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cup_of_tea • 6 years ago

Why using the cropped original image? :^)

[CG]Maxime • 6 years ago


Aurelian Bizo • 1 year ago

thanks a lot for sharing!!!

Bree • 2 years ago

Yea I am new to this and is a student. I may need some help working this out.

Aaliyah • 4 years ago


Aaliyah • 4 years ago
Aaliyah • 4 years ago

thank you!

LucianVilcea • 4 years ago

Interesting stuff, thank you! Just one remark: the term "convolution" implies the fact that the kernel matrix is "flipped" (flip the elements order in the rows, flip the elements order in the columns). You are just multiplying the corresponding values from the image and the kernel, without flipping them. I think the implementations are not correct, since not flipping the kernel implies another operation called cross-correlation, which is not equivalent to the convolution. Indeed, being a symmetric matrix, there's no reason to flip, but I think that's a detail worth mentioning.

tt • 4 years ago

this is so complicated #confusedteach mehow

Katelyn Tate • 6 years ago