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Bartmaeus • 4 years ago

The best way for Russia to look after the English fans would be to deny them a visa to attend the World Cup. Let them drink their plastic cups of watery lager in the merry old capital of the world's police-surveillance grid, namely, England.

Voltaire • 4 years ago

Russia should place Bolton and Johnson on a list of persona non grata
If Lavrov ever meets one of them at an international conference, he should just geet him by saying

Vtran • 4 years ago

They would think the greeting is a Compliment

my2Cents • 4 years ago

Wouldn't that be a nice tit for tat ??? :-))

Bartmaeus • 4 years ago

Why state the obvious?

john l • 4 years ago

VP is just too nice to these western leaders

Gonzogal • 4 years ago

Russia could "inspect" the plane once it lands, keeping the UK pilot in the cockpit and doing exactly what was done to Russias plane last week!

Bartmaeus • 4 years ago

Or has it too much class for that sot of grubby and indecent power play?

Gonzogal • 4 years ago


Ha • 4 years ago

It'll be just another setup. You know there'll be government provocateurs in the already provocative entourage. I have great faith in MI-6. Just watch.

Bartmaeus • 4 years ago

Of course: the nature of the beast. With secret meetings of COBRA each morning, to make them feel very powerful and clever and English of old.

And meanwhile, "on air", it will be one endless whinge and fault-finding fest from start to finish (which it usually is, only not centred on the crappy quality of the English team's play).

Donnie Palmer • 4 years ago

Well put - many would echo your sentiments. But then with the behavior of a Senior Minister like Boris the Spider - is it any wonder that the football fans act like thugs wherever they go.....

Bartmaeus • 4 years ago

Little men, still playing Imperial games, ignoring, as best they can, the onset of rigor mortis.

You can call me Al • 4 years ago

Why ?, what a pathetic comment, a popular one at that. we are the people NOT the bl00dy government. We were the people that called the attack on the spy a false flag first.

Bartmaeus • 4 years ago

If you the people are so great, why is the mainstream media so full of russia-hating drivel? The Russian people suffer sanctions for years, due to your government's soft war on that nation. About time you complacent sheep are made to feel a little inconvenience for the unjust actions of your 'democratically-elected government. Whinging pommies! You are the pathetic one.

You can call me Al • 4 years ago

I don't know, we don't read the "mainstream media".

Don't insult me, without knowing me please.

You silly boy.

Bartmaeus • 4 years ago

A dispenser of insults protests when the very same words are returned to him/it. I don't know who you are, but I know what you are: a hypocrite.

You can call me Al • 4 years ago

Damn, sussed, Ok fair play.

Robert Mcconnell • 4 years ago

Agreed, given that a component of English fans are easily weaponized. Best Russia keeps them out or cracks down on them hard and fast.

Bartmaeus • 4 years ago

The words of Ghadaffi to some reporter after "9-11", on Bush's threat to bomb wherever terrorists are stationed: then they would have to bomb London, which is the world capital of terrorism.

From the days of the Gunpowder plot, to the clowns in ISIS, London is the pit from which it emanate.

The End of Everything • 4 years ago

Time for Russia to ban England from the World Cup. It's the only logical option.

You can call me Al • 4 years ago

Nope. Grow up.

Blame the fans for the idiotic politicians !!! - I don't think so laddy.

WinstonSmith • 4 years ago

None more buffoonish than the Trumpet of ISISrael, one day they he tells a joke like "we're getting out Syria", then the next world laughs when the Pentagon corrects his idiocy "we've still got things to do in Syria".

jxjx • 4 years ago

more like the rump of isisrael

john l • 4 years ago

TRUMP is the rump of Adelson and the rest if the slimy ZOGites that rule this poor excuse of a "free nation".

John C Carleton • 4 years ago

Boris is just a zionist buffoon.
War gets Bolton sexually aroused.

NobodysaysBOO • 4 years ago

bolton for deep state DOGCATCHER on a NO BID CONTRACT!!!!
he IS a BUSH want-ta-BEE. https://uploads.disquscdn.c...


