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BOLT • 1 year ago

High marks to the Father for providing his Son a lifetime experience. The video was well done.

so if you were in San Francisco you would have needles / homeless - in NYC just this week a panhandler beat a guy with a pipe just sitting in the subway car minding his own business

There may "not" always be an England with Theresa May Branded Novachuk!

Paul H • 1 year ago

I was very skeptical about the World Cup b/c of cost ect. But dare I say that it was worth it ? I dunno. It is just really nice seeing a man and his son heading to an international event to experience a new country. Russia needed a chance to tell the world that the western media was wrong and the empire is wrong. And they got it.

kuasimi • 1 year ago

Add Maxine Waters, BLM thugs spitting and protesting in the streets and angry LGBT crowd in their Speedos blowing whistles.

GunZenBomZ • 1 year ago

The vile western media are renowned for spewing lies & fraudulent information. The uk_bigots probably enforced the british press to give out the narrative of violence & indifference that any visitors to Russia would suffer.

Fuck the BBC, fuck watching TV. Read more books & learn the faults of uk/usa!

Kjell Hasthi • 1 year ago

- The vile western media are renowned for spewing lies & fraudulent information

In what country?

SimG • 1 year ago

In most if not all western countries. Not just in the US and UK. You get the same MSM lies in countries like Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Australia, New Zealand and so on and so forth.

Fabian • 1 year ago

Even in Switzerland.


And Canada.

Kjell Hasthi • 1 year ago

People are not aware, with one ore two exception.

- The vile western media are __renowned__ for spewing lies & fraudulent information


lene johansen • 1 year ago

kjell moron - go back to sleep

Guest • 1 year ago
Kjell Hasthi • 1 year ago

People are starting to be awake in US. Not so in Europa. MSM media in Europa are still dominant
"renowned" = 90% false
"renowned" = 70% false

It takes time for that to change ... think 8 years

Trump and the patriots have still to fight media. There are no MSM Trump media. All are Liberal media - controlled media
Facebook / Google = Liberal
There were "17" Liberal intelligence agencies in US
Of Supreme Court 60% are Liberals?

mike hutchings • 1 year ago

British propaganda is bullshit wearing lipstick

lene johansen • 1 year ago

English savages hooligans KILLED 40 Italien spectators in HEYSEL STADION in 1985 May 29. It was Liverpool against Juventus and the barbarien english hooligans pressed the italiens spectators against a collapsing wall- 40 killes and 600 injured - all italiens. Talking about savages . World has never seen savages like those english hooligans - and world has never seen lying savages like UK and US PRESS:

AM Hants • 1 year ago

So needs sharing. Thanks RI, for publishing the video. Pure feel good factor.

Media Watch • 1 year ago

Great video. This is just what I was expecting. The vastly superior Russian hosting of the world cup, the carnival atmosphere and outright friendliness of Russians, is being posted all over social media. This is just the beginning. Those frightened away by the hate filled politicians and their media whores are angry at being sold a pack of lies To borrow a football song, the truth is coming home, its coming home.

When ordinary people come together from around the world, the ugliness of politics is swept away. I hope Dominic Sandbrook, Max Hastings and all those other hate monger propagandists choke on the success that Russia has been. And if England reach the final, even greater their anger will be, and prince William will be thoroughly sick he can't attend.

Marko • 1 year ago

I'm glad they're having fun in Russia , because when they get home they'll be hounded by the MSM for being Putin puppets and traitors to their homeland.

I bet lots of English football fans are kicking themselves for being scared off from attending. Great video.

Marko • 1 year ago

The video above really paid off. A Russian fan liked it so much he gave the kid a free ticket to the England-Croatia semi-final :


Sergei Gunt • 1 year ago

Look at twitter many English soccer fans are disillusioned now.

Tommy Jensen • 1 year ago

Kremlin propaganda again. Everybody can pay a father $5000 and get him to say anything.
Let me as American show you the TRUTH:
My father and his father and his brothers sons sons Russian son went to the football games and here is real life photos from HIS trip without censorship:

Surviving the trip with Airoflot, my father and his fathers brothers sons sons Russian son met us in the airport. https://uploads.disquscdn.c...
The first picture that met us in the airport hall. https://uploads.disquscdn.c...
A Russian football supporter photo from the stadion. https://uploads.disquscdn.c...
Russian football supporter knocking out a Western supporter. https://uploads.disquscdn.c...
Everywhere my father walked he was followed by these guys. Allthough its forbidden he took this photo. https://uploads.disquscdn.c...
My father went outside the city, forgot his wellies and got punished by these guys, because he wouldnt listen to my advises. https://uploads.disquscdn.c...
My fathers father took a photo of HitlerPutin with the public nasi hailing, to prove he was there in a historical moment. https://uploads.disquscdn.c...
The entertainment at the world cup was hmm hmm "very local" if my father may say so.
Thats facts folks, because photos dont lie and you cant deny these photos are true photos!!!

