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Ann Johns • 1 year ago

Great article and beyond time that this issue was addressed. I use the term 'zionist' myself as saying the word Jew causes untold problems. I used the word the other day on a conservative american media site and was instantly attacked, quite a shocking attack too. I was called a nazi slut, a fucking cunt and the author also said he would like to kill me. That sort of behaviour does nothing for their cause.

Le Ruse • 1 year ago
Jinks Munroe • 1 year ago
Daisy • 1 year ago

I've encountered that kind of backlash too. Just as the article points out, that's why I personally think it's important to call a spade a spade.. or a Jew a Jew:

Some try to skirt the taboo with euphemisms. A veritable cottage industry has emerged, ever inventing new ones. Indeed, this is the new trend in the alt-media. We hear a lot about 'Zionists,' 'elites,' 'global elites,' 'globalists,' 'neocons,' 'liberal interventionists,' 'the war party,' 'the Israel lobby,' 'the deep state,' 'bankers,' 'new world order' (I've never understood what that is), 'Bilderbergers' - sounds like a nice man from a central-European fairytale. The Saker goes with 'Anglozionists.'

But none of these terms work, do they? They all obscure the issue, actually enhancing the taboo’s inherent deceit.
406V-8Monza • 1 year ago

If you can't identify the criminal, you'll never solve the crime. Well said, Daisy.

folktruther • 1 year ago

This article is anti-Semitic pure and simple, failing to distinguish between the Jewish power of apartheid Israel, and the Jewish people, some of whom oppose apartheid Israel. Israeli imperialism must be opposed and destroyed if the Palestinians are to achieve a release from their oppression, but that is not the aim here of the owner of Russian Insider. He is passing along the traditional anti-Semitism of the Christian religion which he espouses, possibly to attain credibility with the Alt-White.

mark • 1 year ago

This article is 100% true pure and simple. Screaming "anti Semitism" at the top of your voice just doesn't work any more. Sorry, but Jew apologists like you need some new material.

andrei platonov • 1 year ago

You certainly have not proven your case. What you conveniently call anti-Semitism is a new word for the dislike of Jews and reaction to them which has been ongoing for at least 800 years.
Which raises an interesting point. They are not SemiticJews but Khazars, a Turkic tribe from the mouth of the Volga River. It is not just the Christian religion which has had a bad reaction to Khazars, but all people of all religions,
Perhaps you have some explaining to do.

Slav • 1 year ago

Great article and I commend you for breaking the oppressive thought prison mainstream media would put us into! The issue of Jewish Cosmopolitan elites is one of greatest importance for European nations and America to tackle. It is simply fact that the most logical thing they could do is push for Europe to become more cosmopolitan. Their identity is not of Europe and therefore they do not see Europe as needing to stay European. This explains their involvement in the migrant crisis and most anti-identitarian movements. They are unfortunately protected by various anti free speech laws still in place in a lot of European countries. Breaking this taboo is paramount.

Robert Mcconnell • 1 year ago

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
At long last, somebody has the guts to step up and​ speak the truth which has been hidden in plain sight.
It comes as a great relief to read a piece which expresses a feeling I have had since the first gulf war, that something is going on that's not quite...right. Enough said, just, thanks Charles.

Charles Bausman • 1 year ago

Thanks Robert, much appreciated.

themeparkthemepark • 1 year ago

Hey CHarles, it seems you missed this in your article. What are your thoughts?

JacksonianAmerican • 1 year ago

I consider myself Alt-Right. I 100% agree with this article. We in the Alt-Right wish peace between Russia and the West. Our (((media))) and International Talmudry in general, will do everything in their power to keep this from happening.

Robert Mcconnell • 1 year ago

The Talmudary...hmmm...yes I like that, it says it all. Thanks.

themeparkthemepark • 1 year ago

fuckin nazi ass bitch

Mr. Privilege • 1 year ago

JIDF detected.

Sergei Gunt • 1 year ago

I greet that decision. Now i am pretty sure the zionists will send their trolls and agents over.

BL • 1 year ago

*hand rubbing intensifies*

Guest • 1 year ago
Sergei Gunt • 1 year ago

I do but it might get worse. Maybe they will report to Kaspersky that RI is a porn site. Happens a lot to ziocritical websites.

