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Francois Booysen • 5 years ago


Isaiah 59:
…7Their feet run to evil; they are swift to
shed innocent blood. Their thoughts are sinful thoughts; ruin and
destruction lie in their wake. 8The way of peace they have not known, and there is no justice in their tracks. They have turned them into crooked paths; no one who treads on them will know peace. 9Therefore
justice is far from us, and righteousness does not reach us. We hope
for light, but there is darkness, for brightness, but we walk in gloom.…

J Villain • 5 years ago

Geller is the Jewish equivalent of David Duke. Any Muslim who acted against Jews the way she does against Muslims would be jailed instantly. It is open season on Muslims in the US though so it is fine. She is a hate spreading bitch and the world would be a much better place without her.

>"Abuanza, now thought to be hiding in caves near the village of Baghouz, carried out such brutal torture on his victims that even IS fighters opposed it."

Seriously? Every one has seen the Daesh videos including the one where they took a caged Jordanian pilot poured gas on him and lit him on fire. Terror (real terror not just some one that isn't white) is at the core of the Daesh MO. That is why so many people were fleeing in front of them. Does any one believe they would recoil in horror or do you think they would have it up on the web as fast as they could?

🇷🇴 Deckard Rick(RO) • 5 years ago

"It is open season on Muslims in the US though so it is fine". What is this bullshit with open season ?

John Doggett • 5 years ago

Geller wasn't the original source. Solomon's blog entry indicated it came from Geller's blog, but quoted the daily mail. As Harlan discovered, it ran on the BBC a day earlier. Your post takes a rather harsh view on Geller, who is a jew, because you believed she was the source of a piece critical of Muslims. Surprisingly, you were not taken to task for such ethnic vitriol and the suggestion that violence should be used against this Geller woman for her political views, with which you disagree. The great thing about America (and the ideal we try to export) is that difference of opinions and perspectives should not be met with violence. Though we may disagree, we should not live in fear of retaliation from those of an opposing view point. ISIS/L is the living embodiment of what happens when tolerance is extended only to those with whom we agree.

J Villain • 5 years ago

What I said was the world would be better with out her. I didn't say some one should make that happen. Gellar has made it her life mission to make people hate Muslims so they will harm them. Hopefully boosting support for the US to go kill more Muslims in the ME for Israel.

>"The great thing about America (and the ideal we try to export) is that difference of opinions and perspectives should not be met with violence."

Which is why the US gives unconditionally supports KSA, Ukraine and has armed and supported Al-Qa'ida, is trying to over throw the government in Venezuela ...

John Doggett • 5 years ago

"NHS doctor and UK pharmacist who became Nazi-style torturers for ISIS: Team of vile medics took organs from prisoners and gave them to wounded terrorists" - Daily Mail, Apr. 26, 2019

First of all, "The Daily Mail" is a UK tabloid, which is about as credible as America's own "The National Enquirer". They do very little vetting, love hyperbole and are about 50% reliable on "Breaking News". Having said that, I tend to believe, at least, the gist of their article : that EU citizens served as medical enablers for ISIS/L.

The EU (and the UK in particular) multiculturalist (non-integrating) society has contributed large numbers of Islamic jihadists since the late 1990's. Many in their Indigenous Muslim population hold dual passports, or, visa rights with regional nations known for producing and protecting terrorists. The EU's largely lax border with Turkey, in particular, has provided a reliable conduit for "Terrorism Tourism".

As for the specific actions alleged by the article? Obviously, they are reprehensible. However, they are not entirely unexpected. History teaches us that once an "army" (or, a "society") accepts and participates in mass murders of unarmed civilians (for any reason) the leap to acts of depravity and brutality to individuals is to be expected.

ISIS/L crossed that line early in it's history. I would imagine cruelty towards infidels, in pursuit of the empowerment and enrichment of ISIS/L's Islamic jihad, became an early litmus test for its members.

