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Stefan Novakovic • 2 years ago

Hype Train!!!

Slav • 2 years ago

Hype road train! :D

TheAmir259 • 2 years ago

Road train? Hell yeah!

Lucas Anjos dos Reis 2016 • 2 years ago
penguin • 2 years ago

Sooo hyped for this! 1.40 is bound to be an update that changes everything.

Andrei Mantra • 2 years ago
StigmADiabolicuM • 2 years ago

No we did not see that in stream :D

SCS Software Nemiro • 2 years ago

Haha, exactly! :-) But don't worry, we'll fully reveal our cards on this topic very soon ;-)

flight50 • 2 years ago

Ohhhh snap. This could get interesting. If you are implying there will be a SBA and SFA, that would be the ultimate customizable truck. I can see a 49x update blog kick in eventually.

StigmADiabolicuM • 2 years ago

Any cards about new models from Kenworth and Peterbilt? wink wink

TheAmir259 • 2 years ago

No set-back axle tho? Only set-forward?

Zaid Diaz • 2 years ago

At least 8x4 and 8x6 are comin'

TheAmir259 • 2 years ago

yeah surely those chassis aren't just gonna be on the daycabs only, thank god

Zaid Diaz • 2 years ago

Both SBA and SFA are available! Enjoy bro!

Serj • 2 years ago

Where does this image come from?

Ghostrider 2800 • 2 years ago

its from the official live stream which ended just a few minutes ago.

Andrei Mantra • 2 years ago


Serj • 2 years ago
2CVSUPERGT • 2 years ago

Yeah, vicious face from someone that have a big thing to show :D It must be so easy to be a community manager when you are working for SCS , so many good news ^^

Lorenzo Brandoni • 2 years ago

When out the Update 1.40 for ATS?

Alex • 2 years ago

now now... that would ruin the surprise ;)

Rockasllama • 2 years ago

That means its super close!

flight50 • 2 years ago

lol. And you know it. Close as in one of the next 3 days. Keep a look out for the bug report threads on the forums.

Chris Laforge • 2 years ago

Come on! I feel like a 5 year old waiting for Santa lol

Jevaughn Hernandez • 2 years ago

Alex my man, some of us have a weak heart, can't be surprising us like this 😂😂😂 , jkjk

Ilie Puscas • 2 years ago

Alex buddy, thanks for keep trying to spoil us with surprises, really appreciated, and in this respect, do you think SCS will think one day implementing the appropriate sounds for those airbrakes for american trucks? Really, i've been going from mod to mod just to get rid of that "pfft" sound inherited ftom ETS2! It would elevate so much this great game! Thanks!

Jesse Hollins • 2 years ago

Can we have the option of removing the work or tool box off the chassis? Every truck doesnt have that. Alot of guys have there tools in the side door or the steps. Pleasssseeee?!!!!

Ondra • 2 years ago

I guess that it will be (at least beta) released around half of this month - after the WoT event :)

flight50 • 2 years ago

I wouldn't be surprise if in within the next 2 weeks. There are still days left in this week to. Stream today.....perfect would be ob for both game Thurs/Friday of this week.

flight50 • 2 years ago

This is awesome news. I've been rambling for 8x4 and 4x2 since Heavy Haul released. NA has all the same chassis options as Europe and now we have them coming to ATS finally. Thank you Thank you and Happy Birthday ATS.

2CVSUPERGT • 2 years ago

You look so happy... ^^ But sorry bro, my happiness is higher than yours :D

Matcho Miguel • 2 years ago

Finally!! Thank you, SCS! I love you.
And now, we'll have DLC Big Sleeper. But more one time, thank you, SCS!

Taburetka _ • 2 years ago

The main question is - will we see these chassis in traffic?

Sunny Fofoja • 2 years ago

open beta 1.40 ats today-this week?)

Ondra • 2 years ago

I guess next one :) - WoT event ends of sunday

El Shürgen • 2 years ago

Noice. But I was actually wondering when will the Sleeper cabins for the Western Star 49X will be available?

penguin • 2 years ago

I'm assuming they will be added come 1.40.

SCS Software Nemiro • 2 years ago

Don't worry, pals. It is coming. Probably sooner than you'd expect ;-)

El Shürgen • 2 years ago

Wow, thanks for answering!

2CVSUPERGT • 2 years ago

NDA violation !!! :p (joke)

Ilie Puscas • 2 years ago


support! the news is really loud, but the question of the sleeper cabins for the Western Star 49X also worries me, and for a long time ... it is alarming that this item is not on the list, we can only hope that it will be a surprise in the update. anyway, the upcoming update is very interesting and necessary! wait so much!

Thunder Sky • 2 years ago

Any news about Rigids?

Puma • 2 years ago

I would love to know as well. They made 1 single blog post about them and how they would work few years ago and after that they didn't mention them at all :(

flight50 • 2 years ago

doesn't mean they are not working them though. not everything can be done quickly.

OtisD • 2 years ago

But can you fix Volvo VNL sound :(? It hurts my ears

Genadij LT • 2 years ago

Happy Birthday our lovely game ATS

Theosz Pittnikov • 2 years ago

Congrats and TY for all ATS Team Best Ever

lorDuckFeet • 2 years ago

Thanks SCS Software for the loving support on games and the community itself. Happy Trucking

aMessyVirgo • 2 years ago

I'm more interested in the new chassis than the new lighting.Graphics doesn't make a game for me(but i'm happy for those who wanted updated graphics).Thank you SCS and the responsibles for each truck manufacturer for making new chassis possible :D