Pippilin • 1 year ago

With the US' inexplicable (to me) and constant deference to the Jews and with so many of that faith controlling major positions in our government and businesses and the MSM, I have nightmares of the US becoming a Jewish country where other religions become subject to the ugly laws of the Talmud and to persecution BY the Jews. But I don't even dare to share this article on FB or talk about the possibility of a world enslaved by the likes of Netanyahu. I've been to Gaza, to the West Bank and know what Israelis do Palestinians; it is genocide, plain and simple. Is that what THIS country can expect in the future? Why don't we have the guts to protect those that Israel hates? So many questions; so much fear and distrust. So few answers.

jane a. • 1 year ago

Pipp, the US is (and has been lost). The seeds of Bolshevism were sewn into the US long ago.

Consider this: in the late 30's, Jewish Communists (redundant) successfully infiltrated our Academia, Media, and Government. All throughout the 40's and 50's. The Venona Project confirms McCarthy was correct.

What we're seeing now, this cultural decay, "Cultural Marxism", reflects Bolshevism and reflects Germany's Weimar Republic.

MJM • 1 year ago

Freakin' spot-on!

Vince Dhimos • 1 year ago

Is that photo of Ahed Tamimi, the little Palestinian Joan of Arc? Love that kid! Yes indeed, they are genocidal monsters. I have NO respect for Israel. Ya know how everyone says at least they have a right to exist? After what they did to the Tamimi family, I say they have NO right to exist. They need to start a campaign to oblige the Germans to take them back. A case can be made that Germany owes them a homeland. Palestine owes them NOTHING except a good swift kick in the groin!

Robert Mcconnell • 1 year ago

The thing is, the Jooz think they are Jooz (and everything that implies), which is just a thought. Thoughts are arbitrary and can be easily removed or replaced. As Byron Katie asks, "who would I be without that thought?"
It's an interesting question.

Charles Bausman • 1 year ago

An excellent discussion of this article and its significance on Richard Spencer's weekly audio roundtable podcast 'AltRight Politics' from January 18, 2018. http://russia-insider.com/e...

Guest • 1 year ago
Charles Bausman • 1 year ago

Thanks Bendys, it is somewhat surreal to be congratulated for doing what should be automatic behavior for everyone, just telling the truth as they see it.

BL • 1 year ago

It's like another Shoah!

Serge • 1 year ago

Judging by his surname, Stephen F. Cohen is of the Jewish descent. He is one of the few sane voices in the U.S. So is Dimitri K Simes. And you're telling me Jews somehow "been for centuries" against Russia? What next, publishing the "Elders of Sion"? Fucking really, RI?

jane a. • 1 year ago

Oy vey goys, we have TWO, count 'em, TWO good Jews! Stop paying attention to the other HUNDREDS of bad Jews!

BL • 1 year ago

Your logical point is worse than the Holocaust *Hand rubbing intensifies* *Evil grin widens*

Cuckblocker • 1 year ago

What's next!! Publishing The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion??!!? Because that would just be outright as silly as questioning the Holocaust wouldn't it!!!

So silly!! (sweating intensifies)

Goyim Lovesong • 1 year ago

Naming the jew can have consequences most dire.
Haven't you heard of muh holocaust and never forget the 6 gorillion?
This is their Get Out Of Jail Free card.

Marko • 1 year ago

Talking about 9/11 as the obvious inside job that it was is another unbreakable "taboo".

Hmmm , I wonder , could the Jew taboo and the 9/11 taboo be related somehow ?

It's long past time that we started talking about this shit , out loud.

bluewater • 1 year ago
jane a. • 1 year ago

Five Dancing Israelis.

BL • 1 year ago

The entire Post-World War II Western culture has been specifically designed and created by Jews for the sole purpose of preventing another "Holocaust" (Which itself is a lie). In other words the Jews who used to control the West for centuries before WWII saw in Nazi Germany an unprecedented European uprising against their tyrannical system which they had carefully built over European civilization. They are determined to make sure such a thing never happens again. Every single thing we take for granted as part of "modernity" is nothing more than a creation of Jews for the purpose of making sure another Nazi Germany never happens again. This includes everything from political correctness to mass censorship that is currently being done in all mainstream websites (Which cohencidentally are all owned by Jews), to multi-culturalism, to endless wars of Israel (Jew's insurance policy), to extreme anti-nationalism, to the rise of (((Conservatism))) and its much more virulent form (((Neo-Conservatism))), and I can go on and on.

Rollo10 • 1 year ago

Their control is in the 'money supply'!
They create money from fresh air every time a loan is made, this is then added to the GDP of the nation and called Growth!
When this money is paid back, it's no longer in the 'system' so we must create more.
This is why they thrive in big nations, plenty of indigenous to borrow, until the crash.
UK now have over 20m 'Economically In-Active' [not looking for work, not claiming benefits, unemployed] can't get a loan.
Hitler was using Sovereign money, created in the same way but backed by Labour Bonds that were traded on the market. The banks couldn't profit from this Sovereign money, which is the real reason for WW2.
PS; Just after WW1 the UK were also using Sovereign Money [Bradbury Pound] https://www.britishconstitu...