Regardless, the EU's (and the UK's) lenient justice system and progressive liberal ideals will ensure that, eventually, all of their citizens which participated in ISIS/L specifically (and terrorism in general) will be roaming the streets of European cities eventually.

As for your question regarding media self-censorship on matters regarding stories like this? Perhaps, there are several reasons. The first could be a socio-political decision to not stigmatize an entire sub-population for the actions of a few. Another reason may be the complex chain of global mass media "ownership" and "sponsorship" which involves particular sovereign wealth funds. Finally, it may simply be due to ISIS/L being more efficient than the Third Reich was at ensuring there are no credible witnesses left alive to give the story mainstream media legitimacy.

Harlan McCartney • 5 years ago
Solomon • 5 years ago

wow. you attack the article's source, then turn around and state that it's believable because it lines up with your worldview.

mental gymnastics anyone?

additionally we don't know who the victims were. i imagine that most of them had to be MUSLIM themselves or you wouldn't see the pushback from members of ISIS. long short. i don't know what to make of this. why it isn't being used as propaganda material AGAINST ISIS is beyond me. if we're seeing this type of dissension in the ranks then spreading this news far and wide would seem to be an easy way to stalling out membership and making recruitment alot harder.

i just want to see more. someone else has to pick up on this if true.

John Doggett • 5 years ago

One is always wise to consider the source of news. Wouldn't you agree? As Harlan has pointed out, the BBC, a source generally regarded as legitimate, published the story one day earlier.

It required no "mental gymnastics" to believe that ISIS/L and their EU recruits were capable of this kind of barbarity, because we've seen many other reports from legitimate news sources outlining that terrorist group's cruelty and crimes against humanity. Their victims have spanned the ethno-religious spectrum available within the boundaries of their so-called Caliphate.

You realize that there is a schism in Islam, don't you? Wars, such as the Syrian Civil War, become proxy battlefields to fight for the soul of Islam. Sunni and Shia Muslim internecine violence has been well documented.

What set the Sunni Muslim ISIS/L apart from AlQaeda was their open willingness to torture and savage other Sunni Muslims. In this regard, ISIS/L eventually lost even the support of many of the Gulf States, who had been somewhat sympathetic to the group when it was attacking Shia (Muslims), Alawite (Muslims), Druze (Muslims), Jews and, especially, regional Christians.

Here's some wiki links:

ISIS/L Terrorism

ISIS/L Persecution of Christians

I too am curious as to why this story hasn't been covered more by international "news" media. However, as I pointed out in my previous post, many corporate media outlets are connected to global sovereign wealth funds, which may influence content those commercial media entities are willing to cover and carry.

Thanks for providing a forum for discussion of these issues from different perspectives.

Solomon • 5 years ago

it wasn't a trap. its a discussion with limited info since this is new to me. why is asking for a bit of nuance too much to ask?

Solomon • 5 years ago

there are black criminals, rapists, drug dealers. i'm black but i'm not one. there are white racists, meth heads and child rapist. most whites aren't. there are Christian clegy that prey on little boys, i hope most don't. there are illegal immigrants that are gang members, hardened criminals, racists etc...most are not.

then there is ISIS. they're muslim but most mulsims aren't terrorists. i know a few that are outstanding individuals.

i've thought long and hard about how we approach topics like this one on the blog and found it disturbing whenever i hear Muslim and ISIS used interchangably, how it all applies to that religion. change that up to black male and knowing that when someone that has my skin color commit an atrocious act could possibly get me lumped in to the same box as that person makes me do a double take when taking a lazy approach to ISIS, the Muslim religion etc....

perhaps i wasn't as clear as i should be. ISIS should be eliminated. members should be hunted down and summarily executed. drone strikes aren't unlawful, they're too merciful a death for what they've done.

i can't say the same for all Muslims and i don't want to fall into the trap of acting as if its so.

hunt down radicals but seek friends in those places where we find similar values.