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OGeezus! Tracy Dickin' • 8 years ago

Last weekends release of the Maroon 6s blew up in their face--not really b/c they still made their money--with that dumb 8am-10am lottery, and it was cool that they make ppl enter payment info ahead of time, to ensure that fools aren't just doing that old, "let me see if I win, but I'm not going to buy them" BS that happens almost every Saturday when ppl add items to cart, "just to see".

However, the fact that you weren't notified until well after 10am was suspect b/c you're stuck not knowing and if you're not rolling in money, that ruins your opportunity to attempt to purchase on another site and risk getting charged by Nike as well. So this resulted in a bunch of cancelled orders for the Maroon 6s and they figured the same this time around, perhaps.

If you're going to do it this way, limit the window to an hour and notify ppl way ahead of that 10am release on other sites.

Blessed • 8 years ago

I mean yeah people adding shit to their cart and keeping it their and not buying is dumb as hell, but keeping us in the dark with whether or not we got the shoes was idiotic. They should either do the draw the day before or like you said 8 to 9. Then send emails out after 10 minutes of processing or however that goes.

the pre pay system sounds cool. It kills the resellers..a little bit.. because they cant see free carts.. they would have to sell whole purchases..

OGeezus! Tracy Dickin' • 8 years ago

For sure, it makes a lot of sense that way, but I feel they should notify people if they've won or not with a bit more notice, just to give some a chance to shop elsewhere, BUT we're talking about a corporation here, they can give a fuck about the individual and they def do not care about you purchasing elsewhere.

Tahoe Seventeen • 8 years ago

You are making good points, but I wonder if they can give a faster response as to whether or not you've won. There are hundreds of thousands of emails to say hey you either won or didn't win, 2 hours seems pretty fair. A faster response time might be asking a lot, but I don't know how random these drawings really are.

It's probably 1 out of every 100 submissions gets email confirmation that they've won.

OGeezus! Tracy Dickin' • 8 years ago

Oh for sure, 2 hours doesn't even seem like enough time to scour through all those entries. I just feel like they should hold the drawing well before the actual release hour.

Or do it the night before like they have been, not the release date. But I'm not going to play holier than thou, at least they're trying something than just letting the Bots win as per usual.

Tahoe Seventeen • 8 years ago


i agree to that.. but it did put a hold on the resellers.. which is why they took it off for the jordan 11 release.. they want AJ XI to trend.. F U Nike to Trend.. Jordan riots to trend..

Poppa Doc • 8 years ago

Hell yeah that's what happened to me. I wasn't notified until after 12 PM saturday that I got the Maroon 6's. Wound up getting a pair on Eastbay.

PFarwell • 8 years ago

Nike doesn't know what the hell they want to do with these. The only thing they know for certain is they are going to make some serious $$

kelow4234 • 8 years ago

Well this does suck that they can't make up their mind. Anyway, I won't be getting these this weekend anyway because no lie, I'm broke! lol. On another note, I think I may go to my local mall though to see these Maroon 6s still sitting on shelves as everyone claims.

Rhyme415 • 8 years ago

True my city (SF) still has those sitting and the 4 previous releases

Kim • 8 years ago

They still had the maroon 6 yesterday at Hibbett Sports in Akron.

dylmatic • 8 years ago

Walked around central London Monday, and they were sat on shelves at the only two spots I passed thru - NikeTown and FootLocker HOH - ditto for the Maroon VIs and Aqua VIIIs. It's over, thank FUCK

blvckk x ghxztt • 8 years ago

oh thank fxck for that, i was wondering how it was holding up in london, been away for a bit and i couldn't be bothered to order

dylmatic • 8 years ago

Same trio were looking LONELY on FootLocker Clapham Jct's shelves today. Hell, by the time you get back they might even be on sale

freak_a_sneak • 8 years ago

Nice! but I'll pass, still saving my $$$ for the UA Steph Curry "82-0's"

Guest • 8 years ago
Hank Trill • 8 years ago


konohaknight • 8 years ago

lost to the Milwaukee Bucks too, smh.

kjbfray • 8 years ago

They're making so many pairs they don't need to do a online drawing

Choirboi99 • 8 years ago

Some one who's thinking outside the box

Steve Joseph • 8 years ago

Funny enough I had this same thought.

