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Stop Bush and Clinton • 7 months ago

"It was learned that both the CIA and FBI had made fatal mistakes in their investigations of the al-Qaeda group"

Umm... No.
The CIA and FBI did exactly what they were told to do - they created "a new Pearl Harbour" (as called for in the Project for a New American Century's document "Rebuilding America's Defenses") to allow Bush to pass the Patriot Act and launch unprovoked invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

The CIA is very much effective - it just doesn't do what we're told it does.

Of course that makes Brennan turning into a TV "expert" even worse. It marks the completion of Operation Mockingbird http://en.wikipedia.org/wik... .

US corporate media is now 100% propaganda, 1% truth (the 1% being where the truth actually is what they would have you believe it is -- the little overlap between truth and propaganda).

Tommy Jensen • 7 months ago

Yr right. MSM is today 100% bs. The 100 dollar question is "then what"?

Gerry Hiles • 7 months ago

Abandon hope all ye who enter here ... or at least make the mistake of reading anything written by someone who still believes the fairy/demonic tale/official conspiracy theory about 9/11. I don't know why RI bothers to publish this kind of BS, including the myth that the CIA and FBI were once "honourable".
FFS I was only a boy during the 40s and 50s, but I remember the Dulles brothers as being sinister and for all that Ike ended up warning about the MIC, it was common knowledge that he was a war criminal. Oh and not forgetting J Edgar Hoover!! What a pillar of virtue!! Then along came G H W Bush as a CIA president, not forgetting such CIA puppets as Johnson and Ford. Anyone who imagines that 9/11 marked some radical change is delusional and, knowingly or not, a deep state/Rothschild mouthpiece, gate-keeper at best.

Stop Bush and Clinton • 7 months ago

It's not like 9/11 was even a new plan -- they had pretty much the same idea before (Operation Northwoods), but that one was shot down by JFK - second to last president who wasn't pure evil (the last being Carter who I think was mostly benign but not very capable, and certainly trusting some really bad advisers).

9/11 is probably the biggest false flag event they actually managed to pull off - but by no means the first of its kind.

John Tosh • 7 months ago

If you refer to September 11, you are wrong. I can give you the full story. This is the truth.

1. Terrorists planned to bomb the World Trade Center, it was not an inside Job

2. CIA had previously planted demolition explosives in the building because prior to september 11th, terrorists tried to use a bus loaded with TNT to bring the building down. So the CIA placed demotion charges in order to bring the building down in case the terrorists succeed in the future. The CIA was correct this time, the Terrorists did succeed and the building was "pulled" together with building 7

3. The 3,000 or so people who died were the result of error in timing between the CIA pulling the WTC buildings and notifying the fire-fighters via radios to evacuate. Hence the CIA is responsible for killing those 3,000 Americans. They pulled the building too quick while New York fire fighters had the wrong radios ... something about the frequencies used.

Here is the future, it has not happened yet:

New York will be blown up with an ICBM (3 actually). Most Eastern coasts like Florida, South Carolina etc will be covered up with a large wave or Tsunami. I am not sure what causes the Tsunami it could be underwater volcanoes, underwater Nuclear detonation or even rocks falling from space. The US will be a place of hunger and starvation with dirty filty people roving from place to place in search of food and necessities. Sky scrapers would be dark with no electricity with people burning whatever they find to create heat on different floors with missing windows. It would look like a page out of a movie.

Everyday, I hope I am wrong but things are progressing in that direction. I do not know when. There is no clock or calendar to look at and know the date these things would happen.

Gerry Hiles • 7 months ago

So you believe that 19 Arab non-pilots hijacked four civilian airliners? What are you smoking? Have you no idea what it takes to pilot even a light plane? One of the purported "terrorists" couldn't even do that.
The planes were probably drones (i.e. remotely controlled). One hit WTC1, another hit WTC2, another (perhaps intended for WTC7) possibly crashed somewhere near Shanksville (but not at the reported site) and a cruise missile probably hit the Pentagon. In fact only two planes are reasonably accounted for. (I cannot believe in "no plane" theories.)
Are you covering for the Israelis arrested on 9/11? Are you covert Mossad/CIA? Or just incredibly naïve? What is your motive for your story? First time I've heard such nonsense btw ... and I got involved with A & E and Pilots for 9/11 Truth many years ago, let alone plenty of other research, including that weird Judy Woods. In brief: I've looked at every angle from at least fifteen years ago and I have never come across your improbable story. How did you make it up, e.g. about fire-fighters having "the wrong radios". That's bizarre. I was in a fire brigade, that sort of thing does not happen.
If your prophecy partly comes true, either it will be another, even bigger "inside job", or more likely that the psychopaths in Washington DC decide to attack Russia and Russia retaliates, as promised. Btw nothing could cause a tsunami big enough to engulf most of the East Coast ... well maybe a really major tectonic shift, but that'd be the West Coast, not the East. Get a grip, have a look at plate tectonics. Sure, almost, things are going to get really bad, but "just" a major economic collapse would make the US "go dark" and even more violent than it already is.

John Tosh • 7 months ago

Unfortunately the truth is simple. Yes a bunch of boys planned to strike at the heart of American economic power got financing from a middle eastern financier and took on American Economic power.

One of the hi-jackers miscalculated and the passengers took over and crashed the plane outside its designated target. They were going to destroy the White House!

No this was an example of the sorry state of American intelligence services, even the Israelis had useless pieces of the information but did not know how they interconnected until the very end.

The CIA works hand in hand with British Intelligence and Israeli Intelligence. What each knows the other knows.

THIS IS NOT AN INSIDE JOB. Just shows how useless the CIA really is.

Flight schools were everywhere in the West. The terrorists were taught how to fly not how to land the aircraft. They were taught exactly what they needed to crash the aircrafts into their targets. They were not real pilots.

You should realize the truth is simple. We had a useless and still have a useless security agency called the CIA. Useless and only good at killing not only innocent Americans but globally killing innocent people.

Do not worry when they have the trials on TV, you will see the truth for yourself.

Pikachu • 7 months ago

Planes, what planes? There were no planes at all.

Gerry Hiles • 6 months ago

If you say so. Not worth arguing about, there are more than enough distractions.

Stop Bush and Clinton • 7 months ago

Do you have any proof?
While your theory on what happened on 9/11 is slightly more credible than the story the corporate media are telling (at least it explains the collapse of the buildings correctly), it doesn't answer some other questions the "inside job" theory (which I consider by far the most likely) can answer.

If your theory is correct:
1) Why did Bush lie about seeing the plane hitting the first tower before going to the classroom?
2) What happened at the Pentagon? Why did a terrorist choose to fly the plane around the building to hit the hardest to hit spot (which didn't do much damage because of construction work) when it would have been much easier to hit a high-value target such as Rumsfeld's office?
3) Why did they blow up building 7, which not even the official lies claim was under a "terrorist" attack? (My answer of that is that the plane that crashed over Shanksville was intended to hit WTC7, and they were unprepared for that plane not pulling off its mission)
4) Why did NORAD not intercept the "terrorist" planes?
5) Why did the defensive rockets around the Pentagon not fire?
6) Who placed the obviously fake evidence such as the magical passports that don't burn, and why?
7) What were the dancing Israelis doing? Celebrating the deeds of Arabic (and therefore anti-Israel) terrorists?
8) If so many people messed up, why was nobody fired or demoted? (On the other hand, if it was an inside job, of course they would be rewarded for a job well done...)
9) Why did Silverstein buy more insurance just in time?

Also, regarding your points...

1. See above...
2. Makes some sense if you look at it from a damage control perspective, but:
- Would anyone really risk that? Imagine a terrorist finding out the explosives are already there and all that's needed is a trigger!
- What was done to make sure those explosives wouldn't blow up the building if some accident (office fire or so) happened?
- Why the coverup?
3. If they were that incompetent, why did nobody get fired or demoted?

Gerry Hiles • 7 months ago

John Tosh's story is nonsense. I doubt that he has ever done any research, or maybe he is very young and has only picked up a few fragments during the last year or so, then spun them into his own fanciful story. Between about 2003 and 2014 I looked into things extensively. I remain a member of both A&E and Pilots for 9/11 Truth, but I've given up bothering ... not least because of people like John Tosh, but in fact the vast majority of US citizens, who will always believe their "gubbermint", or who are just apathetic, or too thick to ever think for themselves.

John Tosh • 7 months ago

Sorry the truth does not fit what you wanted. If you really want to go after the CIA you cannot use lies. The fact is this; the CIA incompetence killed New York fire fighters.

John Tosh • 7 months ago

Again this is the truth. It was NOT an inside job. Yes the CIA is useless and not very good at their job. Also Bush was not a good leader, drank too much and was not running the country. The CIA and Bush's father were running the country at that time.

The statements above are the correct ones. Time will prove them right.

Edgar Cayce called such readings "Akashic record" Nostradamus called his looking into the "brass tripod" Its the same source of information. Maybe hundreds of years into the future we would create some kind of internet which can be accessed without mechanical implants without LCD screens and Earphones, maybe this is where the information is coming from, I do not know. I just report what I see.

Stop Bush and Clinton • 7 months ago

Agreed about Bush and who was really running the country at the time -- but it being an inside job still is the only sane explanation for everything else (see my questions from before).

On the Internet, you can find the truth (e.g. http://ae911truth.org/ as well as pure lies, e.g. http://cnn.com/) -- maybe it's the same thing for your non-screen non-earphone non-implant internet.

Peter Paul 1950 • 7 months ago

Sad, but quite true ... and we're moving too fast in that direction already ... we are mostly reduced to being passengers ... and AI is like switching over to auto-pilot ... I just saw the captain and the co-pilot running past me heading to the lou ... looking kind of sea-sick in the face ... the bags they were carrying looked suspicious ... more like parachutes ...

bluewater • 7 months ago
QEornotQE • 7 months ago

"But the relative respectability... largely vanished in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist incidents. It was learned that both the CIA and FBI had made fatal mistakes in their investigations of the al-Qaeda group."

Care to just tell the truth? The CIA did 9/11. They swapped the two real planes with RC guided planes mid-air, which is a common tactic. The passengers (all CIA, small manifests that day) were all dropped off to a local airfield, and nobody was any the wiser.

RI, people stop reading the article if they know they're being deceived. Just stop. We all know. The article was rather good up to that point.

Richard Arlen • 7 months ago


John Tosh • 7 months ago

Hard to read when you type in caps.

Ingimundar • 7 months ago


Peter Jennings • 7 months ago

Using caps is effectively shouting and seen as bad manners to all savvy
internet goers. It's usually reserved for trolls and such like. One tends to switch off after so much shouting.

I can understand why you are so angry, hence the caps, however we are all angry, disgusted and outraged by what is occurring in our name worldwide. Here on RI you don't have to shout, someone will hear you.


You can call me Al • 7 months ago

DAMN RIGHT ......sorry, couldn't resist, it's Friday.

Peter Paul 1950 • 7 months ago

Richard, would you please do me a favor and quit using caps ... people like me who have had 7 operations on my eyes to prevent me from going blind have great difficulty reading what you write ... you are not doing handy capped a favor just hollering around like a lone wolf at a full moon in Siberia ... thanks

You can call me Al • 7 months ago

I see what you did there - "Handy CAPPED"......

Vely funny, vely vely funny:


TellTheTruth-2 • 7 months ago


JoAnne Syphus • 7 months ago

An iron curtain had fallen over the US


... again.

You can call me Al • 7 months ago

Damn, many injured or killed ?.

AM Hants • 7 months ago

Kerching, kerchang and look at the eye, What happens to legends in their own egos, that have been discarded. Media interview circus, kerching kerchang, or the they write a book and then us PR Management Agencies to generate interes

His eyes are dead and his clavilce, trunk and body girth are so not designer friendlyl

AM Hants • 7 months ago

Kerching, kerchang and cannot read any article on the moron.

He arrived in Ukraine, just before Odessa Trade Union Building 2 May 2014.

I just see the image Satan's Disciple, with the young, heavily pregnant young girl, who he got his friends to rape, strangle and then burn alive. The baby could have survived, if mum went into premature labour the day before.

Persoanlly, I will never ever forget or forgive what mother and baby went through, owing to the script Brennan took with him to Kiev. Tonight i am full of wine, and full of hatred to the young kids that lost their lives in the Odessa Trade Union Building on the 2 MAY 2014.. If anybody, has found me and hopes to take me out, well I am old enough and lived my life and do not care.

However, you evil cretins, to take out a young woman, heavily pregnant and so young, I will never, ever forgive you for that. I so do not do bigotry or hatred to others, as it is such a waste of energy. However, I have no problem, when it concerns a heavily pregnant young woman, whose only crime was to turn up for her lowly paid job as a cleaner. Never, ever will I get my head around such evil in 21st century Europe that my Government supports. The slaughter of young kids and unborm babies. I am not a traitor to my nation, the United Kingdom; however, if Westminster conducts herself as a traitor, then why should I support them? They have betrayed their electorate, not the reverse.

Sorry, but I will never.till the day I watched a video and article, that showed a heavily pregnant young girl beomg raped, strangled and then burnt alive. I am no lady. I might be highly schooled, with a diabolical taste in grammatical grammar, and I might not be intelligent or whatever. However, when I was pregnant with both my children, now in their late twenties, I was always treated with courtesy and respect, even from strangers. I will never, ever, in my lifetime ever, understand how a civilised nation could take out a young girl, wno turned up for her low paid, cleaning shift and then subject the poor and heavily pregnant young girl to being raped, strangled and then burnt alive. How on earh do her family and loved ones cope with how their innocent family member or loved one, cope with that: i so know that I could not, if that was my daughter and what the savage animals had done to her. How on earth can any of us handle what the savages did to our loved ones?

If I am slaughered and taken out tomorrow, I seriiously do not give a dam. I have had a fantastic life and enjoyed it. However, my main consern are the kids of today, for them to live their lives in the same way my generatiojn experienced. The kids of today so need the same that my generation were lucky enouth to experience.

rosemerry • 7 months ago

If people believe the "news" on these corporate platforms, knowing that these and others are paid liars, and are joined by former generals spouting about how necessary war is and how it "keeps us safe" no wonder the nation is rigid with terror.
btw some people can even remember famed FBI chief J Edgar Hoover, so it is not only recently these characters leave much to be desired in our security!!!

bluewater • 7 months ago

FORMER SATANIST CELEBRITY from HOLLWEIRD wants to be PRESIDENT and push GAYDOM ,TRANSGENDER down your throat like OBUMMER,SOROS,KILLARY and GOLDMAN SACHS https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

rosemerry • 7 months ago

You are a bit out of date. she does not want to be POTUS any more.

bluewater • 7 months ago

It is an AGENDA.. being pushed.. it does not matter which WITCH it is..KILLARY,ELLEN,OPRAH,BEYONCE etc..they are ALL MIND PROGRAMED LUCIFERIANS from SATANIC HOLLYWOOD and WALL STREET,SOROS ,ROTHSCHILDS,ROCKEFELLERS are behind them to destroy the FAMILY.




bluewater • 7 months ago


Woman's attraction for men is based on her beauty, innocence and modesty.

The modern woman is now a "proud slut" that few men want.

For example, actress Jessica Biel "has produced a series of quirky videos tackling
tricky sexual health issues. In one, (left) the actress jokes about her
genitals with Chelsea Handler after the comedienne walks in on her
inspecting her genitals." ("Jessica Biel teaching tot sex ed, "Winnipeg Sun, Feb 9, p 55.) Where before a man had to court a woman and earn her trust, now she flaunts her wares like a streetwalker.

Another example of how messed up young women are: A female gymnast abused by the team doctor thinks appearing nude in Sports Illustrated is "empowering" and somehow restores her virtue.
The norms of hardcore porn have been mainstreamed and who runs HOLLYWOOD ...the same Kosher nostra that run LAS VEGAS and the PORN INDUSTRY from the capital of GAYDOM,PORN,TRANSGENDER,CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING which is TE AVIV..IraHELL

Gerry Hiles • 7 months ago

What's her next act going to be? Authentic? LOL.

Peter Jennings • 7 months ago

The hunter, the quarry, and the facilitator. It could be a good film title.

Peter Paul 1950 • 7 months ago

Wasn't it Maryl Streep who said: "He's god ...." ... and he very well could be, god of all s*it holes ...

bluewater • 7 months ago
bluewater • 7 months ago
bluewater • 7 months ago
bluewater • 7 months ago

it looks like on this photo that merryl streep has done a rejuvenational round
or ate too many babies or is a new clone..

The 'Cannibal Club' of LA & Elite VIP Members


Peter Paul 1950 • 7 months ago

There is another special site near Astana, Kasakhstan ... in the middle of a downward pointed pentagram ... visible from space and can be seen on Google Maps .... https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

bluewater • 7 months ago

YES I have seen it. I am sure you have seen this article

Astana: Masonic Capital of Eurasia?


The pyramid houses the Congress of World Religions)

Overnight, Astana his risen to become the NWO "city of peace"
Are we witnessing the diminishing role of cities like New York City representingthe old world order and the rise of Astana representing the New World Order?

Are we witnessing the reign of the antichrist coming to fruition in Astana?

There are few places in the world that resemble Astana, the capital of oil rich Kazakhstan which
is the size of Western Europe but only has 16 million people. The
modern and occultic city, pop 850,000, packs a mixture of Masonic
symbolism, strange architecture and eerie designs straight out of a sci-fi movie. Named capital in 1997, Astana is the first capital built in the 21st century. The city's high paced expansion and growth is nothing short of incredible. In two decades, the city has become a global power player in international conferences, summits and expos designed to further the new age agenda (NWO). Maybe it's for this reason
Astana has been branded "City of Peace".


Beyterek tower aka sun idol worship

An example of such gatherings is the Syrian International Meeting on Syrian Resettlement hosted by Astana in January of this year. This time (May 2017) they are back in Astana with delegations from Jordan as well. From the looks of it, Astana is being rolled out as the Geneva of the east.

The name 'Astana' has a few meanings in different languages. In Kazakh it literally means 'Capital' but its origin is in the Persian 'Astane'. Astane (or Astaneh in Iranian accent) means "Threshold" or "gate". example of such gatherings is the Syrian International Meeting on Syrian Resettlement hosted by Astana in January of this year. This time (May 2017) they are back in Astana with delegations from Jordan as well. From the looks of it, Astana is being rolled out as the Geneva of the east.ASTANA GATEWAY OF ANTICHRIST

According to Islamic Echteiology, the antichrist will come to rise from "the East". It's narrated: "Dajjal (antichrist) would come forth from a land in the East called Khurasan, followed by people whose faces resembled shields covered with skin".

In another narration, it specifically states: "The Hour will not be
established till you fight with the Khudh and the Kirman from among the non-Arabs. They will be of red faces, flat noses and small eyes; their faces will look like flat shields, and their shoes will be of hair."

Khurasan once encompassed a large region of land of which Kazakhstan was apart of. Kazakhs match this description. They are descendants of the Turkic and medieval Mongol tribes and are for the most part 'flat faced' with small eyes and traditionally wear hair and fur garments such as camel hair shoes.

Although the antichrist is of Jewish origin originating from an island nation, quite possibly Britain, according to Islamic traditions, his ascension will manifest from the east. This is profound, given the definition of Astana/threshold according to the Cambridgedictionary as: "the level or point at which you start to
experience something, or at which something starts to happen:"


The sun theme is found from everything from the country's flag to architecture and monuments. 'Bayterek' (photo above left)
is the most famous landmark in Astana. The tower is so iconic it has been commemorated on the national currency note. The legend behind the golden sphered tower is that it represents a poplar tree (kabalah tree of life), where the magic bird 'Samruk' (phoenix) laid its egg. The egg (the sun) containing all of humanity's wishes and desires (peace and paradise) is then eaten by a dragon named 'Aidakhar' (satan/antichrist) and the cycle repeats itself. A myth only Satanists can find inspirational and worthy of celebration.

The twin golden pillars anchoring the skyline of the city are named by the architect as "Boaz" and "Jachin". According to the religious texts, two brass pillars named 'Boaz' and 'Jachin' stood in the porch of Solomon's Temple. These are the same pillars Freemasons use in their craft and rituals.

Boaz and Jachin pillars/gateway..like THE TWIN TOWERS of 911


Not to be overlooked, 'The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation' is a bold pyramid shaped building designed by world famous British architect Norman Foster.

Religious leaders of various faiths have gathered every three years in 'The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation" around an image of a giant sun to discuss various issues, in essence concocting a new world religion. Inter-faith dialog to prepare us to accept the imposter Christ (antichrist) 'sun' [of] God.

The plan appears to be uniting various faith and denominations under subtle undertones and seemingly harmless pagan beliefs wrapped in furry myths. Similar to the man-made adaptations of most Christians worshipping on SUNday and most Muslims using the crescent moon as a symbol of religion, both of pagan origin.
Global leaders to gather around the sun inside the Pyramid 'of peace and reconciliation')
With all the Satanic and antichrist symbolism that Astana has come to enshrine, it may not seem so trivial to note that Kazakstan is also said to be land of origin of the apple tree, the same fruit said to have caused the expulsion of Adam from the Garden of Aden. Which begs the question, are we witnessing the beginning threshold of the antichrist coming to fruition in Astana?

Peter Paul 1950 • 7 months ago

Great post blu and thanks a lot ... If that is your perspective and view of affairs, then there isn't much we would have to argue about ... I haven't quite been able to figure out how that all fits into my own visions, but basically you seem to be connecting the dots very well ... for my taste of interpretation of events yet to occur and become reality for sure .... yes, and henry is a very reliable source of well balanced info as well ... there has been hardly a day that would want to miss when he has something in store ... it's a psychic battle that is raging, that is it's battle for the souls, not the bodies and one is very well advised to use all five senses to keep our wits together ... cheers ... stay safe ... pp

bluewater • 7 months ago

What is really going on is.....There is a WAR going on for control of the PLANET and YOUR SOUL
I do not mince words..but some will call them GOD vs SATAN,GOOD vs EVIL etc
we have been lied to about THE REAL HISTORY of this PLANET which is millions of years not 6,000 yrs.
The religions and government were created by these beings..ARCHONS-Anunnaki-ENKI-MARDUK
I can tell you without a doubt that they are LOSING..Rothschilds,Soros,Bush,etc.
There will be NO NUCLEAR WAR..that has been decided already.
Their Plans are not going to happen..Humanity has a better future after some troubling times soon..but it will be a better world for humanity.
we are on 3D now and some will advance to 4D for 20 weeks and then to 5D
those that stay on 3D will have their materialism but will not be FREE.

Peter Paul 1950 • 7 months ago

Everyone is born free ... it's the freedom of choice ... which means one has the freedom to use the terms with which we communicate ... and think we know and understand ... but I fear not too many even get to the point where they begin to understand the difference between 2D and 3D ... let alone any other dimensions ... I know too many who use many of the words you emphasize and when I try to find out the depth of their understanding of the words they use (that sound so important) it usually ends with a lot of .... silence .... mainly because they don't seek true enlightenment how it came to be that we are the only species with ... language and can even voice it ... they stop asking questions and therefor don't get the answers they need .... the three WWWs that are so important ... too many souls are starving because they have been talked out of searching for the right food for thought ... they rather eat money and bitcoin all day long and believe only that which will bring them the power and life they seek on this level of existence ... the material level ...

bluewater • 7 months ago
Peter Paul 1950 • 7 months ago

Nice of you to bring up one of my favorites .... have you ever asked yourself why his statue of Moses shows him with two horns on his head ... ??? ... I also studied anatomic drawing also to perfect my drawing technique ... and then there is something else I was notified about quite late in my life ... my doctor discovered that I have a very rare anomaly ... one more vertebrae than the average human ... which led me to the suspicion that I may even have 8 chacras ...