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Le Rusé • 5 years ago

Alliance of US/Russia against China ??
A wet dream from Talmudwood ??
Even a child, with special need, wouldn't trust Uncle Sam's word ??

normski1 • 5 years ago

No one with at least one working brain cell should ever trust USA. Time and time again, USA has demonstrated it cannot, and should not ever be trusted!. USA has nothing to offer the world (except war) and least of all Russia!.

Human • 5 years ago

I think the only country in the world that can (afford to) trust the USA is Israel.

normski1 • 5 years ago

Good point - I never thought of that.

franciscoalmeida_br • 5 years ago

until she is betrayed ...

John C Carleton • 5 years ago

Americans don't have a say in the matter, they are occupied by a foreign power.

As long as Putin is in bed with Nitwityahoo, Russia is no more to be trusted than the USA, which is a foreign power, occupying America, which receives it's blackmailed orders, from Israhell, which is a foreign crime cabal, occupying Palestine.

Same people Putin is in bed with.

Human • 5 years ago

Having good relations with Israel is not a crime, but the problem is that basically the whole world (except Iran) allows Israel to act like a rogue state with total impunity. This is disgusting and unacceptable. If there is one 'exceptional nation' it's actually Israel. The US is just the dumb giant.

wilmers13 • 5 years ago

Why was it allowed and good that Israel annexed the Golan Heights but Russia's peaceful incorporation of Crimea is a forbidden annexation? And Hawaii?

In the last 10 years US global GDP share has gone down from 22 % to 16 %.

Empire comes from money keeping underlings sweet. No more money = no more underlings = no more empire. When Moscow did not want to pay for East Germany any more, that Empire bit the dust and that is what will happen to the US. Think what they have lost in the last 10 years. It will be another 20 until they are cut to size. The one and only thing that counts is that they do not do another war to distract from their weakening position.

John C Carleton • 5 years ago

And the USA, is a foreign to America, British Anglo zionist Empire, for profit corporation, the military arm of the BAzE, which is occupying America, Holocausting American's

Just like the Turkmen/slavic Russian expats and their spawn, or Expats from the Steppes of Russia and Ukraine, and their spawn, if taking hundreds of years back, are occuping Palestine, Holocausting the Indigenous Semitic Palestinian People, in the Palestinians own Ancestral Home Land!

And you say that shit is not evil, or it's not evil to be in bed with that evil?

Seems, your moral compass is not operative.

Human • 5 years ago

How can you ignore the fact that Israel exists and is not going anywhere? The world will eventually have to deal with the problem but Israel is not going to disappear.

John C Carleton • 5 years ago

Damn Right!

Time to surgically remove the cancer eating the derrière of humanity!

'One on the Black rock, One on Medina, One on Tel Aviv, and One on Jerusalem=Peace in the Middle East, and no Pedophile, Usury, Bankers World War 3'

John C Carleton • 5 years ago

Israhell is evil, always been evil, will always be evil, as long as it exist, like a cancer on the rear of humanity.

Texicans have a saying.

When you raid the cat house, you bust the piano player too!


tom • 5 years ago

As soon as I saw the nonsensical "equation" at the top of this article, I felt it would be a waste of my time. And so it proved. Common sense is common sense, regardless of such absurd pretentious efforts to fob off imaginary mathematical formulae as having any connection with reality.

I am reminded of the apocryphal (and probably untrue) story that Leonhard Euler, debating Denis Diderot at the court of Catherine the Great, threw him into utter confusion with the challenge:

"Monsieur, a + bn/n = x, donc Dieu existe: répondez!"

According to the story Diderot, who, while a very clever and educated man, knew nothing of mathematics, was so baffled by this barefaced bluff that he simply turned and left the court and Russia, never to return.

Ever since then - and no doubt long before - the used car salesmen of this world have been employing phony equations to bluff and con those unwise enough to be ignorant of mathematics.


gugatinsky • 5 years ago

I am so dumb as not to catch your opinion.
You must be saying the the formula does nt apply to it whether the issue is true or not.
Or are you sustaining that both the math and authors views are bs?

