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Damon Wylde • 3 months ago

I loved this article so much that I shared it with my followers.
I recently wrote an article that really compliments NO 1 on this list.
You can check it out here...
Just thought you'd get a kick out of it!

Barry Hall • 3 months ago

Some great advice and tips here. Many thanks - Barry.

Mike Chiurunga • 3 months ago

This is glucose!
I have learnt,money changes one's life,opportunity changes one's history.The opportunity of learning from the successful is a caterpillar.

Naeema Noreen • 9 months ago

Wealth should be considered as resource pack not goal .

Ali Husain • 11 months ago

I guess I should share two pieces of advice I have
Received, that made a difference in my life:

The first was from my chemistry teacher, who said that
If you don't understand the chapter, read it three times.

The second was from a relative, a successful doctor,
Who told me that wealth is a state of mind.

Sarah • 11 months ago

This is a terrific and value-added article. Thank you!

Able Kinetic • 12 months ago

“The only person in your whole life you get to choose is your spouse—everyone else is given to us: parents, siblings, schoolmates, co-workers, neighbors, even your children—so choose wisely.” This is refreshing to hear. It all starts at the core and radiates outward. If we can have a strong, improving core then we can pretty much be unstoppable. This is all the more reason to learn to judge more effectively: https://goo.gl/wntbEF The myth of "Don't judge anyone" feels romantic but if we have a mindset like this we raise the chances of embracing low quality results at the sake of not offending anyone. Thanks for the great article.