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Gingernut • 5 days ago

Very very nice recipe, simple and delicious. As the only cabbage eater in our house it gives me excuse to make, others don’t know what they are missing, as smells can be deceptive. Thank you.

StephieB • 1 week ago

This was excellent! It will definetly become a regular side at our dinner table.

Sher • 2 months ago

Absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing ❤️

Elise Bauer • 2 months ago

So glad you like it, Sher!

Chasseur de Trolls • 3 months ago

My late German Grammy use to make this for Christmas dinner every year.
Thanks for rekindling those fond memories.

Lisa Marie • 3 months ago

This was so simple, yet absolutely delicious. I've not had sweet and sour German cabbage in years. Thanks so much for the recipe.

Carla • 3 months ago

Y'all this is even good cold the next day! Thanks for the great recipe. I did cut sugar to 1T as many suggested. Also added the onion and apple. This is a keeper!

Carl J • 4 months ago

This is a fabulous recipe. I’ll never buy shop made again. My tip for an even more delicious taste add one or two star anise and a few cloves. Amaz

Ericka House • 5 months ago

I'm German and this was a staple dish at both my grandparents' dinner tables, so I was anxious to finally try it myself.
It was so easy - excellent - and brought back wonderful family dinner memories!
Thank you. 😊

Sara Bir • 5 months ago

We're so glad this meets your approval, Ericka!

Yoram • 6 months ago

My grandmother added caraway seeds

Linda • 6 months ago

I love this recipe, but add a tip. of crushed caraway seed for extra flavor 😋

Joan Berry • 6 months ago

If cabbage gives you gas, try adding 1/2T caraway seeds!

Sara Bir • 6 months ago

How cool, Joan! And they also make braised cabbage taste great.

Deborah Gatto • 6 months ago

Easy and delicious.
Perfect for our “German night” went great with port schnitzel, German potato salad and of course German chocolate cake. Made it all dairy and gluten free. What a hit!

Elroy Hatfield • 6 months ago

no water to prevent burning?

Sara Bir • 6 months ago

Hello Elroy, if needed, you can add a little water to the pan as the cabbage braises to keep it from sticking/burning. Depending on your pan and stove it might not be necessary.

Lillie M • 7 months ago

This recipe was delicious. I’m Diabetic so I lower the sugar to 1tsp. It was perfect for me. Yes I will make this recipe again. Thanks Lillie M

Shenanigans Smith • 8 months ago

Perfect pairing for my schnitzel & spaetzel! I did however, use champagne vinegar (drool) instead of balsamic to mellow the the tartness. Thanks from a German(ish) Iowa boy!

Mary • 9 months ago

Easy and delicious.

LH • 10 months ago

It’s amazing! I added one apple and simmered it with the rest for 30 minutes. Will make it again 10/10

Diane • 1 year ago

It's simmering now to accompany our sauerbraten. Instead of sugar I used some black currant preserve I had and I had some great aged balsamic. I used to include red currant jelly in my braised red cabbage (Norwegian style) but that product has disappeared from store shelves! Sample taste is delicious!

Joanne • 1 year ago

It was simple to make and so delicious. Will make again. Served with boneless pork chops and a baked potato. Thanks for the recipe

Anne Gardner • 1 year ago

My ex-mother-in-law was raised in Germany and she taught me a few recipes. We had what she called Suss kraut (sweet cabbage) and we used just green cabbage - but it was very similar to this. We used oil for sauteing, and no sugar just salt, vinegar and pepper. My granddaughters love it and it tastes good cold too! Her Kartoffelsalat was amazing too

Jessica Adamczyk • 1 year ago

Perfect recipe; super easy and delicious. I added a bit of salt, but otherwise the recipe was great.

Silvia • 1 year ago

This was so easy and delicious! Reminds me of the way my uncle, who spent 25 years in Germany, used to make it. I bought a large red cabbage and wish I had made the entire head. Thank you for this easy and yummy recipe. Definitely a keeper.

ben welgoed • 1 year ago

Added some ginger and jerk spice to spice it up

Charles • 1 year ago

I used olive oil as we are vegan and I added raisins as my mother always did, and she was Austrian.

Gary Balkam • 1 year ago

I really need to reduce calories, big time... couldnt I cook the cabbage in water rather than the butter? That saves 200 calories.
I make something similar, pickled red cabbage. Same idea, no butter, cook the whole cabbage or 2, and add whole cloves, (1 per bottle) I believe the name is Rote Kraut. (spelling?)

Monica Kling • 1 year ago

My German mom always called it "Blaukraut" - blue cabbage.

Marcy Cliffin • 1 year ago

I had not eaten red cabbage for ages as I didn't like how it was prepared. Made this recipe tonight and it's changed my mind! Fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

Judy perez • 2 years ago

Absolutely delicious!!!! Very easy to make!!!great recepe!!!!

Matthew • 2 years ago

I've got pomegranate molasses. Is that too sweet for this dish. The red cabbage is quite bitter here.

Sara Bir • 2 years ago

Go ahead and add it, sounds like a tasty addition, Matthew.

Snog • 2 years ago

I am making this in my Crock-Pot.instead of sugar I'm using honey, and earth balance instead of butter. Yup, cabbage keeps your plumbing working!

LJ • 2 years ago

Hi. Will this recipe turn out well with green cabbage instead of red?

Elise Bauer • 2 years ago

Hi LJ, good question! I'm thinking that the red cabbage is stronger in flavor and holds up better with the sweet and sour sauce, which is why this dish is traditionally made with red cabbage. That said, I haven't tried it with green cabbage so can't give you a definitive answer. If someone reading has tried it with green cabbage, please feel free to chime in.

Marilyn • 2 years ago

I substituted fresh lemon juice for the vinegar and added the apples. I think it gave it a softer taste. Love it with pot roast or rouladen.

Patriot • 2 years ago

This is SO good with sauerbraten!

Ami • 2 years ago

Wow!!! Amazing flavor. Went well with our fish tacos!!!

Tom McCort • 2 years ago

Is it best server hot or cold?

Sara Bir • 2 years ago

Hello Tom, this is best served warm as a hot side dish versus cold, like a salad.

Roxann • 2 years ago

My mother was german and we added siz juniper beads, bay leafs, and green apple. I make it the night before because it's always better the next day

Little Birdie • 2 years ago

Used exact recipe and was loved by all.
Next time, will add onions , bacon grease and apples. Next time will be this Thursday which happens to be Thanksgiving. Yum!

Sara Bir • 2 years ago

Happy Thanksgiving!

140deep • 2 years ago

A lot of ppl said they cut the sugar, I wanted a bit more sweet so added about 1/2 tbsp of sugar and I was swooning over this. I made half the cabbage like the recipe called for...I'll be making the other half the same way tomorrow.

AD14 • 2 years ago

I love this quick and easy recipe. Taste delicious

E Dew • 2 years ago

I had to sign up just to comment. My husband requested red cabbage this evening with roast pork and after a disastrous recipe used seven years ago and never cooked since I was dubious of trying another…until this, straight forward with hardly any ingredients I was ready to give it a go. It was unreal! I will definitely be adding this to my go to for a little extra something. Unlike all of the other comments I actually added half an extra teaspoon of sugar and I am unsure whether it was ok because my balsamic was so vinagery but it worked, and worked so well. Definitely a must try.

Margaret Merriam Tomasik • 2 years ago

After reading this I was going to cut 5he sugar in half. Much protest from the peanut gallery. Wonderful recipe.

Babette Miller • 2 years ago

Do you serve it cold or hot?