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ny1010 • 6 months ago

Thiefnubu is confused and disoriented in his incoherent speech.
Very shameful to the educated "Foolowers".

yinka • 6 months ago

So what?

attah66 • 6 months ago

As long as Tinubu refuses to separate himself from Buhari in the light of Buhari's catastrophic leadership failure resulting in bloodshed, hunger and insecurity all over the country he will never be elected president. Tinubu can kiss Buhari's-ash all he can hoping that will win him the presidency, but the bloodshed in the land will judge him out of the presidency

Dr Bunmi Binitie • 6 months ago

Without PMB, on his own BAT has NOTHING to commend him for the Presidency and he has too many blights on his past and integrity.

And PMB has not failed as a leader by any standard....that's your opinion

badhabit • 6 months ago

Control our hunger with Agbado ,beans ,ewa ,dodo oin!

Akinkuotu Gbenro Bombay • 6 months ago

Although we haven't started to experience the impact of what you have achieved as president, the path, according to asiwaju, has been created. God bless you Mr President for your honesty in the management of Nigeria resources

Dr Bunmi Binitie • 6 months ago

Only a discerning mind can make such a remark....thanks. God bless PMB

Anyi Odogwu • 6 months ago

Because he is always cashing out and milking Lagos dry, he doesn't know the plight of the common man. He thinks everyone is ok like him

neoBiafran • 6 months ago

Sure, some Nigerians can manage the hunger you good for nothing politicians brought and imposed on them. Each hungry Nigerian will have to go out and buy themselves some king size cowhide belt for managing their hunger while you sit in/on your Aso Rock high chair and eat caviar and the best food money can buy on the hungry lot of Nigerians. You think you are talking to fools.

YT • 6 months ago

God's judgement will surely be swift on Tinubu and Buhari, before the end of this year...They can't escape it!!!. It is impossible!!!..

yinka • 6 months ago

Obidient wish, but God is not into dirty game of politics. Black people mentality of begging God do this and that to their invincible enermies.

Nwa_Africa • 6 months ago

Evil zombie

Godswill Kalu • 6 months ago

While obidient wish, hatred will never allow you to make any inform decisions.

YT • 6 months ago

NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF PRAYERS!!. The power of life and death is in the tongue...

Deji Fadina • 6 months ago

When other Nigerians call you people OBITUARISTS, you vex.
Are you not wishing the death of other people?
Who says you will not go before them?

Nwa_Africa • 6 months ago

Foo0l but it is you zombies for Ebola Tinubu that started the name calling

Shontelly • 6 months ago

The wicked shall not go unpunished. That is God's word in my religion. Christianity. And His words must come to pass. If you define punishment as death, that is you palaver.

YT • 6 months ago

You are stupid!!!. Does God's "swift judgement" equal to death??. Is that the only kind of God's judgement that you read about in the Bible??. You are correct, I might go before the 2 mentioned names, as I do not know what tomorrow brings, but one thing is for sure and you should note my words - "Tinubu and Buhari WILL receive God's swift judgement this year"!!!

Shontelly • 6 months ago

Leave that Man. Their mind is quick to calamity of death because they're not free to live their life as good people.

Nwa_Africa • 6 months ago

Nigeria can manage but you and your family members are not managing...................

for Christ • 6 months ago

There will be no alternative to cassavagarriewa, if you don't like it reject APC with your PVC

ojuabenwanne • 6 months ago

Trust you will control hunger with cassava and agbado. Crap!

Quantumspirit666 • 6 months ago

Heavens!!! This is the primitive village chief who shits in his agbada who wants to rule Nigeria in the 21st century???? What a SAD state.Nigeria as a country is well and trully DOOMED. If OBI does not become president there will be a military take over or WAR. No country on this planet ever progress without REVOLUTION.Nigeria needs a JERRY RAWLINGS