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Ethan • 1 year ago

Wow, I love the "Your first code with promises" page. This has actually helped me a lot as I was actually recently thinking of delving into promises and that stuff. Tech.io is really as good as they say it is!

kaos2oak • 1 year ago

Typo: "Some pratice" should be "Some practice"

Magus • 1 year ago

Fixed. Thanks. As well as others typos.

kaos2oak • 1 year ago

I guess we all know what green and red indicate, but for a first-time user on the first click of the button, there is a lingering question of "does the button turning green mean I got it right, or am I still waiting for something more to happen". Might be nice if the text of the button changed, too. "Got it!" or "Try again" might be appropriate.

kaos2oak • 1 year ago

"In the future, synchronous http requests will be not supported by browsers"
should be
"In the future, synchronous http requests will not be supported by browsers"

ursusfelis • 1 year ago

Excelent, very simple to understand

chiposaur • 1 year ago

On "The challenges of the asynchronous" page it says:

> "If job1 is a framejob function, you can't modify it."

What is a "framejob" function?

This was great up to this point. The assumption of basic JS knowledge is a good baseline, fine. However, this is a phrase I've never heard, google returns no definitions.

Magus • 1 year ago

framejob refers to a given function that you must call but you can't modify it. But i agree this word should not be here. I'll try to rephrase this one.

[CG]Nonofr • 1 year ago

Typo in `Traps of promises`: `Promise.resvole` => `Promise.resolve`

kaos2oak • 1 year ago

Typos (2):
"Your code will be actually faster because you can perform other tass while waiting for an asynchronous function to finish running"
should be
"Your code will actually be faster because you can perform other tasks while waiting for an asynchronous function to finish running"

jdyerjdyer • 1 year ago

Javascript promises, mastering the asynchronous - The Challenges - Downside Examples (Side note, shouldn't these discussions be per page, not per topic??)

I understand the concept, but a concrete example could make this clearer to the beginning programmer, especially one who hasn't had to handle these types of synchronous actions in an asynchronous environment before.

jdyerjdyer • 1 year ago

A good example could be an abstract email service provider task:
Job1 could be contactList = getContactList("AwesomeWebsiteContacts"),
Job2 could be Thornton = getContactEmail(contactList, "BillyBob"),
Job3 could be sendEmail(Thornton, "Thanks for Subscribing!" "You are awesome for subscribing to my Awesome Website!")

Jason Lukose • 1 year ago

The code sections should be expandable.

Jerome Cance • 1 year ago

What do you mean by expandable? Normally the code section is big enough to contain the whole code. If not, what's your browser?

Anonymous • 1 year ago

It seems like it was a bug yesterday. I contacted the tech.io helpdesk and they said they have fixed it now. :)