JCloudfrees • 8 years ago

I don't thin kit matters how many pairs are made, still these AJ11s will sell out and there will still be people who will not be able to purchase them.

Steve Joseph • 8 years ago

LOL...do you understand what you just said is logically and statistically impossible? It does matter how many pairs they make because if it exceeds 1 million everybody will get a pair. There's not enough resellers and bots out there to buy them all.

JSTANG • 8 years ago

Great idea by Nike. Let those who couldn't get their hands on a pair get them.

JCloudfrees • 8 years ago

No online drawing..... Nike BOTs are about to cook this weekend. Good Job Nike.

Guest • 8 years ago

Man, can't wait to see every man, woman, child, grandma rocking these on Saturday afternoon at the mall.


C0RY_N • 8 years ago

people never seem to know what they want. if they sold out immediately, people would be lamenting that its not like the old days when you could go into a shoe store a week after release and just cop them off the shelf. Now if they make them more widely available, that will be a problem too

Jake Torres • 8 years ago

BOTS win again.

Time2ballup • 8 years ago

Got em in the EU hassle-free.

D.C. • 8 years ago

All Nike should do on these special releases is let folks order ahead of time on special releases and let them pre-pay and then send out the completed orders!!!!!!!! Hell some of us only want ONE pair - while a reseller may cop 10 pair and save them for future sales. Plus it would hold the designers to a higher level of accountability - don't make any whack shoes and they will sell themselves. But I've been pushing for this since my days back when I was managing for Footlocker.

trentbg • 8 years ago

There is always a catch with Nike/JB.

Fornastyy • 8 years ago

just wait a week and get them under retail on ebay

sk8rat • 8 years ago

Bein 11s i dont think they goin for under retail

JR Freedom • 8 years ago

Dayyuumm! Dey bees killa kiks nomesane.

YouKnowTGreen • 8 years ago

Nike messed me up with the week ahead release.... guess they was really worried about them yeezys on the 19th.... hopefully i can cop a pair didnt have time to get in no raffles now im stuck fighting the bullies of the internet aka BOTS

TokyoRevelation • 8 years ago

Honestly, this time I would prefer Nike pushed ahead with the drawing. For the Maroon 6s I didn't have to worry about the website crashing or not knowing if the virtual queue would time out after waiting 30+ minutes after the drop (as it often has for me with hyped releases). I input my payment info with gift cards straight away, and I got a notice at about 12 PM EST that my order was received. The whole process was easy peasy. Now I'm worried it will be much more work, if not a total disaster, trying to secure a pair of the 11s on Saturday. I just want one pair for myself and that's it - not for all my family and friends and not to resell on eBay. Why must it be such an ordeal?

Pumping up that hype must really be of such importance to Nike that they're willing to ruin their customer experience to maintain it year after year, even when they've just about found a solution to the 'problem'.

Time2ballup • 8 years ago

'Fair'. Doubt it.

julietbm2221 • 8 years ago

Almost there

freak_a_sneak • 8 years ago

I'll wait till the price drops about a month after the release, I don't mind yellow soles

HowAboutThemCowboys • 8 years ago

It's obvious that Nike is testing a few different strategies on these releases. My experience this past weekend on the maroon 6's was I entered the "draw" via Nike's guidelines. Once the "draw" ended I received a notification stating sorry I wasn't elected. Roughly about a hour later I received an alert from my bank account stating a charge from Nike. I've received my shoes from Nike thankfully, however this could've been a very unfavorable situation for so many reasons.

DeeJayOhThree • 8 years ago

They finally realized that history is repeating itself..

bateya13 • 8 years ago

Its just something about these. Im probably going to pass, but it would be nice to have them in my collection.

This will be the last thing someone will see before being murdered,robbed or shot for their pair.

Tahoe Seventeen • 8 years ago

Must you guys say this every time a Jordan 11 drops? We get it, you automatically associate Jordan's annual holiday release with murder which is extremely rare tbh.

it happens.. theres at least an article about someone dying for the jumpman in every major city.. each year.. if they made more pairs the crime would rsastically reduce.. but does Nike want that? Nope.. They want that jupman a higher commdity than an iphone.. Resellers keep them happy and deaths are free ad's

Tum Tum • 8 years ago

So they make like 10.000.000?

slizick21 • 8 years ago

Damn Nike, make your mind up and stop making changes so damn much!

Melo • 8 years ago

And stop charging so much.