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joe • 1 year ago

You admitted they were told to disembark and later resolved, what are you denying then?

Audu Williams • 1 year ago

The statement is highly contradictory. What was the problem resolved? Extension of ethnic profiling to foreign land. How did we get into this? I can't comprehend it.

ANTHONY OBASI • 1 year ago

i tire for this people

YT • 1 year ago

This Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Francisca Omayuli, just dug a deeper hole to sink this Jihadist APC Govt once and for all!!. This nitwit lady admitted that IGBO WERE ASKED TO COME DOWN FROM EVACUATION BUSES, but it was not deliberate. Maybe she should tell us Nigerians why it was only the IGBOS that were asked to get off the bus and for what reason?. May God hasten the expiry date of Nigeria..Amen.

No2EvilAdministration • 1 year ago


Daoud Akano • 1 year ago

The day the Yoruba and the Igbo décide jointly and steadfastly to end Nigeria, the fake nation will not last more than 180 days.
But, what do we do with the slaves among us who continue to preach ''one-Nigeria''?

Yakubu • 1 year ago

There will never be unity between igbos and yorubas to end Nigeria simply because igbos cant produce a President.

Daoud Akano • 1 year ago

A serious govt would take exception to this utter madness: asking Nigerians of any or particular ethnic group to disembark, after boarding a vehicle. For what? Why was it not a fulani that was disembarked? Why an Igbo? Give us the reason.
The lady official admitted it happened but the issue has been resolved. What issue? Who resolved it? How?
We tell people Nigeria has no chance in hell to survive as a single nation but many don't see the point yet. They'll find out the hard way.
End this fake nation now!

Chibuking • 1 year ago

The Discriminations against the Igbo people in Nigeria and by the Nigerian government are not new news. They are kinds of tribalism, bias, stereotype, and racism against the Igbo people that will never end in the one Nigeria contraction.

chidi • 1 year ago

Why were they asked to get down from the bus to start with? Abike has shown many times on how much she hates the Igbos, so this is not a surprise. She's been playing the hate card not from today. Have you heard her taking about Nigerians involved in a crime overseas? If the offender is an Igbo person, she will analyze it in a manner ĺike, an Igbo man was arrested for fraud in Canada with details of first and last names, but if the person happens to be Yoruba or other tribe, she will say, a Nigerian ŵas arrested in Canada, for fraud. There will be no details of names. I don't know if she thinks we're not paying attention

Ukpaka • 1 year ago

Is anybody surprised?

neoBiafran • 1 year ago

Hocus pocus by the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Francisca Omayuli that failed to launch. All their lies will be exposed as it has begun since the 2023 elections. There will be no hiding place for all you liars and enemies of the people.

Chuma Anierobi • 1 year ago

The question is why should that be.

No2EvilAdministration • 1 year ago

Why can't Nigeria and United Nation allow Igbo people their freedom of existence?

Must Igbo be conjoined with the terrible entity called Nigeria?

How can a particular tribe be hated so much, extending it to Sudan, a war torn country.

What a world of wicked men and women in Nigeria government and United Nation!

Ogugua Enoch • 1 year ago

Waiting to hear what would be done to the perpetrators of this ethnic profiling against the Igbos, though I will not be surprised if they were given a pat on the back.
Igbos, the endangered tribe in Nigeria, will one day be free.

Yakubu • 1 year ago

If you must know the reason which useless Sahara reporters dont want to reveal is that buses were allocated state by state. Igbos that entered buses designated to states that are not thier states are asked to step out and find the ones for igbo states. Simple.

Savenigeria • 1 year ago

You are so disgusting and stupid to say the least. Your arguments are quite primitive. My goodness! Everytime you write all we see is just trash.

No2EvilAdministration • 1 year ago


These lots and their bloody followers hate Igbos

Capt • 1 year ago

The statement is false....but they were asked to disembark. Idiot

for Christ • 1 year ago

This is worse than diabolism, she said they were asked to come down and gave no reason, so what's the denial about. And she is still keeping her job. Arrant nonsense

Yakubu • 1 year ago

Why wont she keep her job? Are you the ones that gave her the job in the Government you hate with passion?

Always lamenting over anything and anywhere.

innocent imasunu • 1 year ago

I doubt if D's woman went to even primary school. "Igbos were asked to come down from d buses, but it wasn't deliberate" so what was it?

Nwa_Africa • 1 year ago

Lol................It can only get worst under Tinubu

ismailasabo722 • 1 year ago

If the Igbo, under whatever platform, decide or agitate to leave Nigeria, would you blame them? So, it is showing here that what the IPOB have been agitating for has been rooted in truth, after all. When discrimination and marginalisation are carried out against the Igbo, even in the field of death, what is more serious than that? And it is the same person of Igbo extraction who offered to use his aircraft and other resources to rescue Nigerians fleeing Sudan; and he did this, without specifying the species of Nigerians he wanted rescued. And before this Igbo man did this, other Nigerians even richer than he is, looked the other way. Then, they suddenly realized that this Igbo man would take the shine out of them; so, we saw the Air Force, Azman Taco Air and others trooping out to becloud the philanthropic work this Igbo man was doing! The so-called African billionaire, who initially looked the other way, offered 100,000 Naira to the returnees. Yes, everybody wanted to outshine this Igbo man in philanthropy!

