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maxii priestt • 3 years ago

Lavrov is in a league of his own. brilliance in simplicity

Stephen Coyle • 3 years ago

UK had the verdict ,before the trial on poisoning.No evidence? If May cannot explain the poisonings of Russians on their soil,Russia would be justifyed in a token bombing of London.

mksharma62 • 3 years ago

Why bombing? Just arrest one or two UK diplomats in Russia and try them for complicity in poisoning and murder.

NDMA • 3 years ago

The Muslim Empire will forever be (gratefully) indebted to the Russian spirit and all it's peoples for saving our posteriors in the Middle East ; if the people being saved are the creators of the numbers everybody is using : what does that say about the brilliance of those strong enough to protect our villagers from thieves!? *bows before the great Russian homeland* :)

andrew • 3 years ago

hilarious and well played so far.

More popcorn.

The low-brow Brits are being out manoeuvred.

You can call me Al • 3 years ago

The idiots in our leadership outplayed and outmanoeuvred themselves within 48 hours; the whole thing is farcical and an embarrassment to my Country. I know it, millions of other Brits know it, the World knows it.

PS Call it the British establishment not low-brow Brits, who are the people from the South and Scotland.

TiredOfBsToo • 3 years ago

Agreed. A lot of commentators have difficulty separating the people from their governments, don't realize that most 'leaders' are in their positions due to corruption of one type or another.

ghartwell • 3 years ago

I learned a new term for the Brits today, 'perfide Albion.' Perfidious = unfaithful = deceptive = 'speak with forked tongue.'

You can call me Al • 3 years ago

You learnt a new term for the British scum bag political establishment yesterday - NOT THE PEOPLE.

Brent Naish • 3 years ago

by allowing your political class to do these types of things, just like americans, you are complicit in the crimes. therefore ghartwells point is well delivered

You can call me Al • 3 years ago

I am a B1 / A2 citizen of the UK that owns a Company and has been a follower of the Conservatives for most of my political life (changing my life as paid member of UKIP for 4 years). Do not question or accuse me on my beliefs nor intelligence - our government has fallen and sold its soul.

They do not have aa clue.......as you.

You can call me Al • 3 years ago

HAHAHA - a dreamer that still believes I democracy (Yank style).. We have zero say without another revolution.....which is on its way.


LOL. That`s the establishment, of which the many governments are only small parts... People just get used... as always, and everywhere...
Gorbachev was given a Nobel Peace Prize (when it still meant something, I think), but he is considered a traitor by people in Russia and not so much because of what he has done, but how he went about doing it...

You can call me Al • 3 years ago

Gorbachev was given a Nobel Peace Prize - AS WAS OBAMA and KISSINGER.

Blair was made the middle East PEACE ENVOY ........WTF ?


You can call me Al • 3 years ago

Rev 1 - it was the Red Indians or whatever they are called now that called / said ...... the US dark blue army and in general the white man or invaders "'speak with forked tongue.'

Nothing to do with the UK.

w.t.baker • 3 years ago

We in the US sympathize with your condition. Both our countries suffer from the same entropic political/financial methods and it is time to put an end to it. From GHW Bush and Margaret Thatcher to GW Bush and Tony Blair, Obama and Cameron, we have all seen nothing but unjustified wars and suffering. Now Theresa May is trying to trap Trump into a war with Putin. So all of this is more about continuing the effort to remove Trump than it is against Putin.

You can call me Al • 3 years ago

Thank you. But (sorry) my good Maggie made many mistakes but I didn't realise it then, but for the UK, she was the last to defend our Country or so I thought, I do not want to think about that.

Since Blair, the UK is a shadow of itself.

Regards "Now Theresa May is trying to trap Trump into a war with Putin", I disagree, in that, this is thoroughly orchestrated between all the vermin. It is like watching a B rated spy movie, but thankfully many Countries are waking up to the goings on.

We need a revolution as do you guys ..we have gotten to that stage unfortunately .......and yes, it is sad to say.


It feels like we are all slated to have our "Gorbachev and Yeltsin" before we get our "Putin"...

You can call me Al • 3 years ago

God willing...

w.t.baker • 3 years ago

Your "Maggie" is the one who brokered the El Yamamah deal with the Saudis that unleashed the the Saudi 9/11/01 attacks years later. She also provoked the Malvinas War. Did good? C'mon that is like saying Benedict Arnold was a hero. Yes, May is pulling Trump into war with Russia, why? Because the British Empire is finally finished and it sees the Belt Road Initiative and the American System a threat. We in the USA already had our revolution and won the military victory. Now we will win the political victory over imperialism. England should do the same.

