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Boris Jaruselski • 5 years ago

It is by far not only the moral 'front', the US would loose a war against Russia, but it goes all the way down through the layers of society, all the way left and all the way right, and not only on the societal layers, but in economy, education, engineering, science, manufacturing, ...more or less, there isn't a single area of human endeavor left anymore, where the US could beat Russia, ...

The REAL experts in the US know all of the above, ...have known so already for a while, but this will NOT prevent them, to try and barter a 'deal' with Russia, where, ...to the appearance at least, the US has gotten the larger part!

There won't be ANY war fought, ...that ship sailed already, and all that is left, is for the US to come to terms with a world order, where the US is NOT the primus anymore!

Canosin • 5 years ago

Where is the punishment??? and why can the UnUnited fucking states of America think it can get away from the massakers inflicted upon so many countries worldwide without any considerations of public trials for the whole bunch of the warmongering culprits.......???
peace on earth can only prevail if justice is done

Lothar of the Hill People • 5 years ago

I wouldn't worry to much about punishment. The US will get hers. Karma, reaping and sowing, these are universal laws that no one can escape. And no one in America will escape whats coming. I look around at the country that I was born into and I know that others here feel the same. Our time is coming.

Gerry Hiles • 5 years ago

The most likely punishment (mind you I never like collective punishment) will be total economic collapse and an actual break up of the mainland US Empire like Washington hoped to achieve with Russia … close call!!

Fortunately for Russia it was mainly only satellite, often uneconomic/troublesome soviet republics which got split off, whereas the US could disintegrate into perhaps the original 13 states, with the rest becoming effectively foreign countries, maybe starting with Texas and California. So maybe anything from 20-40 independent states.

At least historic Russia stayed intact, but then there was up to a 1,000 years of history and tradition, whereas the US only began in a small way 242 years ago and the mainland Empire, as we know it, was only consolidated about 100 years ago. Washington State was quite late, I seem to recall and Hawaii only 1953(?).

This sort of thing has a lot of historical precedence throughout Europe and a lot of the rest of the World. It'll be VERY hard on everyone, if it happens.

I only hope that it happens because it would cancel global nuclear war forever and, maybe, the Russo-Sino non-competitive, cooperative model could become ta new world order of sovereign nations … NO hegemon.

With the Rothschild & Co financial/usury system gone, endless growth would cease being necessary. Within not too many years, ways could be found to again live sustainably... I know that VVP has this as a goal.

NO I am no prophet. It's a thought-through possible scenario, taking everything into account I can think of/that I've gleaned over 70 years + some wishful thinking of course.

TrevorD • 5 years ago

Great post....Especially this bit,
"With the Rothschild & Co financial/usury system gone, endless growth would cease being necessary".
That is a very,very important point indeed. Cheers.

Edward Scissor Handz • 5 years ago

You're wearing a putin shit. You're nothing more than and old washed up pos going against your country. Hopefully you die soon

Gerry Hiles • 5 years ago

Charmed I'm sure. None of your business that I oppose Australian Government policies, my country's interests would be best served by our politicians looking after problems here, not blindly supporting policies set half way round the World in Washington and London.

Friendly relations with Russia and especially China are very much in Australia's interests, as an exporter of raw materials. I don't give a flying fuck what you think as a Usan, or whatever country you identify with. I must remember to ignore you in future.

Robert Mcconnell • 5 years ago

Oh yes. Just wait.

Edward Scissor Handz • 5 years ago

Only people like yourself have something coming. You are welcome to leave we don't want nor do we need you. Your anti American type will be the first to have your head caved in

che guevera • 5 years ago

They been gett'n away with it for over 500 years, this is nothing but European colonialism with the Brits passing the baton to the U.S. who are basically the same people doing the same thing. They steal the gold and valuables, set up slave shops, rape all the women, and then bring the proceeds back home to the overlords. Or as G.W. would describe it : " it's just bidness ! "

Hmmm • 5 years ago

Well, it's morphed into a more nuanced and well camouflaged approach......but essentially the same mindset to be sure.

franz kafka • 5 years ago

Viking/Pirate raider parasites. Correct.

mis dos centavos • 5 years ago

That guy Joe Scarborough with his Mika Brzezinski bobble head doll sidekick, is always a jawdropper to listen to. This morning he was almost crying over all the good work some coalition doctor was doing saving lives in Syria. He's been making a case for how America brings civilization to Syria (and the world) for well on, forever. Obviously out to get Trump over the 'Syria withdrawal' thing.

