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dontbeajerk • 8 months ago

wow this is cool

dontbeajerk • 8 months ago
tuning • 6 months ago


luke-guyton • 2 months ago

typo: heard -> head

Alcalyn • 5 months ago

About "
The player's id should be 0.",how to handle that in multiplayer game ?

Should we transform index to players relative position to make them always appears as 0, and transform back their index in their output to retrieve the real index ? (I tried, it works but displays the relative index in game output so other players see this when playing game)

Or we should ignore and tell to the player with index he is ?

I looked at the "Chip poker race" multiplayer game, it tells to the player which index he is, so I'll follow this for now

[CG]Thibaud • 5 months ago

Yes, first option is better.