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Gnosis Media Group • 1 year ago

Our organic search impressions tanked around Mar. 6 as well. But I think this is more related to a technical change in Google search console than an actual drop in impressions.

cheelo • 1 year ago

Something happened on Google around the 27th that affected my UK sites for 3-4 days. Normally we don't get affected by their fluctuations. Meanwhile the traffic to the rest of the world grew, and offset the lost to the UK sites. So in overall terms of traffic it remained the same.

Tomasz Kwiatkowski • 1 year ago

Hit hard this time.

Muz Khan • 1 year ago

I dont see any fluctuationin my web traffic

Karan • 1 year ago

Any Core update announced?

Jdjsjjdjs • 1 year ago

I guess we need to do a petition - ask Moz to shutdown DA metric so confused Indian and Pakistanian starter SEOs do not get confused by it anymore. Google should make a public statement against the stupid worthless Moz metric.

sanity_in_seo • 1 year ago
Godfather • 1 year ago

I guess "it" was related to website content quality, not links.

sanity_in_seo • 1 year ago

Google is just a distraction, keeping us from the truth

Andrea • 1 year ago

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chaboi_sora • 1 year ago

Please enlighten us.

sanity_in_seo • 1 year ago

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chaboi_sora • 1 year ago
Sjjdjdj • 1 year ago

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Deva • 1 year ago

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Erric Ravi • 1 year ago

my website DA has increased - Storify News

Hahgahahha • 1 year ago


People still think DA is Googles metric and they still build links by comment spam.

Michael XH • 1 year ago

It's been over 30 days now.... When will they let the poor engineers out of the algo room?

chaboi_sora • 1 year ago

It's been 84 years for me.

Wouter Olthof • 1 year ago

Domain Authority (DA) has no influence on the SERPs, ever. DA is a metric from Moz. This Tuesday, 5 March, Moz introduced Domain Authority 2.0. Read more here: https://moz.com/domain-auth...

Vic Holtreman • 1 year ago

That's ridiculous, of course it does. How else do sites like Forbes and The Daily Mirror rank for EVERY SINGLE topic they write about? I have a gaming news site and I have to compete against those sites that have nothing to do with gaming. But because they have massive domain/site authority they write about every topic imaginable and rank for it.

Jonathan Jones • 1 year ago

He's talking about the metric that is produced by a third party CALLED Domain Authority.

Rather than the aspect that there is a domain wide authority signal Google has.

Do not get the two confused, because they're not the same.

Vic Holtreman • 1 year ago

Ah, OK. Well I was speaking about Google's view of domain authority. I would think Moz's tool would be a good barometer of that.

F* Moz • 1 year ago

Moz DA has nothing to do with Google and only insane people would look that metric. It’s unusable, it’s stupid and people should protest Google to finally have an official disclosure denouncing that stupid spammers metric from a third party that every Indian SEO prices.

Wouter Olthof • 1 year ago

If Moz changed their Domain Authority metric for the better, then now it should be a good barometer of the matching algorithm that Google uses.

Some people in the comments seem to think that the strong decline in their, I assume, Moz DA is related to the decline in organic traffic since this past Tuesday. But it's just a confusing coincidence that the day Moz released DA 2.0 happens to be the same day that they are affected by this Google update.

We were also affected. Fortunately very positively.

Omfg • 1 year ago

You are NOT affected by a Moz metric!!! DA has nothing to do with Google!!!

Deepak Agnihotri • 1 year ago

My all the websites domain authority reduced. Why this happened?

Grrrr • 1 year ago

How do you know that? Moz DA is not associate with Google!!!

Deepak Agnihotri • 1 year ago

I am taking about DA, not Google....

chaboi_sora • 1 year ago
Grrrr • 1 year ago

Why do you care about that stupid metric?! It has no relations to Google, it’s a stupid metric, often very wrong.

chaboi_sora • 1 year ago

Please show me where I said I cared about the metric. Deepak wanted to know why his domain authority reduced, so I sent him a link to the DA 2.0 update, which is probably why it decreased.

Of course DA has nothing to do with Google rankings. If people want to utilize the metric, that's their prerogative.

Fjjfjdjfj • 1 year ago

You cannot know if his domain authority is reduced. The Moz “domain authority” metric does NOT represent real domain authority. It’s an useless metric invented by a company that is known for outrageous claims debunked by Google. Moz DA is not “domain authority”, it’s a very fake metric that no normal SEO cares about as it’s highly perceptable to manipulations.

Rocket SEO • 1 year ago

I count no less than 6 major algo updates this past month. Crazy times.

Alekhya • 1 year ago

Yes , My website domain authority also reduces. What's going on. On what basis moz reduced DA.

Wouter Olthof • 1 year ago

If your DA decreased since last Tuesday, it is not necessarily negative. Only if your DA is now lower relative to your competitors. That's what you need to keep an eye on: does my DA get higher or lower compared to my direct competitors.

For example: if before the Moz DA 2.0 update your DA was 40 and the DA of your competitor was 30. And now your DA is 24 and your competitor's DA is 15. Then this is positive, not negative.

Moz's DA 2.0 update is all about accuracy. The new algorithm they use is far more accurate then the old one. Just don't look at the DA of your site until a week ago compared to your DA now, because it has no meaning. Only look at your relative DA then, compared to your relative DA now (relative to your competitors).

Gautam Dhanani • 1 year ago

Big fluctuation in ranking and DA reduced overall! Something major going on!

Grrr • 1 year ago

DA has nothing to do with Google. That worthless spammy Moz metric is NOT related to Google! Do NOT watch it!!!

Gautam Dhanani • 1 year ago

can you suggest? what to keep in mind?

Delmy Rose P.J • 1 year ago

Domain authority has been reduced. :(

Gautam Dhanani • 1 year ago

same here! mine was 47 and now its 7 only!

Grrrrt • 1 year ago

Your authority has not been reduced. For f sake, Moz metric is WORTHLESS!!!

Delmy Rose P.J • 1 year ago

whats happening ?

vikku si • 1 year ago

Domian Authority of www.nmccx.com has changed from 12 to 6 and page authority increased from 12 to 14. what is happening?

Chirag Thumar • 1 year ago

what's happening ??

Yusuf Bitrus • 1 year ago

I go ups more than the usual downs on my GA and different from SMR. The update is quiet favoring some people while others don't.

chaboi_sora • 1 year ago

Maybe one day an update will favor us all and we'll all have the first spot on Google!

Dave • 1 year ago

Been seeing a few bits of movement in the SERPS I follow. 1 of my sites had a jump last week and has pretty much stayed steady and another had a boost then fell back. Maybe it's a slow roll out of something big? No idea

RGraph.net charts • 1 year ago

Guess what? Down again. Can't do anything right.

RGraph.net charts • 1 year ago

My site has undergone so many falls it might as well be hosted in Antarctica making friends with some horny Penguins.(BTW: A man walks into a shop in Wales, about to fill out a form and realises he's left his pen at home. Asks the lady behind the counter "Have you got a pen Guin?". She says "No, I don't own any pets.")