Where do these freaks come from? They remind me of die-hard nazi or bolshevik ideologues, to be honest. The US is skroood with such talent roaming the airwaves. Royally skrood.

franz kafka • 5 years ago

They are Trotskyite Jews usually. One of the worst pathologies on the planet and finally about to be visited on the nations which first funded and mobilised them against Russia.
Symmetry is a beautiful thing.

tomt45 • 5 years ago

Yer wrong.

The bad guys, are episcopalian,

In the usa

Strongs119 • 5 years ago

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: "Well, I think that the dangerous, you know, edges here are that he is trying to undermine the media and trying to make up his own facts. And it could be that while unemployment and the economy worsens, he could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think. And that, that is our job." https://www.zerohedge.com/n...

Watch as MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski: Our Job Is to Control Exactly What People Think.https://youtu.be/quU_Tbv96Wk

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski, co-host of 'Morning Joe' complains about President Trump's efforts to "undermine the media" and "control what people think" saying that's the media's job.https://youtu.be/9v7xN02whVY

Ivan Grozny • 5 years ago

There is THREE things where the United $nakes reings supreme (and, no, Родина Мать has NO intention to compete); sewing death and destruction, printing useless 'I Owe You' slips of paper, and ignorance/stupidity! Besides that, I agree with all of your remarks!

wdg • 5 years ago

You must understand that the US and most western countries are no longer Christian Nations but have been subverted and now more closely resemble Satanic Nations where Talmudic Judaism is supreme. Christians are still the majority but their nation has been corrupted by Jews.

tomt45 • 5 years ago


Corrupted by Episcopalians ....

Jed Grover • 5 years ago

I certainly hope this to be true but something deep down continues to burden my soul regarding "Shameless Sam" and its claim as the world leader all while its been the "Dark Darth Invader." Its a complex matrix trap saturated in drunken mindless propaganda. AmeriCONa's integrity got flushed some five POTUS back when Reagan and Thatcher hatched that "Turkey Buzzard" Murdoch. His poison spread throughout and now its T May and the blond "Babbling Buffoon Boris" spreading more unfounded innuendo in his spy-poisoning drama (propaganda) attempting to fuel more demonetization & fake war blaming Putin. Those damn Russians ....... I love em. Do not trust those western sissies ..... BasTURDs they are.

Cassandra2 • 5 years ago

Well, I'll take some exception here as I've lived and worked among the mostly unknown/forgotten farm and ranch people of America who live hard, dedicated lives in though climes and are very handy and adaptable. They are not the main anymore, but the Bundy's are but one example of such who are over all the US. Most of them are hunters and have been so trained from youth. The silicon valley and metro crowd don't represent the whole US. The Red State vote for DT came from such people all over the US.

franz kafka • 5 years ago

"The only intellectuals in future will come from the working classes." Simone Weill.

tiredofthemedialies • 5 years ago

and do you think the sociopath neocons can ever recognise this? I think not. They're being paid to be sociopaths, and they don't relish unemployment.

Billo • 5 years ago

We are ruled by psychotic jews. It's not a religion, but just a cover for a mafia. It's time we break their strangle over our fate.

Rollo10 • 5 years ago

Not necessarily Jews, but Zionists and NeoCons. Jews or antisemitism, is used to control us.
Back in the 70's we used to hear stories that were attached to the mafia, but since 1980, nothing. Is this because they did what was forecast in Godfather III, got in bed with big business? It's the Corporations & Bankers that are pushing this NWO, One World Government agenda! NeoCons & Zionists.

Kjell • 5 years ago

Zionism <> "psychotic jews"
They are not even Judaists.

Hitler was a Zionist (not a Judaist)
Stalin was a Zionist (not a Judaist)
Bill Clinton is a Zionist (not a Judaist)
Hillary Clinton is a Zionist (not a Judaist)
Theresa May is a Zionist (not a Judaist)
George H.W. Bush was a Zionist (not a Judaist)

Lastest US presidents
- George H.W. Bush (Zionist)
- Bill Clinton (Zionist)
- George Bush (stupid Zionist)
- Obama (Brit Zionist with lessons in US accent?)

