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Mustafa Açık • 7 months ago

this expression helped me. Thanks a lot. Greetings from Turkey

Donotalo • 7 months ago

Thank you. I'm please to know that it helped you.

Sunil Sheth • 3 weeks ago

Good tutorial with proper example

hopefor • 4 months ago

I m signed up for ask this,why i must use define ? When i create an integer variable and put into char arr[x][y] as x and y integers i get an error.I wonder why this cause to an error?And thanks for post by the way

Donotalo • 4 months ago

In C you can't declare arrays as char arr[x][y] where x and y are variables. The compiler must know the size of the array at compile time. So you must declare the size as constant.

hopefor • 4 months ago

hmm, thanks for the info

shivam panchbhai • 4 months ago

suppose there are two strings and i need to find if the 1st character of the 1st string is present in the 2nd string then how to write code for this?

Srinivasan1 • 1 year ago

how to split Audi@9.8 as car nmae and its mielage and store it seperately

Donotalo • 1 year ago

You need to use strtok with '@' character, then use strcpy to copy the tokenized string to another string.

srini • 1 year ago

how to split Audi@10.8 as car name and mielage and store seperately

Donotalo • 1 year ago

Please check my previous answer.

Anonymous • 8 months ago

hello thank you this help. here I am able to split token,
But can you help how can i store each part of token in different variable?

Vikas Gupta • 5 months ago

use string array