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xtina • 5 years ago

This is a great start for beginners who are trying to get into programming in C++ :)

Kiritani • 4 years ago

Maybey you could explain in the tutorial when i should use the different varations of the arrays. That´s one question left after i read the tutorial. The other what would be better to use. And i am a total beginner with zero experience.

Kodnot • 6 years ago

Great tutorial for beginners! A typo: you are missing a closing brace ('}') in the 4th code snippet in "The simple program". Also, I'd suggest warning the reader of namespace pollution (in some simple terms, like "However, doing that might cause naming collisions") after mentioning the possibility of using "using namespace std;". Getting used to std:: from the very start is a good idea anyways, so there is really no need to encourage beginners to pick up bad (or at least at times inconveniet) habbits :)

Cheesy Tea • 2 years ago

im a beginner and i still dont get it

Vishnu_Teja_Katta • 4 years ago

In the last code, return should be there instead of retur

Adil5314 • 4 years ago

since when does c++ use echo? php uses echo but im new in programing so whatdo i know

chelovek14 • 4 years ago

it was not c++. It was terminal's)

_Dan_ • 5 years ago

Nice! Can you make one about dynamic memory allocation?