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Peter • 2 months ago

Great examples of coding questions. Most articles like this just list a bunch of theoretical textbook questions that interviewers don't really focus on much. My only complaint is that these tasks are too simple. I recommend trying some slightly more engaging programming examples like these Java interview questions.

Gary • 3 months ago

Another good review, also recommending Matthew Urban's books. https://www.net-boss.org/sh... & https://www.net-boss.org/sh...

Nathan • 2 months ago

Agree. Good books and guides.

Tom • 9 months ago

I recommend "TOP 30 Java Interview Coding Tasks" by Matt Urban, good, quick, easy read.

Troy • 4 months ago

Really great when it comes to Java coding. My best choice while preparing for the interview. https://www.net-boss.org/sh...

Clide • 6 months ago

Hi Tom. Thanks for the recommendation, also to whomever need to prepare, the best book so far. Most common questions indeed. thanks.

Ben • 7 months ago

Hi Tom, great recommendation. Thanks for this.

Ken • 9 months ago

I bought it as well. Thanks for the tip, this book is great. I really didn't have time to browse all the web for the most questions. I have it all there. Thanks. (https://www.amazon.com/TOP-...

Anna • 10 months ago

This is a great summary, but there are so many websites.. While searching for the most common interview questions in Java coding I came across the book by Matthew Urban "TOP 30 Java Interview Coding Tasks", It contains only 30 but most popular coding tasks used by Java developers during a job interview and it was worth having this book.
I bought mine on Amazon in kindle version: https://www.amazon.com/TOP-....

Have fun when preparing :)

Grant • 1 week ago

My advice is also recommending Matthew Urban's book "Top 30 JAVA Interview Coding Tasks" (https://www.net-boss.org/sh... and "Top 30 SQL Interview Coding Tasks" (https://www.net-boss.org/sh.... Enjoy!

Luc • 5 months ago

Great guide, great list. Thanks for the recommendation Anna. https://www.net-boss.org/sh...

Peter • 7 months ago

Hi Anna, thanks for the recommendation, book was really helpful. Great list of questions (https://www.net-boss.org/sh...

Brian • 9 months ago

Hi Anna, awesome book. recommended this to my friend too and he was super happy to buy and not to have to waste time. Thanks a lot! (https://www.amazon.com/TOP-...

Larry • 10 months ago

Hi Anna,

thank you for the tip. I bought the book and it was great. Seems like the interviews are really based on this kind of books. The book itself is very concise and well written, it's worth having it on a bookshelf.