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SiDarthVader • 3 years ago

Really interesting read @Gowgi! Looking forward to part 2

Gowgi • 3 years ago

Sid, Please have a look for the second one ,https://tech.io/playgrounds...

Gowgi • 3 years ago

Thank you Sid :)

ursusfelis • 3 years ago

when will publish Part 2?

Gowgi • 3 years ago

Thank you. Working on Part 2 .. Will publish ASAP.

Gowgi • 3 years ago
josefpanerio • 1 year ago

what is the approach for using multi linear regression? do you have another blog about the topic?

thank you.

Muhammad Taha • 1 year ago

Can u please give me the main method to run this and also the files u are giving in?

Uladzimir Leanidavich • 1 year ago

Hello. Very good basic example. I tried to extend the data to have 3 attributes - added city population - and it worked. Then I added one more - 'percent of population working in industrial sector', also numeric, and it was literally ignored, no mention for it in resulting function. Any ideas to this? Thank you.

Sriram • 1 year ago

could you explain me how

Maybe you can give us the arff files to test, thanks.

MaxouMask • 3 years ago

Nice piece of reading. But I feel that you should put some details on the libs you're using in your code. The "arff" files seems to come from nowhere, same story about the "weka.*" imports. Looking forward for part 2 nonetheless. Thanks for sharing

Gowgi • 3 years ago

Have a look for the second one ,https://tech.io/playgrounds...

Gowgi • 3 years ago

Thank you .Sure.