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Russifier • 2 years ago

18th century: We beat Swedish empire

19th century: We beat napoleonic and ottoman empire

20th century: We beat nazi regime

21th century: Its America's time?


mikehodgkiss • 2 years ago

The United States has been a victim as well, of the empire. The Empire is British not American. The dumbed down americans have had no self conscious part in the making of recent history. Now the CIA, FBI and other intelligence apparat, that is a different story. People like Zbignjev Brezinski, Henry Kissinger, and the likes are evil monsters not Americans, and they always have answered to the Queen and her bankers. The hope for mankind now is that "America" so called, the United States will join with China, Russia, and India to create a New Bretton Woods Agreement, and use that system to relieve the Queen and her Bankers of their power once and for all.

james ward • 2 years ago

Sounds like you want the United States to join the BRICs and the New Silk Road a la LaRouchePac. but the paid puppets in D.C. have been blocking Trump from doing so.

DarkEyes • 2 years ago

The Queen is ruling "the United States of America".
"The United States of America" which is the property of the people, which is at the moment as I understand in restoring mode to the people from the 1863 periode since when The United States of America had been stolen by the Queen and Banksters from the American people.

Jasonovich • 2 years ago

The devil's creation inflamed in hellish fire.What a beautiful sight!

311hwr • 2 years ago

and, sight!

mikehodgkiss • 2 years ago

You are an idiot sir.

Shy Talk • 2 years ago


R.W. Emerson II • 2 years ago
Russifier • 2 years ago

I do not understand a single thing from this but I do agree that whatever invade Russia, NEVER come out of Russia..........................alive.

Since you like pompous-like pictures check out this favorite of mine containing many great individuals from the glorious, 1300 years old Russian history https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

Howard Mettee • 2 years ago

Probably the best thing your inflammatory picture could conjure up is a vision of renewed willingness on both sides to reopen nuclear arms reduction talks such as occurred in the Reagen - Gorbachev era 34 years ago. If our grandfathers could do it, why can't we?

Richards • 2 years ago

Well Russia did try but America wasn't listening.

Howard Mettee • 2 years ago

Yes, when America sets the table, it also sets the guest list of "compliant" states - no matter if they are despots or democracies - just if they kiss the imperial ring.

Stavros Hadjiyiannis • 2 years ago

That's exactly right!

neil barron • 2 years ago

Keep on dreaming second rate sour ass.

Philippe Bracq • 2 years ago

Penis envy?

Russifier • 2 years ago
311hwr • 2 years ago

blunt, and deadly, the only thing the united states of israel understand.

IggyBundy • 2 years ago

Actually he should have just said all our missiles will be targeted only at one small country and no one else.. and that means 1000 nuclear missiles all for 1 place and one place only.. Protect against that..

Guest • 2 years ago
311hwr • 2 years ago

no, pete townshend and roger daltrey are in the u.k.

59LesPaul • 2 years ago

Very good. Hope they are well.

che guevera • 2 years ago

How about a quick strike on D.C. when both the Senate and Congress is in session and Herr Trump is in the white house ? Would that go a long way, or just worse people replace them ?

Muzzer • 2 years ago

Where the hell could you possibly find worse people?

Rodolfo Bulos • 2 years ago

Ideal idea,thats the favorite expression of the English idiot; ALL FOR 1, 1 FOR ALL also, always in the US mind Thats it, whoever started the war can do it, Its inevitable anyway by contrast always looking a way how could do it

Psychelonb • 2 years ago

Your first sentence would more accurately be "the shabbos goyim puppet European American figureheads followed their Jewish/Zionist masters orders by withdrawing America from the nuclear treaty."

Again & again, it must be understood and emphasized the descendants of European immigrants who came to America do NOT control America. We have not been in control of America for many decades. I would argue we lost control way back in 1913 when the privately owned Jewish bank the ((("federal" reserve))) was created.

On one hand, the masses of we European Americans ARE effectively collaborators with the Jews due to all of us (including myself) being indoctrinated & brainwashed, from the moment of our births, and it is our responsibility to overthrow our oppressors.

The unfortunate truth is there are not enough of us who are aware of the truth. There are fewer still even willing to say anything about it, even anonymously online.

A third and final brother war between Russia, the apparent last great white European nation, and what's left of America seems inevitable. Maybe even necessary.

America has become a 1984 Orwellian tyranny, and it's getting much worse, every day. All of the security & law enforcement apparatuses destroy any open pro-white European movement by any means necessary. Countries like the UK are even worse than America.