Roy Stephen Lucas • 3 years ago

The south and scotland are low brow brits, the welsh are inbred and the irish hate themselves.....

NDMA • 3 years ago

Irish hate themselves? I think not : those people not only appreciate life but they stand up for Palestine #WW3 ignorant slave of money sheeple cries trying to defame their betters? http://biblehub.com/1_samue... shekel whores are promised to be left with NOTHING ... they just donkeys to anybody with a spine after all hehe https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

DarkEyes • 3 years ago

You are so right.

As I remember having read:
- The proud people of Ireland are the only country really aligning with the Palestinian people.
- The Irish are the only country in the world really boycotting the Invader and Oppressor and Racist, Israel.
- The Irish have a lot of experience with "what is right and what is wrong".
- The Irish have a lot of years, 800 years, experience what it is to be oppressed by an oppressor and BTW it is their neigbor who is their oppressor.
- The Irish are sometimes not quite clear in their stance for now they are joining the warmonger Britian, the same oppressor who is trying to oppress Russia which country have done nothing wrong to nobody nor at all to the Irish.

Tudor Miron • 3 years ago

Well said

Tudor Miron • 3 years ago

You now who to join when sh$t hits the fan. Thing is that Irish ans Russian have lots in common.

Brent Naish • 3 years ago

well said

VH • 3 years ago

Britain does not comprise an entity called Ireland, hence Irish are not 'Brits', as intimated by the statement above. Yes, Britain still colonises six counties on the island of Ireland which they call Northern Ireland, a consequence of planting their subjects over generations in a foreign land. Yes, Britain has caused much damage to the entire world and its peoples. Its governing classes, and probably the vast majority of its peoples (out of loyalty and poor education), are of course blind to, and unaccepting of, such facts. Britain as it has operated over the centuries, and now a fully engaged neoliberal stooge, can not survive in a multi-polar world. Non-neoliberal, non-empire vassal Irish people would be fully behind Russia and its cultural philosophy.

w.t.baker • 3 years ago

That was uncalled for. The vast majority of human beings want peace and that can only be done with economic development amongst us all.

Rhisiart Gwilym • 3 years ago

Roy Stephen Lucas is a good example of the idiocy of which he - tries to - speak.

Donnie Palmer • 3 years ago

And how about you? Where do you fit into all this?

You can call me Al • 3 years ago

Just to point out an assumption that we have all jumped on, the poisoning; we do not actually know if there was any poisoning done at all, all I have seen was on day one of this fiasco, a picture of the two fast asleep on a park bench. I have seen no proof, jut the opposite in fact.

Robert Mcconnell • 3 years ago

Yes, an elaborate pantomime with lots of willing well paid actors.
In short...a load of bullshit.

You can call me Al • 3 years ago

Apparently the daughter is making a miraculous recovery - who would have thought it ?.

Tudor Miron • 3 years ago

Deadly Russian mil grade chemical weapon! Boris seem to mix his own experience with UK plumber's and international relations.

You can call me Al • 3 years ago


DarkEyes • 3 years ago

Mi5 & 6 have vision!

Rhisiart Gwilym • 3 years ago

We have a letter to the Times from Steven Davies, the consultant in emergency medicine at Salisbury hospital, stating that no [sic] patients had been treated for nerve-agent poisoning, and only three had been treated for poisoning of any kind. [Type not stated] Discussed here, with full text of the letter:


This statement alone, by a doctor at the sharp end of the - alleged - incident scuppers the whole fake story we're being told.

Hardly surprising then that this stark fact seems to have been tipped down the Western lamestream media's memory hole pronto.

You can call me Al • 3 years ago

Oh no, sorry but, the letter has been published or a last the intention of it, in most UK MSM, comments section blocked, interpretation watered down.....SSDD.

You can call me Al • 3 years ago

Damn I cannot edit it....as half my comment disappeared.

The letter was published but the connation given to the context of it was totally reversed in that millions will continue believing the government and media's BS.

