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Talha Ahmed • 1 year ago

When we are dropshipping, customers usually receive their orders late as compared to well established brands who have stock in hand. How do we handle this knowing that it's shopping season and customers would want things much early than usual drop shipping times?

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Stella Jin • 1 year ago

good post!

Viki • 1 year ago

We fight in these three months, make big stock for customers products. And use US warehouse to Shorten the delivery time of customers

Guest • 1 year ago
Brien White • 1 year ago

You do have a good point. However do not make discounts so deep that it wipes out your profit margin. You must survive! Since more people are on the internet shopping it's a good time to get more exposure and help lower customer doubts about your business though. Good luck!

Hugo Lopez • 1 year ago

Great post and ideas, we got to make the most of it, This is my first bfcm, lot of blessings to every one.

7 Chakra Store • 1 year ago

Great checklist, as always thank you for all of your creative and practical ideas, it's def our favourite blog!

Sean Simons • 1 year ago

Sale pricing and scheduling isn't native to Shopify, and needs to be built in via an app? Seems like a huge swing and a miss.

KEP • 7 months ago

Thanks Corey! This is an awesome help!!!

Khatia Karoline • 6 months ago

So helpful, thanks! It's like a piece of art.

Jaron Smith • 6 months ago

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Holy Kitsch • 6 months ago

I do not like being forced to have a Sale. It encourages High Turnover Consumer Goods of poor quality, cheap and nasty and is bad for our planet. Sales have almost killed a local dept store I like. OK we all like a bargain but I find this in bad taste I do not know what to do!