Hasbara Hunter • 5 years ago

Like I said before the U.S. is Lookin’ for New Buddies....U.S. First you Declare yourself an Enemy of the Entire World...and now You want to become Friends Again...do you really expect they Will accept that???!!! You got to change a Little First Bro...then Come Back for Negotiations...First they are going to ditch the Petro-Dollar...and Your Sanctions are Very Helpfull in doing so...
An Eurasian Alliance Seems to be More Likely.... when Europe has Ditched its Dictators that is....

kuasimi • 5 years ago

The US does not look for friend; never has and never will. The US look for, pardon my English "F*ck Monkeys". A gullible dimwit who will grab ankles and bend over whenever Uncle Sam needs to satisfy his itch.

When no longer needed, once America's friend is thrown out like a used whore. Worse should he or she turns into a liability to America's interest; hounded, hunted and slaughtered like a cheap criminal.

Manuel Noriega, Augusto Pinochet, Haiti's Duvalier, Idi Amin, Ngoh Din Diem, Ferdinand Marcos, Suharto, Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden are just some prime examples of America's friends, partners and freedom fighters!

Gonzogal • 5 years ago

Putin is well aware of what being an "ally", "friend" of the US means:


Hasbara Hunter • 5 years ago

Lies & Broken Treaties.... That is the Core Of The United States...it was Built on a Foundation of Bones from their First Victims...Soon America will suffer the same Fate... a Completely ignored Failed Rogue State...Guilty of 250 Years of Mass-Murder since 1776...that is some History to be Proud of...Who is Going to Write that Book? Perhaps they should Fire a Couple of Nukes to Celebrate that Fact..

jxjx • 5 years ago

as long as the zionist jews are in power, Russia and China together are an unbeatable team that the US dare not provoke lest it wants to lose its hegemonic power (militarily and economically) permanently.

Scotoz • 5 years ago

The crimes of the USA stand as the enslavement of mankind as it itself was enslaved by traitors such as those in the pay of the bankers and for details Mr Griffin's Creature from Jekyll Island shows the corruption in introducing the unlawful Federal Reserve Act which based on the Constitution was unlawful and should gave been vetoed by the President. The fact also that it was the bankers who bankrolled the Bolshevik Revolution and 80% of the 'revolutionaries' were Jewish and responsible for the deaths of millions shows the reality of the Jewish banking cartels that have used the USA and its people and military power to create a hegemony that is the basis for a global super elite who want to enslave the world to their wishes and kill all vestige of what is laughingly called 'democracy'.

Julius Caesar Augustus • 5 years ago

Stop talking about US or the west for that matter military power, when Vietnam, a third rate peasant country at the time, drove a, (major regional power,France, and a superpower the US), into the sea like scalded dogs.

Gonzogal • 5 years ago

Russia chooses RELIABLE and PEACE-LOVING alliances, but that are also able and willing to support each other militarily vs the US if need be.




Mychal Arnold • 5 years ago

Man, the ussa must think Putin really stupid. Mistake number 1.

James Woroble Jr • 5 years ago

The headline says it all!

yep • 5 years ago




america is just too jewish.....and you are correct...america has nothing to offer....period

James Woroble Jr • 5 years ago

Should win the 'Honesty in Flags' award.

Walter • 5 years ago

If America aligned with Russia it could become great again. Russia/U.S.A. have 90 % of the worlds nuclear devices. Russia does not compete with American interests.

Ray Joseph Cormier • 5 years ago

They are competing. The 2014 US orchestrated regime change of the Russian friendly government the majority Russia speaking people of Crimea and East Ukraine voted for, installing a Neo-Nazi anti-Russian government, Putin finally realized he cannot appease the Americans and the West anymore.

That aggressive US move in Ukraine awakened Russia to an existential threat developing. The US unilateral abrogating the anti-Missile Missile Treaty left the Russians suspect of US intentions even before that? Seeing the US break it's promise not to expand NATO further East beyond a Unified Germany alerted Russia to the dangers the US cannot be Trusted.