BMWA1 • 3 years ago

It is a humanitarian false flag, Westminster didn't kill father and daughter outright! :)

You can call me Al • 3 years ago

and no pictures of the dreadful suffering in hospital !!.

rosemerry • 3 years ago

I wondered too. Their phones were turned off before the incident, and who knows if the Brutish (sic) authorities had arranged a deal with Skripal who is now a British citizen. Perhaps Yulia will conveniently die now that she has apparently recovered a lot and may decide to speak out. Imagine if she tried to contradict the May/Boris/EU/NATO line how long she would survive.

You can call me Al • 3 years ago

I didn't now about the phones, Unless Skripal has duel Nationality he is a resident NOT citizen, but it is intriguing how the UK government will get out of this hole they have dug for themselves. "HOSPITAL HIT BY MSRN combined with EBOLA, AIDS and MARS !!!?".......it is all a total crock of s..t and those Bsta.rds have seriously embarrassed my country.

PS I still have a terrible feeling that it is about stopping BREXIT.

Tudor Miron • 3 years ago

Snakeheads love dual (triple) headed operations. Demonizing Russia is always by defoult and diverting sheeple attention is often co main event.

Tudor Miron • 3 years ago

She has no chance and no way back now. UK will never let her speak the truth. Two options: speak what May wants or dissapear under "witness protection programm." Skripal relatives (Ylia's step sister) was denied of UK visa now.

DarkEyes • 3 years ago

The Upper Class is going to loose the Plot.
Be vigilant.
The British Rotschild might give it another try, a chemical attack (4th time) in Syria.
Just to keep the game against Russia going.
Remind you that Jacob Rothschild. bought the "gaspipes" in Ukraine AND
Jacob R. is also taking part in a cooperative "alleged stealing" of the Syrian resources of the Golan Heights with his Zionist Friends. Oil and Gas is there to have.

Mr. Assad of Syria promised the world, all foreign forces will be driven from the land of the Syrian people. I assume together with Hezbollah, Iran and of course the famous Syrian Tiger Brigade.
About time.

The Khazarians are left some time to move to their new country Ukraine. With hands off the independent Republics of Luhansk and Donbass.
And, finally the Palestinian and Israelian people will have peace.

Gano1 • 3 years ago

Very smart move from Lavrov.

Norman • 3 years ago

Agreed. Exceptionally smart!!!!

Boris Jaruselski • 3 years ago

...'s pretty 'asymmetric' and rather 'subtle', ...ain't it?

NNNAAAAHAAA! ...Russia isn't being offended WITHOUT consequences!

Not only are the Pomm's going to very silently 'divert' the attention fom this alleged 'poisoning', and let it 'slip', but are going to make OVERT 're-approachments' to Russia, come next winter, and they get low on Natural Gas!

...karma at it's BEST!

teddyfromcd • 3 years ago

I don t want Russia to politely let them OFF . this is tge time ..because they chose to throw theur "politicsl..media..world kangaroo court accuse ..no need for rvidence" GAME ..TO be CONOKETELY MASSIVELY DESTROYED by Russia in a grand Historical sense this time aroubd ..i want Russia to HANG THEM ALL politically by very intensely going on a diplomatic media political campaignmit only takes nothing more than the resources russia ALREADY HAS...WORLD PUBLIC OPINION GRAVITATING AROUND RUSSIA ..because these people are only continuing what all started from CENTURIES AGO WITH JOHN MILTON thecplayright in elizabethan england ...HE was one of the original creators of these caricaturish ..demonizing RACIST Pattern that hss been unbroken sjnce then ....i am talking about his long ago appointment as FIRST ambassadir to russia to open rekations in St petersburg but brought with him that SUPERIORITY complex snd went back to england making his "reports" about how Russians were inferior oluncouth ..eatingveithout forks..drew the early cartoons we know TODAY reflected in these demonizing of russia..NOW IS THE TIME FOR RUSSIA ..before the shots are fired...to FIRST DESTROY RVERY LAST SHRED of that fake credibility from the west. So that in the afyermath of WHATEVER transpires next ..the LYING Western
Atlantic Empire can NEVER EVER SLEAZE its way in lies NOR in "letting it slide away quietly " as if nothing was the matter. Well..DUH

THE DECEIT of centuries has caused so MUCH MISERY in this world

"QUIETLY GO AWAY" about the FOUNDATION of the western empire ...ITS HABIT OF LYING ..ISN T what the world deserves. It should LOUDLY go down so history ..innour lifetimes and forever holds up such DECEIT if certain powers as their Calling card becomes the BIGGEST adornment of their Crowns ..for what they have fone to countless BILLIONS acriss time and space.

And THAT would be a kindness.