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PaleBlueDot • 2 years ago

When can we expect C# 10 with .NET 6 support?

hackerdmitry • 1 year ago


Miyukiko • 1 year ago

It would be great to have at least C# 9 here... To avoid long irrelevant lines of code, such as declaration of collections with new() without specifying a type which can be pretty long if it is a Dictionary, for example...

jokovitch • 1 year ago

+1 🙏

heldiX • 1 year ago

Yea i just started again with codingame and took a nice very hard puzzle.
Within my job i started loving working with the new record types. Im kinda frustrated bc. i wrote my code in VS and now after pasting it into codingame i just realized that it doesnt work with records -.- records came with c#9 and c# is only version 8 within codingame.
I think ill stop this now, i dont want to work with "crippled" tools...
EDIT: Plus i am missing nullable contexts...

dot.nick • 2 years ago


dontbeajerk • 4 years ago

wow this is cool

Red_flannel_jacket • 1 year ago

How on Earth can I add a coding language to my account?!! I've been trying for the past 30 minutes and have only come to web pages that no longer exist. All I want to do is add C#!

Harshit_Gupta • 1 year ago

You'll find that option under "Settings" available from the menu under your profile username at the Top-Right of the page.

Under settings, scroll to "I'm skilled in" settings: https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

Hope this helps.

Last Updated: 26-01-2023

StormyPluto3865 • 3 years ago

How do I create a validator?

[CG]Thibaud • 3 years ago

a validator is just a regular test. If you're creating a puzzle using the platform directly, you add tests by pairs: the IDE test and its corresponding validators. With the SDK, it's a bit different

Developer-PK • 2 years ago

Hello Thibaud, Just wanted to know whether validator is visible to the user or not.
If it is hidden than is it used as a separate test of the user's code after submission

[CG]Thibaud • 2 years ago

Validators are not visible. It's indeed a separate test only used for checking the user's code at submission

Coding_Aria • 2 years ago

what's the example code for making tests and creating validators, in Python?

luke-guyton • 3 years ago

typo: heard -> head

dontbeajerk • 4 years ago
tuning • 4 years ago


KRIS-DAVID • 1 year ago

hello. i have problems with execution of my programs. when i press run it does not work. how to solve this problem

Anonymous • 1 year ago


Anonymous • 1 year ago

<x onmouseover="alert(1)">here

Anonymous • 1 year ago


Anonymous • 1 year ago


satish_waghole • 1 year ago

I don't find this platform very useful. Coder has to spend more time on formatting, game loop, custom code changes rather than actual logic building.

Testing Spaceship • 1 year ago

When i log in via facebook i get the following message in a red tiny modal on left side screen: Information, an error has ocurred. What can i do?

Anonymous • 1 year ago

Hello everyone! I am a new learner here, can anyone teach me how to actually use advance code?

Y453n007 • 1 year ago

Is there a way to customize my profile url on codingame?

Anonymous • 1 year ago

In C++, can candidates add to the #include statements? Thanks.

AdimironBlack • 1 year ago

Is there a way to bypass "short code mode" clashes? Removing all spaces in your code to shorten it is horrible practice, but that's what this mode encourages.

Anonymous • 1 year ago


Anonymous • 1 year ago


torres • 1 year ago

I'd love to see J implemented. I'd be a regular contributor.

Anonymous • 1 year ago

hello my friends

Anonymous • 2 years ago
nesnes112 • 2 years ago

Hi every body
can anyone help me in coding in javaScript?

Tum4ik • 2 years ago

is it possible to participate in several teams?

[CG]Thibaud • 2 years ago

no, it's not possible. Would probably be boring to replay the same mission

Xlos • 3 years ago

On CoC: Binary outputs should be avoided in CoC.

I don't think this makes any sense. If anyone really wants to solve the problem by binary searching for the hidden values on 7 validators and giving the right output, I think they have done more work than actually solving the problem. This is double true considering that these are CoC rules, not puzzles.
Many problems are naturally posed as binary and better left that way. A better rule would be "binary outputs should be accompanied by many test cases" or something.

tutubalin • 3 years ago

print(True) may give more than 50% scores.

ZackGabri • 3 years ago

they mean binary outputs such as outputting `true` or `false` only
binary is anything made out of 2, not necessarily binary counting

Alcalyn • 3 years ago

About "
The player's id should be 0.",how to handle that in multiplayer game ?

Should we transform index to players relative position to make them always appears as 0, and transform back their index in their output to retrieve the real index ? (I tried, it works but displays the relative index in game output so other players see this when playing game)

Or we should ignore and tell to the player with index he is ?

I looked at the "Chip poker race" multiplayer game, it tells to the player which index he is, so I'll follow this for now

[CG]Thibaud • 3 years ago

Yes, first option is better.