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M. M. • 6 years ago

I wonder if Putin has announced through proper diplomatic channels making it clear to western leaders like Trump, Netanyahu, Bolton, May, Macron etc, that they will be amongst the first to die in this war?

Muriel Kuri • 6 years ago

Actually, they won't - they will go to their lavish bunker cities. What they don't realize, though, is that they'll never be able to come out. With the weapons now available, there may not be an earth to go back up to! At any rate, with all the nuclear reactors going up in flames they'll have their own little nuke-fest right in their backyards that will hopefully visit them in their bunkers ,,, SURPRISE!!!

The Interrogator • 6 years ago

Even if they were to survive, they wouldn't survive long on the outside. No Way.

Charlotte Ruse • 6 years ago

And then the zany Evangelicals will finally realize Jesus an't coming,


Whether we think they are "zany", or not, is immaterial... What does matter is what "The Powers That Be" do and have done already - welcome to the seat of the Antichrist...

Charlotte Ruse • 6 years ago

Manny want to give mystical powers to people who are just f****** greedy scumbags


LOL. I agree, they are "f****** greedy scumbags", but not "just". Difference... and there is nothing "mystical" about it - you make your own "box"...
Reductio ad absurdum can be dangerous to one`s health, even lethal, but many are beyond reach, I realise that as well...

Charlotte Ruse • 6 years ago

I could universally say that these people are f****** scumbags and there's nothing mystical about them

Harold Smith • 6 years ago

I believe that the office of president of the U.S. (and by extension which ever man holds the office) is the second beast of Rev 13:11 = the "little horn" of Daniel 7:8.


It may very well be that. We just cannot take the word of the "experts" for it and should figure these things out for ourselves. Is it just a feeling you have, or you have done some digging? I would not mind hearing your rationale... In any regard, thank you for sharing.

Harold Smith • 6 years ago

Wow Alexander, you're one of the few people who ever replied to me regarding this subject! So yes, I will be glad to elaborate.

I did have a feeling, and I also did some digging. (And when I started making comments on youtube, trying to explain my rationale and my conclusions, I was immediately banned. As of now I cannot make any comments on any youtube channel dealing with subject matter such as news/current events, politics, Biblical prophecy, etc. So I can tell you that somebody really, REALLY doesn't like what I'm saying.

I'll try to be brief just to give you an idea. I will skip over many details, but give them later if you're interested. (I'll break it up into a few parts).

I started at the beginning of Rev 13 with the description of the first beast (i.e. the beast from the sea). We're told that Satan gave this beast "his power, and his seat, and great authority."

Where have I heard something like this before? This is reminiscent of what Satan tempted Jesus with in Luke 4, for example. So it's reasonable to posit that the first beast is an entity that made the deal with Satan that Jesus rejected. IOW, somebody agreed to "worship Satan" (i.e. to "give worth to evil") as a means of achieving unprecedented worldly gain. This is to say that someone or some group of people got together (in a "conspiracy") and knowingly, willingly and calculatingly agreed to do evil in an attempt to rise to the top of the world.

So what exactly was the "power" they got from Satan? I believe that what Satan did to Eve in Genesis 3 exemplifies his "power". He apparently has a supernatural ability to deceive, corrupt and manipulate people. He didn't physically force the apple into Eve's mouth; rather, he made her do it. He made her take action against her own best interests. And how did he do that? He "beguiled" her (Genesis 3:13).

We know that Satan is not just a "liar", "but the father of it" (John 8:44). I believe that the great "authority" he gave the beast refers to his "fatherhood" or "authorship" of lies.

Anyway, what's not explicitly stated in Genesis 3 but seems impliedly obvious to me is that if Eve didn't give Satan an audience, he wouldn't have been able to corrupt and manipulate her. IOW, once she saw where the conversation was going, she could've said "get out of here, I'm not listening to you, etc.", but she didn't.

My point is this: even the best liar in the world cannot victimize anyone unless he can first get his prospective victims' attention. (For example the dishonest used car salesman cannot rip you off unless you first avail yourself of him by visiting his used car lot, and then you give him an audience, and listen to his spiel, and he appeals to your vanity or whatever, e.g., "I can see you know a lot about cars blah blah blah", and you end up buying junk at a high price). Put simply, deception requires communication.

