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herbprof • 1 year ago

Self-defence and Fitness are my main reasons for taking up the martial arts. Because it seems like about once a year the need to defend myself or someone else appears. Two of those times it was me against 3 or more. Once I was mistaken for someone else, and another time I was invited to a party that was a gang gathering! Both times I gave as good as I got, and escaped, but I could have been severely injured? Using your technique intuitively, I chose Kenpo Karate! Why, because I want to stay on my feet, strike or apply techniques and move away! I have seen two UFC fighters who exemplify my ideal; Wonderboy Thompson, and Cung Li. Both of them keep moving and draw from many kicks, punches, elbows etc to keep their opponents off balance, and defensive! Thank You Mr. Portier, for verifying why I chose the style I did!