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MarcNainNo • 6 months ago

wow this is awefull !

Questions are asked on things that aren't explained.

RunninglVlan • 1 year ago

Hi, I'd suggest making more interactive content here on Tech.io. Simple snippets of code aren't that interesting. Your quizzes are strange too, some of them weren't directly related to your articles.

fanuch • 6 months ago

This is terrible:
"function needs to w8 for input"

Seriously, couldn't write "wait"?

Abhisek P. • 5 months ago

He was on mobile :D

HarshaS • 12 months ago

Hey everyone I am planing to learn Go, for my future puzzles how's it different from c++ ?

theodesp • 4 years ago

I would say for sure:
Http servers.
Cloud native Applications
Cli applications
Logging and monitoring tools.
General Tools

much more here

can you tell me examples of applications where Go is the best?


Anonymous • 1 year ago

shut the hell up dogs