Borgþór Jónsson • 1 year ago

Great song and well dressed women. It is so nice to see well dressed women in stead of the usual whores wrapped in a fishing net. Well done Russia.

AM Hants • 1 year ago
Paw • 1 year ago

He himself is just stupid dumb the war criminal...Serving obediently to fascists...Just the another UBER jew.

Borgþór Jónsson • 1 year ago

The soldier on the picture is so professional and I hope your father followed his helpful hints.
You still have a father ?
I hope this ugly supporter was English, from Salisbury. Well deserved spanking.


Now this is good satire, Tommy!

Rilme Hakonen • 1 year ago

Your father wasn't followed by those guys.
The photo proves your father was following the guys.
You might say that's the same thing.
And I would say, "Totally different."

And is the man in white really attacking the kung-fu master with a wooden spoon?

Tommy Jensen • 1 year ago

The man in white from the free world was only trying to defend himself with the best he had.

Borgþór Jónsson • 1 year ago

I read the situation very differently. The white guy attacket a Russian peaceful person with a weapon of mass destruction and had his ass kicket.

Rilme Hakonen • 1 year ago

The Steven Seagull lookalike is saying "Talk to my hand, my friend, 'cause my face aint listening.

Tommy Jensen • 1 year ago

Its called fragmentation. You only look at 1 photo and make your geo-political conclusion.
Its a normal tool in MSM to crash the truth into tiny pieces thus destroying the whole and real picture for the emotional sheeple.

My sequences are more advanced as you not only get fragments but a red line throughout the story, thus making it more difficult to reveal the overall false narrative.

daznez • 1 year ago

oh sorry i thought you were being ironic, so i upvoted you.

nah, you have to be playing, right?

BMWA1 • 1 year ago

He is, problem is, he never gives up being ironic.

Tommy Jensen • 1 year ago

Yup, until lesson learned.

WA1 • 1 year ago

What people have to understand is WHY the MSM has its liberal agenda...
Here's a clue:

FREE movement of people, means that corporations always have a ready supply of cheap labour, from countries where having one or two kids is not normal, but having three, four or more is..
The FREE movement of labour means competition for entry level jobs keeps a lid on wages, and increases demand.
FREE movement of labour, destroys national boundaries, national identities, and thus allows the corporate elite to build supra-national organisations like NATO, UN, UNESCO, and of course the American Secret and not so secret societies - Skull & Bones, Council on Foreign Relations, (and similar groups in UK) allowing them to perpetuate their influence and wealth - the Bushes, Clintons, and dozens of other families remain in the background, but pull the strings through influence and finance, allowing them to be the puppet-masters... (Even Trump's retraction of Russia's lack of involvement post Helsinki was them showing how it's done)
But according to one source I've seen, Putin gave Trump 160 Terrabytes of data of secret conversations, e-mails, recordings, and the Russian extraction code to allow him to determine, WHO, WHAT, WHEN, and HOW MUCH the deep state got, and for what they are responsible for... THAT is what the MSM is so scared of...


Adolfo Domínguez • 1 year ago

It was great while I was watching father and son in this video telling about their nice experience in Russia and demolishing all those lies about Russia. Take care guys. I dont't want another Skripal event. God bless you.

Tommy Jensen • 1 year ago

Thank you.

Willem van Drunen • 1 year ago

Russia is our Friends. Well done video

topshelfstuff • 1 year ago

Actually Russia has been more than Friends, and it goes all the way back from Colonial days here, our Greatest and Longest standing Ally, through the Revolutionary War and the Civil War would have been lost if not for Russian help. It was stunning researching the History and I have notes if needed. I'll leave this quote:
"Who was our friend when the world was our foe." -
Oliver Wendell Holmes, 1871

topshelfstuff • 1 year ago

I should have added what a shame it is that this isn't allowed to be "known", much less taught in school. Sure you can find the History but you need to know first in order to research. It's bad enough that its withheld but they take it further and paint with Opposite color. Also, think about the several times in more recent History when it was Russia who tried Alerting us to dangers...that too is kept hidden

Dr. Ronald Cutburth • 1 year ago

Thank you English folks. Spacibo.Angliski

Fabian • 1 year ago

These two guys are cool but I fear they are going to be arrested when they go back to the UK.

Tsarkov19 • 1 year ago

He should be more interested in the Brits than Russians seeing this video...

Jack Luminous • 1 year ago

I'm a legend! Bolshe spasiba za Rossiyaaaa!