None are "Jews", all are "Jewish" in some way

Dee Wrench • 5 years ago

Of course the US is an immoral nation. What dismays me to no end is that on a daily basis I talk with good people who lack a moral compass. They participate in a political process that condones and sanctions theft... which is the sole mechanism by which this fiction known as government operates. It steals from the worker and then convinces them they are going to ensure their safety and well being using the stolen property (money earned from laboring). This is why I refer to folk as tax livestock.

Government is the problem, not the solution. Mr. Roberts still hasn't figured this out yet. Doubtful he ever will.


Backward • 5 years ago

Modern money-based governments are the problem, not the concept of government, which is indispensable. Apparently you haven't figured it out yet.

hawaiiguy • 5 years ago

Government yes, but when it's (armed) people are so lazy they have yet to revolt, it's no longer a government. That's the last lesson to learn.

Tommy Jensen • 5 years ago

What about the sheeple? They support, vote and pay for Governments. Why?
The sheeple pay Government to do their dirty work and to be scapegoat for the sheeple´s atrocities, greed and fraud.
Government would not be able to function without the sheeple´s heavy support.

Guest • 5 years ago
che guevera • 5 years ago

For you I would suggest watching a few Ken O'Keefe videos, he hammers on this money question and has a quite simple and comprehensive solution; for more textual analysis suggesting the same solution read Ellen Brown.

Backward • 5 years ago

Voluntary contribution, sure, keep dreaming. I'd look back at history, instead of relying on yet another delusion. Tradition is the key.

Guest • 5 years ago
Backward • 5 years ago

I had to laugh when you quoted Churchill, one of the greatest war criminal in history, cause of the death of millions. What a consciousness he had, what a development he brought to the world!

Guest • 5 years ago
Backward • 5 years ago

No doubt that is a disgrace, but one that we ourselves have allowed, and not just out of naivety. Selfishness and maliciousness abound in our own stock too.

Guest • 5 years ago
Backward • 5 years ago

Just read "Finis Germaniae" by Wilhelm Marr, about the Judaic conquest of German mentality and habits. How many authors perfectly diagnosed the illness? Yet, by 2018 the illness has infected the whole world. There's no eradicating the religion of Money and Technology, I'm afraid. Mankind will have to hit the wall first, and at that point it will be too late.

Guest • 5 years ago
Backward • 5 years ago

The irony is that the Jews do preserve their ethnicity and do fight their enemies, as is natural to do; but when the Goym do likewise, natural behaviour suddenly becomes "barbaric".

Guest • 5 years ago
Backward • 5 years ago

I wonder, can you read? Because I just stated exactly the same thing. You probably should stop assuming that everybody you talk to is uneducated and unaware of the Jewish question.

Guest • 5 years ago
Backward • 5 years ago

You just confirmed my impression: you can't read. Additionally, instead of doubting your assumptions, you prefer to question your interlocutor's good faith when they tell them you didn't get what they said. Therefore, instead of trying to re-read their statements in a different light, trying to understand where you misinterpreted them, and then apologising for underestimating their intelligence, you repeat the same mistaken point over and over. It's worrying when you can't even understand when people agree with you. You definitely need to work on your reading skills, humility, and interpersonal evaluation.

Jed Grover • 5 years ago

"good people who lack a moral compass" wouldn't these people be considered amoral? I think that most of the NATO networked nations are misguided by a group of compartmentalized leaders (thugs) who are both immoral and amoral. Soros acknowledged being both in a 60 minutes interview. I just cannot figure which is more dangerous. The goal of the master Central Bankers went on record 200+ years ago that in order to obtain control over the masses that it was necessary to destroy the moral fabric throughout society. I think we are witnessing this. I respectfully disagree with your last statement .... Its not government that is the problem but the people that has been implanted in government that is the problem. We need to cleanse these traitors from power. Money is not speech nor is a corporation a person in a democratic system.

Guest • 5 years ago
ghartwell • 5 years ago

This is the way evil cons us.

Dennis De Jarnette • 5 years ago

This is untrue. I just looked. Even the Orthodox is listed.

Walter • 5 years ago

Russia has many strengths : nuclear weapons, vast reserves of oil and gas, vast mineral reserves of all kinds, vast "black earth" soil that makes them an exporter of grains, a great army that has defeated many ( if you go 15 rounds with the Russian army ,you get defeated and never enter the heavyweight division again). ORTHODOXY is their greatest gift. Solid Christianity.