Heck, even Russia under Putin passed laws making it illegal to question/criticize Jews (why????).

Regardless, I don't think there's much of a possibility to overthrow the anti-white regime in control of America without a world war. I would wish for a nuclear hellfire cleansing to not be necessary, but I do not have hope of that being possible.

Mainstream media in America does not talk about the fact we are closer to nuclear war actually happening now than ever, so average brainwashed zombie Americans are not even aware of the danger.

There are NO civilian nuclear fallout shelters in America, unlike in Russia for Russian civilians. Many untold millions of Americans are going to be annihilated. Though it may be too late, I am working towards gtfo of America.

I am beyond disgusted by what America has become, and I do not want to contribute to this beast (((system))) that is working to exterminate me, my friends & loved ones, in any way, for even one more day with my taxes and so forth.

NorthWind • 2 years ago

It is a pity that all American citizens do not read this comment, and not only just Americans.
Congratulations on what you wrote down here.

Psychelonb • 2 years ago

Thank you @NorthWind, we are doing our best. Convincing anyone that they have been conned is about the hardest thing possible. It's easy to show them how others are conned, but not them.

Check out videos below when you have some time, and their channels. Each of them ("Asha Logos" & "Black Pilled") have some very good content.

Human beings are totally programmable and we are literal herd creatures, though most of us probably wish that were untrue, it's absolutely true.

We must tirelessly continue each individually doing our best to awaken our fellow sheeple.






james ward • 2 years ago

Well I tried to tell the brainwashed dumb Americans about the Vietnam holocaust of women & children. the Spiritually Bankrupt ATTACKED ME VICIOuSLY for being on the side of the Vietnamese I never opened my mouth after that and left Berlin, Wis. They are well known for their Superiority Complex and Racism. Don't expect me to be sympathetic when America finally reaps its Karma. IMO it's LONG overdue. My mother almost starved to death in Japan thanks to USA.

Psychelonb • 2 years ago

I am sure you have seen the film, "The Matrix" {1999}.


That 2 min scene perfectly summarizes this phenomenon of an individual who is, unknowingly to them, terribly endangered (along with all their own friends & family members) or being profoundly manipulated refusing to listen to someone trying to warn them.

Not only does the person being manipulated refuse to listen, s/he becomes emotionally triggered (which shuts down the parts of the brain that give us an ability to think logically) and becomes defensive. S/he goes so far as to attack the person trying to help them, because of how uncomfortable they feel.

There are several reasons, one being, identity/ego. Those individuals who attacked you when you warned about Vietnam didn't want to hear anything contrary to their belief systems because, ultimately, at the core of what they are experiencing on a deeply unconscious level, their own sense of identity/self is under attack.

If they've been believing this or that all their lives about how the world works/is and made all their choices, their hopes & dreams based on that, and those belief/s weren't actually true, then who the hell are they? They are a lie.

Also, they wanted to fit in. They didn't want to be like you, excluded from the group, attacked, isolated. Whether we like it or not, it is the quality of our relationships with our fellow humans that dictates, more than much of anything, our sense of happiness in life (or lack thereof).

This isn't to excuse Americans for our pathetic laziness/apathy/complacency, only to note a profound truth..

We humans are literal herd animals. Individualism is an ideology. We each individually have specialized neurons in our brains called "Mirror Neurons." Basically, emotions/emotional-psychological states are literally contagious between humans. It's usually on an unconscious level, but we literally feel the emotions of people around us. When I meet some guy who is feeling terribly awkward/anxious and I am there with him speaking to him, it's difficult for me to be unaffected.

Only sociopaths & psychopaths, maybe also narcissists at times, are generally immune to this phenomenon and have an ability to not be "brought down" by negative emotions of people around us.

Watch that short video "Why they must censor us" and see how there are many Americans who may as well be considered mindless robots unable to think for themselves, it's terrifying & on obvious display in that video. There are untold millions of Americans who fall into that category. I was subjected to the bombardment of propaganda, conditioning, social pressure, all of it from the moment of my birth.


The truth is, it is a very difficult & painful war to break free from your own brainwashing/conditioning. There aren't any rewards aside from being something closer to a free-thinker, the satisfaction of knowing you have truth on your side and of trying to help people. That's it as far as pleasure, but there is a ton of pain/stress. Its immensely painful to awaken, and extremely painful to not only be unable to save people you care about, but to be attacked by them as they unknowingly choose self destruction.