Jules Mark • 4 years ago

Never a more disgusting family, except perhaps the Clintons.

NobodysaysBOO • 4 years ago

there are many only a few get caught like the NIXON scum. https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

NONE PAY fines or TAXES.

john l • 4 years ago


Poindexter • 4 years ago

I hope the West collapses soon!

Nightcrawler136 • 4 years ago

so do I and I live there!

And2 • 4 years ago

Only way to stop a war ...then let it burn

You can call me Al • 4 years ago

Could we possibly be more specific on what collapses in Europe - the majority do not support our government on the anti-russkie BS.

You can by all means let America collapse TOTALLY in my view.

Jules Mark • 4 years ago

It has already collapsed, but i suspect the type of collapse you're thinking about is at least 20-30 years away, the 'West' as a political and cultural idea is no longer with us and hasn't been since 1945.

tapatio • 4 years ago

Don't be too certain. In its death throes the "West" can do irreparable damage to humanity and our Earth. The coming years are going to be the most dangerous.

my2Cents • 4 years ago

That requires repeated reading by those who still live in their own little world.

Scotoz • 4 years ago

I dont think the West has that long especially as we see all the signs in the economies that globally says "massive crash" and this is why the PTB are pushing for the war they so desperately need. This has been the known cycle of these criminals in 'office' for many years and follows the 'divide and rule' mentality of the Romans from thousands of years ago. The West needs news, real news, not the propaganda of WMD style that the US and UK are famous for. The West is dying before our eyes and my main concern is their Hegelian Dialectic of Problem Reaction and Solution and it is their idea of a NWO structure that will avoid the very situation they themselves caused.

mark • 4 years ago

The collapse has already happened. It happened in 2007-8. The economy and financial system collapsed and never recovered. It has only survived in its zombified state through the printing of tens of billions of £, $, yen and euros, and through negative interest rates. All this does is store up trouble for an even greater collapse in the future.

Poindexter • 4 years ago

20 or 30 DAYS at best...

AM Hants • 4 years ago

God help us.

John Bolton, who when Tony Blair was lying in Parliament, with regards Sadam, John Bolton, who will be Nikki Haley's boss, was in the same position as Haley. Bush put him in the position of US Permnent Envoy to the UN, when Colin Powell was waving the test tube, over in the UN.

Cannot see Russia being in a rush invite Bolton or Boris to The Kremlin. Poor old Sergei Lavrov, when having to deal with either of them.


Donnie Palmer • 4 years ago

Ha Ha - a lost cause

guillaume • 4 years ago

A terrorist act, organized by the zio-west, like the one carried-out during the 1972 olympics, is not beyond the moral boundaries of these anglo-zionists. Russia, and its close partners, must intercept and preclude any nefarious plans.

IllyaK • 4 years ago

Yosemite Sam Bolton and Foghorn Leghorn Johnson are both mongoloid numbskulls who jerk off with tweezers. Between them they have 6 teeth and 6 brain cells.

Clearly the only criteria for attaining high level government position is being a loudmouth clueless fucking asshole.

BobValdez • 4 years ago

Correct. Intelligence is NOT a requirement for politics.

Vera Gottlieb • 4 years ago

And they represent our Western 'values' I keep hearing so much about? There has to be a cure for all this madness.

BobValdez • 4 years ago

Nuclear fission.

Robert Mcconnell • 4 years ago

Yes, on the one hand total destruction. On the other a boon to human kind. We have the trigger for the one, we lack the key for the other.

Tillthetruth • 4 years ago

"Two word's" say's it all no need for more they are Scary enough

Steve • 4 years ago

No doubt about it, Bolton and Johnson are two cheeks of the same warlike arse. Johnson proves he's ignorant when he compares,“ Russia’s hosting of the 2018 Football International tournament to Hitler’s notorious Berlin Olympics in 1936.” In what way was the 1936 Berlin Olympics notorious? We all know by now the stories about Jesse Owens being ignored by Hitler were all planted lies. Johnson displayed his ignorance for all the world to see.