The Russians have drawn their line in the sand. No NATO membership for Georgia.

In 2011, the Obama Administration started the Syrian regime change phase of the 2001 US WAR PLAN brought out within weeks of 9/11, to change the governments of Iraq, Libya, Syria, and at THE END, Iran.

At the request of the legitimate government of Syria, Russia entered the Syrian WORLD WAR only in 2015, under an Article 5 type arrangement with it's Ally, and stopped the US and it's proxy terrorists from advancing any further.

If that's not competing with US interests, what is your definition of "compete?"

As to the 2001 US WAR PLANS, Republican Bush did Iraq in 2013. Democrat Obama did Libya and started in Syria in 2011. With the Economic War Trump just started with Iran, the World is now entering THE END Phase of the 2001 US WAR PLAN.

That's enough circumstantial evidence to cause one to believe there may be a US Deep State pulling the strings behind the Republican/Democrat/Trumpian facade?


jabirujoe . • 5 years ago

Beware of Americans bearing gifts. https://www.puzzledaddy.com...

James Woroble Jr • 5 years ago

The difference in the relationship with Russia between China and America(K)wa is China shakes Russia's hand with one arm, with cash in the other, and Jews of America(K)wa shake Russia's hand and conceals a knife behind it's back with the other -- just waiting for a moment of vulnerability by Putin.

Michael201141 • 5 years ago

Build the ( rail )trans Siberian continental road!! “ highway “ https://www.travelandleisur.... Many more articles about this.

Bill Spence • 5 years ago

According to Martyanov:

“China has no real operational experience here.”

That is true but neither do the US and Russia when it comes to firing thousands of rockets and missiles at thousands of targets including ships.

That is what operational experience means today. It does not mean frontal warfare. Martyanov likes to write articles without ever revealing what modern warfare is all about. Does he know?

So we don’t really know how to rate the players but clearly the US provides most of the targets. Russia and China rely on mobile missiles that cannot be targeted.

Bill Spence • 5 years ago

Does Martyanov understand what conventional military power means today? Clearly China cannot be a land power but must focus on sea power. That means precision missiles and submarines. Nuclear warheads are interchangeable.

Russia is the major land military power and it too needs precision missiles and submarines plus air defenses to counter the US.

The main reason Russian military power is rated higher than China is because in war Russia would have the task of destroying NATO. Well they need more missiles than China will ever need but they would both wage the same kind of war.

The war goals would be to destroy US bases and the US Navy while MAD applies. Or to destroy US cities in the event that MAD is ignored.

China is fully prepared today but could add more submarines, air defenses and attack aircraft.

War is unlikely thus Chinas economic power will play a greater part than military preparedness.

Essene Gnostic • 5 years ago

Trump, Putin, Jinping ...... all Freemasons. This is all a New World Order charade folks.

mike hutchings • 5 years ago

the first place to start would be to stop funding Muslim terrorists and setting them up in central Asia so they can kill Russian civilians..... and stop the war on terror that isn't a war at all but the marshaling of a private unaccountable military force that they can use against anybody including Americans if they need a false flag to move the war machine along

ricck lineheart • 5 years ago

When an article has the name Kissinger I think of an old senile maniac Jew that cares for nothing more than to add another scheme to keep people in misery . How old is the dirt bag now , anyone really know ?

Putin Apologist • 5 years ago

Poppycock, the American-Canadian relationship is a good analogue of what future, exclusively, a Sino-Russian relationship would look like, say 25 or 30 years hence. To date, Putin has masterfully played Beijing off against Washington, and in doing so has earned a new respect and a little fear from many within Washington's foreign policy elite. So going forward, to put it bluntly, Russia's future leadership needs to find a balance between Washington and Beijing, between Berlin and Tokyo, between Tehran and Riyadh, in all cases, a balance that advantages Moscow.

Bankotsu • 5 years ago

But Canada cannot nuke America.