar, there's a context menu hidden under that down-pointing arrowhead.
The "delete playground" feature is there.

Jerome Cance • 1 year ago

There is a little arrow next to the title in the administration of your playground.

t15t • 1 year ago

Indeed, there is the small blue arrow :)
Thank you both for your responsiveness

JBM • 1 year ago

Well, that's a bit mean. :(

I was trying to follow the 01-Getting started steps, created my playground and added a quiz. And now I'm on the "Add a coding exercise" page, and the page is more or less telling me (rephrasing mine) "EPIC FAIL you picked the wrong template when creating a playground, you should have picked the Python-3 one then. Better luck next time."

At this stage in the tutorial, I'd need either a pack of files to unload in my repo, or better guidance two steps ago.

So I suppose I'll just create another playground, using the right template this time, copy over the files I need and drop it. [Edit: if it wasn't for the fact I can't for the life of me figure out how to delete a playground] [Counter-edit: found]

But this does raise the general point: oughtn't language project components be separate from playgrounds? I don't really see them as one-to-one-associated to them, I can perfectly picture myself using zero or multiple in a single playground.

MrBurgess4 • 1 year ago

I'd like to learn more about writing Viewers. I've read the one or two pages of documentation here on the topic, but I've not found the detail I require. Essentially, how do you actually go about communicating between the web page viewer HTML/JS and the test runner - i.e. to change a diagram while the tests run depending on the outcomes. Is it something to do with opening a channel between the runner and the web page, and outputting / reading messages? Is there an example anywhere I could look at?

Jerome Cance • 1 year ago

Here is the playground to help you: https://tech.io/playgrounds...
Let me know if you have any trouble with it.

MrBurgess4 • 1 year ago

Thanks Jerome - that's excellent. I understand now. I knew it would be simple, but just couldn't quite see how to start. I'll have a go at building my own dynamic viewers now...

Jerome Cance • 1 year ago

In your case you can't use the static viewer provided by the -s parameter. You should open your own server on the server side, then use the open command without the -s parameter but with the -p (port) parameter. Doing this will open a classic server. Then you can communicate with it using ajax just like you would have done with a classic website (client <> server). I'll create a simple playground to show you that and come back to you soon.

connor11528 • 1 year ago

What is a playground?

Thibaud Jobert • 1 year ago

You can see it as a tech article with potential interactive code exercises.

ZachBluedorn • 1 year ago

Hi, is there any way we can add messages to help guide the user when they select an incorrect answer? Just telling them "you're wrong" and telling them to guess again feels impersonal. Even Duolingo's approach where giving an incorrect answer still allows you to continue on would be preferable.

Jerome Cance • 1 year ago

Not at the moment but we'll probably add this in the future, it's on our todo list.

DrPiggy • 1 year ago

I would like to ask something:
I'm planning on making a playground about a canvas js library, is there anyway I could run the code execrise *in the browser* and show the generated canvas in an iframe or something?

[CG]Nonofr • 1 year ago

Yes of course! Using a "viewer": https://tech.io/playgrounds...

Marco Vaz • 2 months ago

It's possible to put data entry in a code snippet in c language (eg .scanf function)?

Chu21 • 6 months ago

im a bit confuse

MarcoVaz • 1 month ago

Hi, How can I put Snippets in terminal mode in my playgrounds: