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Hole • 2 months ago

McFaul: "Russia made the whole story up." Typical projection.
And Browder only became a critic of Putin (the russian justice system) after his criminal enterprise was uncovered.

tom • 2 months ago

Mr McFaul seems to be unfamiliar with the concept of law and a justice system. If he is indicted by the Russian courts and required for questioning, why is that any different from Russian "suspects" being indicted by US courts and required for questioning?

Until the justice system has made its inquiries and run its course, no one can know for sure whether Mr McFaul is guilty of crimes or not.

So why does he demand total immunity from justice in such a peremptory, entitled way?

Surely it can't be because he feels that Americans are in any way "superior", "exceptional", or immune from justice?

Surely Mr McFaul isn't a crude common-or-garden racist?


jsinton • 2 months ago

The rub here is the ambassador enjoys diplomatic immunity from prosecution for events that might have occurred during his tenure in Moscow from Russian courts. If the Trump DOJ decides he should face the music then he has no immunity.

Bad boy!! Otto!! • 2 months ago

Your third question answers your second question almost perfectly.

Because he feels that Americans are in every way "superior", "exceptional", and should be immune from justice, no matter how heinous the crimes they have committed.
There fixed it for ya. :-)

mis dos centavos • 2 months ago

Considering McFaul is just another Pyatt, all his 'Russia made up" nonsense is hardly worth an afterthought. He's in dirt up to his ears.

JIMI JAMES • 2 months ago

One way or another that blowhard is going down,I don't expect trump to answer the turd!

mis dos centavos • 2 months ago

Only reason he couldn't get to square one pulling off a Pyatt was because he had no banderite fascist-style goon squads in Russia under his command.

mis dos centavos • 2 months ago

Think about that one, Mr. McFoul. It's not only Russia that can read you like a book.

mis dos centavos • 2 months ago

I did like this one review of your insightful book, Mr. McFoul. If I send you the review, will you sign it? I'd be honored.

Russia’s Unfinished Revolution: Political Change from Gorbachev to Putin

By Michael McFaul, Cornell University Press, 2001

This book is a four-hundred page testimonial to the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of the American Russia-watching mafia. In its pages, Michael McFaul condemns himself again and again with staggering non-sequiturs, self-serving lies, crude misrepresentations of his own past and the recent history of Russia, and repeated failures to meet even the most basic standards of academic rigor.

Paw • 2 months ago

Why not the former president of the USA Obama, who was before else the PRESIDENT OD THE INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIST TERROR ?

hmmm • 2 months ago

Maybe he could still cut a deal with the Charlottesville crew to oust Trump a la Maidan.

Seán Murphy • 2 months ago

If he has nothing to hide, then he has nothing to fear from being questioned.

BMWA1 • 2 months ago

Then he has something to fear.

Brian Eggar • 2 months ago

What a circus and what a lot of clowns.

As they say, nobody is above the law or at least they shouldn't be.

I would say that Mr McFaul does protest too much and judging by his rattled statements appears that he has something to hide.

Getting back to basics where is the $400 million and how did it get there and did any go missing on the way?

guardianofretro . • 2 months ago

Ah Browder the Zionist fascist peadophile swine.
I hope he one day will rot tiil his last days in prison in Siberia

David James • 2 months ago

Bonobo Administration exempt from Law, Prosecution or scrutiny---via the CIA.

Robert Mcconnell • 2 months ago

He seems like a complete tosser to me, just another slimey American with a head full of shit. Fuck him.

BMWA1 • 2 months ago

What does one expect of grandson of earl Browder of Wichita Kansas, presidential candidate from the American Communist Party in 1936.

Constantine • 2 months ago

Earl Browder was lauding Soviet Russia and its successes. He didn't fleece the Russian people. His grandson is a parasite that hates Russia and has siphoned his ill-gotten gains from the country. No comparison.

lol • 2 months ago

OK Che, whatever you say.

Truth • 2 months ago

McFaul is a bag boy shabbos goy for the Jooz that are trying to re-steal (1917, 1991, 2014) Russian wealth. Browder was a discarded Rothschild foreskin.

Kjell Hasthi • 2 months ago

Let us not jump to conclusion with no substance

Truth • 2 months ago

Plenty of Substance. Stop being a Gatekeeper you Hasbara Troll.

Kjell Hasthi • 2 months ago

Any who claims people are working for Hitler or Goebbels today is a political fossil. Here you also are a political fossil for the same reasons. You don't know haspara does not exists ... but you believe that

Merijn • 2 months ago

Pay Back Time: Puppeticians will be taken out... One at the time...the Longer the Fun will Last...Russia just make all their Lies Visible... it is a very Strong Weapon... People are Tired and fed up with Liars, Traitors & Deceivers... Yesterday they caught our Foreign Minister Blok with some nice Statements...He’s like a gut-Shot animal at the moment...one more Trick and He is Exit....just keep an eye on him...

Stef Blok... You are a complete idiot... take your stuff and Buzz Off...the IMF or the European Union always can use Some Retarded Ex-Puppeticians Like You...

Trump might not 'support' Russia questioning McFaul, but a criminal or civil court judge would have no problem with McFaul being deposed or made to testify.

What you're seeing is called a "rope-a-dope".

dago dingo • 2 months ago

The 3 ring circus that this laughing stock, America has become, seems to churn out one of these pathological liars on a daily basis. This scumbag Browder got caught big time & now he is hiding behind his corrupt to the core, Washington criminal establishment. Hopefully a snipers bullet finds it's way to your skull you filthy, disgusting creature.

Snowglobe • 2 months ago

Lee Stranahan Exposes Bill Browder, The Man Mentioned By Putin In Helsinki Summit


Tommy Jensen • 2 months ago

Just because I earned a couple of $billions by hard work everybody wants me hanged. This is not fairness.

Tommy Jensen • 2 months ago

Browder is it you? Using my facebook profile to comment here on RI? You have no shame man, NO shame at all.
Get out of my facebook Browder and DONT use my name again here for your bs.

ALTERNATE HISTORY • 2 months ago

Good spoof, Tommy -zany, but, good!

Snowglobe • 2 months ago


RedBaron9495 • 2 months ago

Browder the corrupt Chicago Jew.....whose Grandfather was head of the U.S Communist Party in the day.

Solzhenitsyn fan • 2 months ago

Putin is not 8 Dan for nothing! Absolutely brilliant!

In the news:

"Trump invited Putin to Washington for summit: White House"
Washington: President Donald Trump invited Russian leader Vladimir Putin to Washington for a summit in the northern autumn.
"In Helsinki, @POTUS agreed to ongoing working level dialogue between the two security council staffs," White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said in a tweet on Thursday. "President Trump asked @AmbJohnBolton to invite President Putin to Washington in the fall and those discussions are already underway.
Sanders announced the invitation less than an hour after the
Republican-led Senate effectively rebuked President Donald Trump for considering Russia's request to question US officials, giving voice to growing unease over the president's relationship with Putin following their summit in Helsinki on Monday...

Ray Douglas • 2 months ago

I wouldn't advise Trump to go to Dallas.

John McClain • 2 months ago

As a "red blooded, Bible believing American", one who has served under oath, and know the duties and penalties, I suggest it's perhaps the best "diplomatic move" seen since Mr. Putin took up the Secretary of State's offer, took Syria's chemical weapons, and took up truly ridding the Nation of terrorists, both those of Saudi, and those my own government made. I was afraid for a bit, Syria was going to be broken, and I've served beside Syrian Army in Beirut, I respect them highly, consider them among the best professionals, as the world can easily see they are, and I hate what a criminal cadre are doing to my Country, while we enjoy our sit/coms and beer, and eat snacks and get fat.
God Bless Russia and President Putin, "it take's a man to make a man", is an old saying, and the same is true for Nations, I expect.
Semper Fidelis,
John McClain
Vanceboro, NC, USA

ALTERNATE HISTORY • 2 months ago

God Bless you, too, John. Truth is a rare commodity these days!

Snowglobe • 2 months ago

LOL! Thank you Mr. Putin!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Keep poking these idiots with a stick. :-)

Leon • 2 months ago

If Russia is doing killing and poisoning, how come Soros and Browder are not killed, if anybody deserves - here are two biggest criminals and both of them are Joos.

Ha • 2 months ago

Don't give Browder any more ideas. He'll end up sipping some dioxin and looking like Yushchenko for the cameras.

ALTERNATE HISTORY • 2 months ago

Can we be so lucky?

Kjell Hasthi • 2 months ago

The interesting side of the story is Trump can say yes as president. Not much Michael McFaul can do then?
It will turn MSM Media upside down.
Btw. NSA can give tips to the Russians about what to ask. They know everything.
Assad probably would also like to question McCain regarding illegal stay in Syria

Tommy Jensen • 2 months ago

What I like most of all is Trump´s comment "an interesting idea and an incredible offer".
ha ha ha ha ha ha.
It will probably not be possible to realize, but it shows Trump is not stupid at all.

Rilme Hakonen • 2 months ago

Yes, it's perfect. Trump didn't say No and he didn't say Yes.
Just left them in suspenders.

breaking news • 2 months ago

McCain is planning on having the white helmets carry his coffin and Ukraine's neo-nazis giving him a 20 gun salute at his wake.

Rich • 2 months ago

McFaul is expendable! Otherwise he would still be an active ambassador!.

Bobbie Taylor • 2 months ago

Russia should be allowed to question McFaul. We should honor the treaty. Unfortunately, the intelligency agencies have more power than the president at this point. They want to assassinate him.

Russ Russell • 2 months ago

Sorry, folks, but McFaul is right in as much as Vladimir Putin has harassed the former Ambassador for many, many, years (accusing McFaul of several extremely odd things) and has presented zero (0) evidence that McFaul has committed any crimes, inside Russia or otherwise. Also, and this is important, those such as McFaul with diplomatic pouches are nearly never questioned by the police in any host nation. For a host of good reasons it's extremely rare. The 12 Russian citizens outlined in the latest, exhaustively detailed, indictments, however, enjoy no such diplomatic immunity.

2nd. Why in the world would The U.S. agree to have McFaul, Browder and others questioned by Russian authorities while the Mueller investigators may only observe? That's called a non-starter or, if one prefers, DOA.

Trump will come to learn that the Putin offer is simply not credible and a sure sign that the RF President holds the American President in extraordinary low regard.

reality is refreshing • 2 months ago

Harassed? For good reason. He's just another Pyatt, (without neo-nazi goon squads to back up his machinations).