All of human behavior/psychology can be simplified to: all choices ppl make at all times revolve around doing things they believe (whether right or wrong) will help them:
1) Avoid Pain
2) Experience Pleasure

Awakening involves losing friends, family members, and ultimately, being an outcast, to some extent. Americans are subjected to intense & unrelenting conditioning all our
lives everywhere we are, from birth, more than any population in the world.

I am in my early 30's {man} and I have been on the road to awakening since my early teens. I grew up privileged, upper middle class, two (((baby boomer))) parents who are still together. They're shallow greedy materialists, but they're not bad ppl.

Yet, i began realizing "things"/society was not right at a young age. That something was very terribly wrong.

My father is a male feminist, or something, its very bizarre. Long story. He came from a hyper feminized family with a passive/weak father and an overbearing mom with tons of sisters who ganged up on him & his dad. I have only younger sisters, no brothers, and my mom is domineering & overbearing. Mom & sisters ganged up on me & my dad, & my dad went along with it.

Growing up, all i basically wanted to do with my life was take up a career that would enable comfortable living, would give me some sort of status, and that would allow me to help people, to create a legacy. Other than that, it was very important to me to find a healthy pleasant good looking woman who would be a good mom to my children, and who i could be happy with.

Didn't have a desire to bed tons of women, the idea of finding a good one for a family life was what I wanted.

When i began dating, which surprisingly even to myself began in my early teens, I started sensing that something was terribly wrong with how we were allowed to have pre-marital sex, and more importantly, how wymn have complete freedom to pursue their sexual desires. Long story.

I noticed how American wymn were nothing like how I saw them portrayed in all the many films I had seen. They were unfeminine and acted like men, yet the girls I first spoke to still had some girlish qualities from being inexperienced romantically/sexually. I knew from talking to my first (then) 13 yr old girlfriend that her female friends were beginning to lose their virginity as she told me she wanted me to take her's.

I noticed as the years progressed the females I went to school with were becoming colder, even less feminine. It's hard to explain..

The big point is, I realized that gender dynamics were terribly wrong in America in so many ways and for so many reasons that it would be impossible to realistically expect to have a healthy & happy stable marriage with the type of woman I had always wanted. The type of woman I had always wanted & deserved, that we all deserve, didn't exist in America. I realized that pre marital sex profoundly damages women beyond repair in the sense after more than two different men, she is unable to bond in a lasting way to one man for life.

It was incredibly depressing to me, devastating. I wanted for it to not be true. I didn't understand consciously much of why or how, but I deeply intuitively knew it. I felt it in my gut. As I got older and started reading/researching various things, I got answers.

However, whenever I dared say anything to anyone else about the issues I was now aware of, Red-Pilled to, I was judged and attacked. A therapist said I "have problems with women," that my disliking the way they pretend to be men is somehow indicative of a character defect.

I was only 16 yrs old when I was told that. In truth, I didn't truly hate women, I hated how they composed themselves & behaved. I started doubting my own sanity, because everyone around me seemed to disagree with me, so I wondered if maybe they had to be correct, somehow. I wanted to go along with it, but I still felt deep down that I was correct.

So, I shared all of those details simply to try to illustrate, just a little bit in little ways, it is a gargantuan undertaking to awaken. There are very few incentives to awaken and there are a plethora of painful consequences.

We all deeply wish to be accepted and liked by our fellow human beings, whether we admit it or not.

Some of us are strong enough to pursue truth to power at any cost, to be able to adapt ourselves and indeed transcend that deep core psychological need of every man/woman on Earth. To expect the average person to be strong enough to stray away from the group/sheeple though, is not realistic.

LS • 2 years ago

I don't think they intend actual war. They just want to make their enemy (a Russia they do not control), our enemy. That can't apparently do that through their usual propaganda mechanism, so they have to create a state of conflict that at least implies the potential of war.

Either way, you should definitely gtfo if you can.

james ward • 2 years ago

Totally disagree with you...ref.: LaRouchepac.com and LaRouchepub.com

DarkEyes • 2 years ago

You lost control of The United States of America in 1863. Fact.
How to take back your country The USA, read:
(with more than 1000 articles about USA, US and its people and to take your country back in a peaceful and legal way)

Good Luck.

vlom2441 • 2 years ago

The US government is run by sociopaths with no empathy. The Empire of Chaos is morally and economically bankrupt.. The national debt is 23 trillions. The necons have come to the conclusion that the only way they can solve the problem is with a war. .The problem this time is they have pick a country that can shoot back.

Raptar Driver • 2 years ago

"sociopaths with no empathy"
Correct, in the old days we called them Nazis and Zionist.

Issac DeRose • 2 years ago

Could you please stop with the evil nazi BS already? It only serves to show ignorance. Germany was victimized by The Evil Empire under zionist control. The Third Reich was part of the solution NOT the problem AND if zionist Russia had kept her pact with Germany, (((The Problem))) would have been eradicated once and for all.

Raptar Driver • 2 years ago

Did I hit a supremacist nerve?

DarkEyes • 2 years ago

And WILL shoot back, correct.

Gano1 • 2 years ago

Russia will send Poseidon Nuclear Powered Submarine Drones to the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, from there deploy hypersonic/cruise missiles, without ever being seen.
Also using containerised cruise missiles carried on civilian maritime vessels with no insignia, likewise on trains or lorries close to the Russian border if necessary?.
Russia has only announced certain weaponry thus far but more will be available without fanfare, the USA has been sleeping at the wheel for 10 years at least.
Avangard is utterly lethal even without a nuclear warhead fitted, Poseidon likewise is devastating to Ports and Naval Bases, the USA has 'no known counter measures' to hypersonics according to The Pentagon.

tom • 2 years ago

I wonder how feasible it would be to destroy the Pentagon utterly without harming the rest of Washington, the White House and the Capitol.

Gano1 • 2 years ago

Small warheads and payloads are already available to the USA and Russia, I'm certain of it............they would be foolish not to have that capability.

Issac DeRose • 2 years ago

Why waste a perfectly good warhead by NOT harming the WH and Chocolate City?

james ward • 2 years ago


Walter • 2 years ago

There is zero chance of having a "successful" war against Russia. When will American elites and the American population come to that realization? Putin said that in the next war ,it will not be fought on Russian territory. A blunt true answer.

Jimi Thompson • 2 years ago

"They" must have let Trump know that if he continues to oppose "their" foreign policy initiatives that his entire bloodline would be removed from the face of the Earth.

He is not this stupid, yet here we are... SMFH.

The time to get serious about taking "they" down has long passed... it is now dire.

Psychelonb • 2 years ago

Tsar Trump will go down just like Tsar Nicholas, mark my words.

That or if he was somehow secretly "part of the plan," they'll pretend to do the same ("crazy" or "impossible" as that may seem).

Either way, he will go down in history same as Adolf Hitler if he does not take drastic and decisive actions he should have begun taking his first day in office.

This is all fantasy for which we should not have hope will actually happen, but Trump DOES have the power stream a live video national address to the American people & military ordering his supporters to take to the streets across America and arrest the psychopathic traitors.

He could call upon Putin to send in Russian military peacekeepers and order American armed forces not to oppose them and to arrest anyone attempting to countermand his orders. There would probably still be a limited nuclear exchange, but this is the most peaceful a resolution I can imagine with minimal blood spilled. Better that than a full on nuclear exchange and fight to the death (America's feminist tranny armed forces are in for a rude awakening, the American military is a glass cannon).

He has taken no actions whatsoever to oppose his apparent enemies. The only thing he has done to defend himself & his family from bloodthirsty Cheka terrorists is to whine on his twitter feed, which is pathetic and weak. ((("They"))) have smelled blood from the beginning and they are relentlessly going in for the kill. It's frustrating and sad.

All of his own supporters have been banned on social media, many who did public activism were arrested for defending themselves against the Soros/SPLC controlled zombie paramilitary group (((antifa))), and all he has done is verbally denounced it.

If I were Trump, I would rather go down in history as a heroic Martyr instead of a cowardly traitor who caused a nuclear war which killed millions of his people. They would try to kill him a lot sooner if he were to do what desperately needs to be done. If not, he will go to prison a disgrace.

Jimi Thompson • 2 years ago

Wait... are you telling me this guy is not the hope of America should things go south??!!


Guest • 2 years ago
tom • 2 years ago

No, I don't think they are exactly insane. (Although that's a matter of argument).

I would say that they are invincibly frivolous. They don't believe that Russia would swat them, even though it obviously could.

They are behaving like an obnoxious toddler who disobeys commands but still expects unconditional love and tolerance.

They are wrong about that. Mr Putin is not their mother.

my2Cents • 2 years ago

American men have NEVER been required to grow up...Psychology has known that for years...So if we accept that we're dealing with adolescent bullies I can readily accept why Putin said what he did. As far as I know he has never threatened the U.S. So this is a first. Finally!!!