Without batting the eyelid, I can say that Nigeria is a very useless country; it is gone beyond the level it could have been redeemed. This woman who came out to make defences can be seen talking utter nonsense, jumping from one direction to the other and ended up making a fool of herself and contradicting herself!

Come to think of it, if you told the Igbo to disembark from the evacuating buses, what had you in mind? To leave them to death-bearers in Sudan to consume them? Goodness me! Nigeria is really dead!

Benjamin Kish • 1 year ago

700MEN had in several occasions told the world that Igbo Hebrews 're not Nigerians.
Our fathers break away from Nigeria only 7years into independent because they saw we 're not Nigerians, and declared sovereign independent state of Biafra, a country of their own.

Till date, every action, political affiliations, economic policies made by the Nigerians central government is against the Igbos because Igbos can't fit into their kind of governance.
The British colonial masters saw this, that Igbos were too decent, scientific, technological, and industrious to be part of their newly created Nigeria.
When the war broke out between Biafra and Nigeria, the British used diplomatic lies to coerce world super power nations to join forces and defeat the Igbos , because Ignos 're like Europeans in Afrucsn and hausa-fulani and Yoruba surrounding tribes can't defeat them in war.
Till date, the British, hausa-fulani Islamic terrorist caliphate, and their Yoruba boothlickers 're still damn scared about the great Igbo Hebrews becoming independent nation.
Yet, we do not intend to revenge all the atrocities these people committed against us, we will get our stolen sovereign independent nation back, either by REFERENDUM or by outright second civil war.
Shalom from Biafra land.

Raymond • 1 year ago

The Igbos landed Nigeria in this mess when they destroyed our flourishing regional system through their senseless first even coup in Nigeria. I never feel for Igbos for what they have caused.

Otse Simon • 1 year ago

If it is true then there is urgent need for redefinition of the Nigeria state

Yakubu • 1 year ago

You have already redefined it by claiming to be biafra and always expressed extreme hate towards Nigerian Government and citizens.

Weep4Naija • 1 year ago

0nce upon a time, there was a contraption called niggarea..... Were is that jobless idiot that falsified his name as julius

akonam • 1 year ago

Dabiri's ethnic profiling at work.

Lakeside • 1 year ago

Nigeria. Same country; different rules even abroad. What I don't understand though is that the Nigerian Foreign minister is Igbo. Were those who gave the order for Igbo folks to get down from the bus undermining the powers of the minister?

No2EvilAdministration • 1 year ago

"... Nigerian Foreign Minister is Igbo"
Just a useful slaves, only representing their stomach and their family, can't cough otherwise thrown out by their Fulani/Yoruba slave masters

Daoud Akano • 1 year ago

As a matter of fact, the Yoruba are also under serious slavery..I'm surprised you didn't know this?

CuriousI • 1 year ago

.... he's infected with "Holy Wahala" virus, the symptom is hard to miss.

Enyi • 1 year ago

Mrs Francisca Omayuli if it wasn't deliberate was it accidental? If the answer is in the affirmative the incident should be recommended for Guinness Book of Records because such an ethnic based accidental selection must be extremely rare.
I blame the Igbo students for obeying such a stupid order.

Nigerian • 1 year ago

What led to you telling igbos to come down that you later resolved? It's obvious you are the one lying? I throway spit for this Buhari government

Curtx Maccido • 1 year ago

Omo yibo and foolishness...the idiot is already thinking of how to make money from fools like him...if he's asked to alight, possibly he's committed a crime in Sudan n already a wanted crook...however are yibos Nigerians? Ipob should have sent buses to Sudan to evacuate the yibos....why ranting and crying? They must be bastards to board 'zoo' buses in the 1st place, useless congolese descendants!

Tony Z • 1 year ago

Straight up undiagnosed mental illness. You need help asap lol.

Curtx Maccido • 1 year ago

No doubt - after attending to you FATHER mental illness, I will seek help!

Stanley • 1 year ago

Hooligan, your father can't afford air ticket , those you are castigating , one of them provided flight to evacuate your poor people

Curtx Maccido • 1 year ago

This DINDINRIN again! LIAR!!! no omo yibo flight was never allowed to evacuate Nigerians from Sudan ...everyone know yibo will use them for money rituals, all evacuatee are ariving by road! Omo yibo and money ritual!

Stanley • 1 year ago

Complete nuisance, I know your father is the one caught in Ogun state selling human fresh legs for 20k. Low life human, he said that they are returning with buses. Mumu man, the buses took them to Egypt and from there air peace which belong to Igbo man will bring them back to Abuja. let me be teaching mumu like you.

Curtx Maccido • 1 year ago

Omo yibo...perpetual bast@@d, child of numerous fathers...product of armed robbery and fake products... Dirty smelly congolese descendant!