Now go back to Rev 13. I believe the beast's "mouth, as a mouth of a lion" refers to modern mass communications. A lion roars and everyone hears it, it drowns out everything else, such as the little mouse trying to squeak out the truth. If the beast aspires to world domination and control, the beast MUST be able to get the attention of the masses. So the prophet is telling us, I believe, that the beast has monopolistic/disproportionate control over modern mass communications; that is, radio, TV, motion pictures (Hollywood) and the modern book,magazine and newspaper publishing industries.

So at this point I concluded that the first beast is a Satanic cult engaged in a conspiracy to rise to the top of the world by doing evil, that is, using Satan's power to deceive, corrupt and manipulate the masses like he did to Eve (i.e. rising to the top by bringing everyone else down), and in order to do that the beast needs control over modern mass media.

But the technology of the modern mass communications necessary to reach the masses wasn't available until the 20th century, so it's reasonable to assume that the beast's rise to significant world power didn't happen until the 20th century. And this assumption sets the time frame which helps to interpret the other clues to the beast's identity.

(More later).

Khazar Likudniks • 6 years ago

Interesting, but you missed a very key point in your bible study. That point is: THERE WAS NO 'APPLE'. The reference to forbidden fruit was OBVIOUSLY Eve having sex with the serpent as the words "I will put emnity between thy seed and the seed of the woman" The result of this union was the birth of CAIN, the son of God's creation Eve and the pure evil of satan in the serpent. THESE are the people running the world, the most evil among us, descended from the most evil and contemptuous of God's natural law. They seek to destroy, murder, cause suffering and hardship. Pain is their muse, anguish their serenity. The epicenter of their earthly world is of course, the birthplace of the one they hold in highest contempt JESUS. Only this explains the brutal savagery and heartless theft, murder and suffering these evil maladjusted wretches subject the Palestinians to, and the neocon course toward their grand orgasmic finale, nuclear war.

Harold Smith • 6 years ago

I should've put "apple" in quotation marks (btw the King James Version refers to it as "fruit"), but my oversight doesn't diminish the point I was making: that there was no physical force involved; Eve was talked into disobeying God.

Mychal Arnold • 6 years ago

Is your moniker from a book Isn't from the Destroyer series? Remo Williams?

Jeremy • 6 years ago

serpent seed is the only explanation.


Thank you very much. I can live with pretty much everything you wrote, so far. Looking forward to part 2, whenever the time allows.

Harold Smith • 6 years ago

(Part 4)

"(18) Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six" (Rev 13:18).

This verse tells us that the beast (apparently still referring to the second beast) has "the number of a man" (and that number is "666"), but IMO that doesn't necessarily mean that the beast is a particular man.

Referring back to the text of Daniel 7:8, the "little horn" is described as having "eyes LIKE the eyes of a man" but not necessarily the eyes of a particular man.

And then doing some observation and reasoning: The office of president of the U.S. has evolved into what is perhaps the most powerful, most unaccountable political office the world has ever seen.Thus the first beast MUST control it, because if it didn't, it would be not only seriously hindered in its effort to exert power, but if the "office of president" was against it rather than for it, it probably wouldn't exist in the first place.

So I believe what the prophets are telling us, is that as we enter the "end times" the first beast has by now subverted the political process in the U.S. and is in complete control of the government, with the second beast, i.e., the "office of president" being the figurehead or front man.

One thing that eluded me until recently (and perhaps still eludes me) is the correlation between the second beast and the number "666".

Assuming that my theory was correct so far, I began looking at the occult architecture of Washington DC for anything that might support it.

And the first thing that caught my attention was the inverted "broken" pentagram with its Southern tip at the White House.

I won't go into all the details but here's what Eliphas Levi says about an inverted pentagram:

"The Pentagram with two horns in the ascendant represents Satan as the goat of the Sabbath; when one point is in the ascendant, it is the sign of the Saviour. The Pentagram is the figure of the human body, having four limbs and a single point representing the head. A human figure head downwards naturally represents a demon - that is, intellectual subversion, disorder or madness. (Transcendental Magic, p. 237, Eliphas Levi, trans. A.E. Waite, Weiser Books, Jan 15, 1968).

Let's see..."intellectual subversion, disorder or madness"? A lucky guess? Coincidence?

The next thing that I found was the "fresco" in the rotunda of the Capitol Bldg. called the "Apotheosis of Washington", which shows George Washington becoming some kind of a deity.

This is a little puzzling to me. I could understand if a narcissistic, power crazed ruler were to commission this kind of artwork as a tribute to himself while he was alive and holding power, but this fresco wasn't painted until 1865, and from what I know about George Washington, he seems not the type of person who would've agreed to this at all. George Washington himself was all about humility, not "power". He's been called "The Man Who Would Not Be King";
let alone "deity".

So I came to the conclusion that "George Washington" as depicted by the fresco, and for that matter every other representation of him in the art and architecture of Washington DC, is really an allusion to the "office of president of the U.S." (And BTW if you look closely at Washington himself in the fresco he bears a striking resemblance to the "Baphomet" figure).

I believe that the fresco represents someone's intention to make the office of president into that of a world ruler.

There are other things of interest in Washington DC but to me the most interesting is the obelisk known as the Washington monument. It was of course dedicated to George Washington.

I believe that the monument is styled after Egyptian obelisks and has its roots in Egyptian mythology. (Egyptian obelisks were apparently ten times taller than the width at the base, and this seems to be the case with the Washington monument).

I believe the monument is representative of a phallus, signifying "fatherhood"; in this case "George Washington" as the "Father" of America.

But if George Washington is a metaphor for the "office of president", what does the Washington monument mean in that sense? I'll skip a few intermediate thoughts and details and say I think it means that George Washington started something that was intended to evolve into something else, something "greater."

Perhaps the monument is supposed to be the phallus and the Capitol Bldg. the womb, and the offspring is supposed to be a world ruler, I don't know exactly, but what I do know is this:

When I tried to find the dimensions of the monument, I was at first misled by the (deliberate?) misinformation at the web site of the National Park Service. According to their web site:

"How tall is the Monument?
555 feet and 5 1/8 inches tall. It is 55 feet wide at the base."

I believe that this is both wrong and misleading. There are really three sets of dimensions involved here: (1) what were the design dimensions of the structure? (2) what were the dimensions of the structure as built/completed (1884)? (3) What are the present dimensions of the structure?

Anyway, it seems strange to me that they give the height measurement to an eighth of an inch resolution, but the width - which I think would be easier to measure - is only given as "55 feet wide".

From what I've read, the width is actually 55.5 feet wide (or something very close to that), while the height was supposed to be 10x the width or 555.5 feet tall. Converting to inches, the width is approximately 666 inches, while the design height was supposed to be 6666 inches.

The actual height of the monument today is apparently a few inches less than the apparent design height of 6666, due to sinking of the structure, erosion and lightning strikes to the aluminum "pyramidion" at the top.

Is somebody trying to use "sorcery" against the people of the U.S.?

Anyway, if George Washington is the "beginning" of the office of president, what's at the end?

Just for the heck of it, I looked up the winning number for the evening "Win 4" numbers game in Trump's home state of New York, for the evening of Jan. 20, 2017, the day Trump was inaugurated as president. And guess what number came up that evening? Okay I'l tell you: the number was 6666; the same as the apparent design height of the Washington monument.

So it seems to me that the Washington monument, with its width at 666 inches and its (design) height at 6666 inches, is the object that ties the "666" of Rev 13:18 to the office of president of the U.S., and it makes me wonder: Is Trump the last president?

End of part 4.

Mychal Arnold • 6 years ago

Now, we know Russia is going to win not the ussa like I was taught. The ussa is the evil state! Wow!

Neno Radojevic • 6 years ago

Dear friend, did you ever try to read this verses from Revelationa and Daniel from different corner? It is the fact that the those two beasts are our time two powers, I would suggest to start reserach on vatican, and USA... pope has "mithra" crown hat with three crowns on that hat, symbolising the pover over three areas of his rule, the earth, the heaven, and the below earth area (the dead)... and the titel he gave himself is writen in latin language "vicarivs philii dei" if you take latin letters in roman numbers, you can count out of this name the summ of the numbers, and it count 666. And who ever knows the true history of roman chatolic church through out the history,will agree that thier thirst and hunger for world power never stoped. since john paul II after free masons poisoned the "september´s pope, because he wanted to clean up the vatican from all free masons, and corrupt birocrats, came john apaul II , he did not coninued with same agenda, but he spread the hand of freedom and joined the forces with massons, in vatican, and soon after the most of the protestants churches across the world joined them as well.those are three powers (evil spirits) from revelations, that in the end times will rule the world affairs. We see them now in our days. Son after woytila, came to vatican´s throne, Warsaw´s block was destroyed, second power that needs to be destroyed are non corrupt Moslems (mostly Shia) by doing that, USA will get bancrupt, and broke, and the remaining world power will be vatican.

Harold Smith • 6 years ago

(Part 3)

John tells us:

(12) And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.

(The "president" is the first beast's front man. When we vote for him and politically support him, we're really supporting his handler, the first beast or "deep state" or however you want to think of it).

(13) And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,

(He kills people with drone strikes, missiles, bombs etc.).

(14) And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.

This is a little confusing, but IMO, we're told that the "president" has power as long as he doesn't go against the first beast (he's a puppet ruler), and his "job" (for which he uses all this power), is the forceful imposition of the Satanic, messianic, communistic "New World Order" on the whole planet. I believe that the phrase "image of the beast" refers either to the now completely illegitimate "government" that the second beast presides over, which no longer has any pretense of moral or constitutional legitimacy, and now exists solely to support the super-executive in doing the beast's dirty work).

(15) And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

The "image of the beast" may also include or be a reference to the "pentagon" and/or to NATO. As both are involved in beating the world into submission.

So to summarize my view so far, I believe that the "office of president of the U.S." is the second beast of Rev 13, and the "image of the (first) beast" refers to the illegitimate government of the U.S. which enables and supports the "president", and it possibly refers to the pentagon and NATO, which actually make war on the victims for the sake of the beast.

I should say here that I believe "Mystery Babylon" is the country (or countries) that host the "image of the beast."

End of part 3. More later.

Neno Radojevic • 6 years ago

"mistery babilon" is vatican, as the nowdays false religion, bastion of all evil and corruption of this world

Harold Smith • 6 years ago

No, "Mystery Babylon" is obviously not "the Vatican."

Neno Radojevic • 6 years ago

this can say only one who is the jesuit, or one chatolic fanatic.... look on the whole chatolic history... it is sufficient.

Neno Radojevic • 6 years ago

you are forgeting that, the deadly wound was given to pope, by Napolen´s general who threw, those days pope in prison,(1798y) and cut the chatolic world domination for next almost two centuries, when Mussolini gave the keys of vatican city to pope in 1927 ( I guess...) the world newspapers wrote "the deadly wound got healed" citing the verses from Revelation.... pointing on the true beast of our time, vatican chatolic church. (the true modern babylon) this is the one beast, the second beast is the USA. Those two beast will lead the world until the second comming of the Jesus Christ. they , joined forces, will implement the mark of the beast, and persecution of all non believers of their new age religion,and the policies. I could post here many verses from the Bible, where is written very clear, that there will be no place in Heaven for those who,kill, who are drunkyards, geys, liars, child molesterers pedophiles, hatters, thiefs ect.. in contrary, chatolic church is a bastion of such cratures and thank sto their teaching, they will al go to Heaven... which one? How many chatolic bishops, cardinals. priests are geys, and pedophiles? where will they go, on the end of the days? Surely it has to be mentioned the history of the jesuits, and their modern days offsprings, illuminatis, and templars, and all other secret massonic brotherhoods....who in fact are the real world rulers present times...

Harold Smith • 6 years ago

I am not forgetting anything. I am simply analyzing Biblical prophecy, generally by applying common sense reasoning to a set of apparent facts. That's all.

The prophet John of Patmos describes the beast for us. If you want to convince me (and/or anyone reading this) that the beast is something other than what I've implied, then you'll need to proffer some kind of a compelling argument, which at a minimum explains how the descriptive features mentioned by the prophet apply to "the Pope" (or whatever entity you're trying to implicate). Speculation and hand-waving just won't suffice.

Jeremy • 6 years ago

Do you have a blog I can follow?

Harold Smith • 6 years ago

Hi Jeremy, I don't (I probably should).

Harold Smith • 6 years ago

(Part 2)

The next thing I wondered: What about the beast's "feet...as the feet of a bear"? And I concluded that this is a reference to the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, where the Satanic communist political ideology first got serious traction. (I was surprised to discover that Karl Marx was apparently a Satanist, and his communist ideology was a fraud; that is, it was intended not as an egalitarian movement to do something good for the "proletariat", but as a spiritual jihad against God).

I believe that the seven heads of the beast represent the seven continents of the earth, and the "deadly" head wound that was "healed" refers to WW2 on the European continent (as per Rev 13:14, the wound was made with a "sword").

I've skipped over several things, e.g., "like unto a leopard", which I think I understand (I believe the significance is mainly in the "spots" or "rosettes") but I think you may get the gist of it already.

There are also references to the first beast in other parts of the book of Revelation, for example:

"The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is. (Rev 17:8)"

This had me a little confused at first. But then one day I happened to come across a letter written by Benjamin Freedman, where he quoted from a book called: "The Pharisees, The Sociological Background of Their Faith", and it was in a part of that book that I got the clue I needed to understand what the angel was talking about in that verse. I won't go into anymore detail on it now except to say that it gets rather "politically incorrect".

As far as the beast's 10 horns are concerned, I can't say I have all the answers, but I believe I understand a little bit. I believe that the horns are "centers of world power" that are under the control of the beast.

I was at first puzzled by Daniel's vision regarding his fourth beast, particularly the horns, which is apparently the same entity as John's "beast from the sea". According to Daniel:

"I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and, behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things." (Daniel 7:8).

I believe that what Daniel is referring to here is the post 9/11 consolidation of political power into the executive branch of the U.S. government - three horns replaced by one - thereby creating a lawless, completely unaccountable office of "super-executive" (formerly president of the U.S.). This comports with John's "beast from the earth", which John described a little differently. Apparently the two horns of John's beast of Rev 13:11 represent the legislative and judicial powers which were illegitimately ceded to the executive branch in the aftermath of 9/11, creating the most powerful political office the world has ever seen.

Note how the "president" now does anything and everything he wants - even flirting with WW3 - without even a hint of political opposition or legal restraint of any kind.

End of Part 2. More later.

Neno Radojevic • 6 years ago

dear friend, you are misleading people by writting lies.... Bolshewik revolution was financed by rockefeller´s bank, and was organised by german secret services those days... and the actors were jews, in whole, and the rest of few russians, who were free masons, devil´s worshipers.... if you disagree with me, Please read the two books of Alexander Solzenitzin Arhipelago Gulag, and 200 years together..... it will enlight you in your darkness....

Harold Smith • 6 years ago

I am offering my interpretation of Biblical prophecy in good faith. (I feel I have a moral duty to share it with anyone interested in the subject matter). If it is "incorrect", it is not because I sought to deceive anyone. If it offends your gentle sensibilities, please ignore it.

Communism is a Satanic political ideology - apparently devised as a "spiritual jihad" against God - that the jewish collective apparently seeks to forcibly impose on the whole world, in pursuit of the establishment of Satan's kingdom on earth.

"The triumph of fascism will be the triumph of the communist soul. But the communist soul is the soul of Judaism. Hence it follows that, just as in the Russian revolution the triumph of communism was the triumph of Judaism, so also in the triumph of fascism will triumph Judaism" (Rabbi Harry Waton, A Program For Jews And Humanity, p143, Astoria Press, 1939).

Neno Radojevic • 6 years ago

in order to understand the Biblical prophecies, you need to let the Bible explain itselfs, beside the knowledge of historical facts as we know. It is given times for that beast before it received a "deadly wound"... it referes to roman chatholic church, The Bible speaks about the war between good and evil truth and lies... deceptions and facts....

Guest • 6 years ago
Harold Smith • 6 years ago

So you don't actually dispute anything I wrote you just don't like it?

Neno Radojevic • 6 years ago

you have some truths inside, but there are lies as well

Harold Smith • 6 years ago

Well, just because you disagree with me doesn't mean that I'm lying.

Neno Radojevic • 6 years ago

I would give you friendly advice, read the Bible and try to follow the thoughts of the Bible itself, don´t try to build conclusions based on any other book, or idea. And if you are believer, pray every time before you take the Bible for reading or study, ask God to give you His Holy Spirit to understand the Scripture.

tiredofthemedialies • 5 years ago

please... Enough nonsense.. What about Dead Sea Scrolls, Apocryphal Gospels, Hamaadi Codecies, etc. etc?
Do you think that some King James idiot messing about with something written thousands of years before (and by someone who never witnessed Christ personally, and lived almost a century later ) has more bearing than the above works? (and all just because some other idiot told you it was 'God's Word'? and you chose to believe it (because you could) Get a bit real. (or keep on and dedicate your life to the pursuit of fantazior, rather than empirical spirituality (I don't care)

Neno Radojevic • 6 years ago

ok, maybe you are not lying, but certainly you are writting as an false prophet here. You claims that you have understood the Bible, and you have not.... it is poosible that you are not aware of it, or you are and you are trying to convince others.

Harold Smith • 6 years ago

To quote from my "part 2", for example, I said: "I can't say I have all the answers, but I BELIEVE I UNDERSTAND A LITTLE BIT."

I'm merely sharing my interpretation of Biblical prophecy because it's something that needs to be discussed, IMO. Anyone reading it can decide for themselves how much weight to give it.

Guest • 6 years ago
Harold Smith • 6 years ago

Did you even bother to read the posts you're commenting on? Apparently not.
There's nothing "superstitious" about the fact that "the people" have no control over the government, is there? There's nothing "superstitious" about the fact that the U.S. is collapsing, is there? There's nothing "superstitious" about the fact that the length of a side at the base of the Washington monument is "666" inches, is there?
I didn't create the universe. I didn't write the Bible. I didn't design Washington DC. Somebody else did. And somebody else put a lot of effort into it. Why would somebody waste so much time writing a book of prophecy? Why would somebody spend so much time and money on the occult art and architecture of Washington DC?
You can call me names and criticize me and knock your socks off, yet there it is. It's real. Whether you like it or not. I'm only trying to interpret it.
I'm an idiot, a "Bible-thumper", etc., yet I can explain what's happening and why, and you can't.


Please, don`t waste your time, Harold, one cannot reach the "intelligent" idiots - they already know everything...

Johnny hattingh • 6 years ago

Charlotte, there is a huge surprise waiting for every non believer. God will remain in control. Wars and rumours of war was fortold by Jesus. So it is close now hey?

tiredofthemedialies • 5 years ago

well the united snakes has been at them non-stop for the last 260 years, so you're a bit late.

tiredofthemedialies • 5 years ago

'thief in the night' doctrine, says you may already be wrong.

beaglebailey • 6 years ago

There are underground bunkers where they plan on living until the world can support life again. Or that is where they will spend the rest of their lives. Hopefully someone will plug up the air vent.

Ray Douglas • 6 years ago

I can't see Russia giving them advance warning otherwise it wouldn't work.

kraut2 • 6 years ago

Kraut,s old wife---what is when there is no FOOD AND WATER LEFT ??? In the Shelter ?? Canibalismus anybuddy ???

Philippe Bracq • 6 years ago

They'll fuck each other before feeding on one another.

cap960 • 6 years ago

Don’t worry...Our leaders have it all planned out. Water and food will not be a problem for them. Since Fukushima, I’ve been growing my vegetables indoor as a challenge and it works well. Grew lots a green. Tokyo has few places where they grow food indoors too. We have the technology to live underground for a very long time...that’s why our leaders are building underground mega cities. Life will be possible. Save yourself some seeds.