Jon Steele • 1 year ago

" Every single thing we take for granted as part of "modernity" is nothing more than a creation of Jews for the purpose of making sure another Nazi Germany never happens again. "

I'm very well aware of the Jewish (no, not all Jews) role in corrupting a once-decent America and Western world. By those very actions you describe (((they))) are ensuring that another "Nazi Germany" in American form will and in fact IS developing "again.'

Same old Jewish problem, same solution. Eviction #110 is coming...

hawaii guy • 1 year ago

Great introduction and very brave. Hopefully nobody called the Clinton's, if they did, don't walk home alone at night please.

Tommy Jensen • 1 year ago


StanTheMan • 1 year ago

God bless you. Many have gone before you in this battle. So many have said the same thing over and over again for so many long years. Reading your article was like reading a refresher on the Jews. Stay strong.

Macon Richardson • 7 months ago

May I strongly suggest E. Michael Jones' book The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History (2008). It's twelve hundred pages long, small type and big words but it is a compelling history of precisely what the title says. As a history, it starts from the Jewish revolts against the Seleucids in 167 BC all the way to the present. I cannot imagine anyone will be disappointed in his presentation. Well, those who live in lies may be disappointed.

Jeanice • 1 year ago

Woo Hoo!!! The time has come for the WHOLE truth to be made known. Glad to see you jumping on board.

Mark • 1 year ago

Courageous, Charles. You are right that so long as you can back up what you say with verifiable facts, and so long as an individual's ethnicity can be shown to have something to do with his/her biases, there is nothing wrong in calling a spade a spade. I think you will agree a good deal of what happens in the world is blamed unfairly on the Jews, and that's not all right. But so long as evidence can be provided which links ethnicity with action and malice, by one's words should one be known, regardless of how it turns out.

By the way, you could hardly support your case more effectively than to cite Masha Gessen. Her virulent hatred of Russia in general and Putin in particular is well-known. She complained about being identified as a Jew on her Russian passport because it was evidence of Russia's persecution of ethnic minorities...and then complained some more when the requirement was dropped, saying Russia was robbing her of her identity. And you'd have a hard time finding anyone who tells bigger whoppers about Russia or so blatantly mischaracterizes its leader.

Vince Dhimos • 1 year ago

Yes, and there is another kind of hate that Zionists (Israel supporters) foster, and that is Muslim hate. People like Pamela Geller (BTW, she calls herself a Zioinist) and Daniel Greenfield, who just drip with hate for Israel's neighbors. They blame all the terror on Muslims (not just Wahhabists, the real culprits, and not on the US Neocons who promote ISIS and Al-Qaeda and want to train and arm them). I have a theory that one of the reasons for this is to grease the skids for the horrible treatment of the Palestinians and for the wars waged against Shiites, who are -- big secred the Zios want kept under wraps -- the more moderate of the two main branches of Islam. The constant drum beat against Islam mutes the fact that it is the SUNNIS (Israel's allies), and specifically the Wahhabist sect of the branch, that are causing all the trouble, NOT Islam per se. Neocons, all Zios and many of them Jews, hide the fact that the Saudi Wahhabist sect is at the heart of the terror and spread the LIE that the more mild-mannered Shiites -- notably Iran -- are the source of the terror. It is amazing how easily they have convinced conservatives, esp Trump bots, that Iran is the "biggest state sponsor of terror." This is why I have no time for rabid Zionist Trump. http://www.newsilkstrategie...

mark • 1 year ago

A lot of people attacking moslems are serving a Zionist agenda. The Danish cartoons were instigated by Zionist groups. Geert Wilders has close links to extreme Zionist groups in Israel where he used to live. He is in and out of the Israeli embassy like a yoyo.

That's not to say there isn't a big problem with Europe being turned into a moslem hell hole.

Charles Bausman • 1 year ago

Thanks Mark, I agree with you about Gessen, she really does wear her biases on her sleeve ...

NewHampshire Bound • 1 year ago

Yes indeed, bravo. But I won't beat around the bush. A true final solution is needed. Judaism is subversion. By its very nature. ALL Jewish groups and organizations need to be banned. And Jews need to be removed from ALL public civil service. Banned from media, banking, academia, etc. All Jews must be physically removed.

Additionally, we will have to proscribe all funds from all ill gotten gains from all Jewish organizations. This money should be used to fuel the growth and comfort lost because of the anti-White and anti-American policies they have wrought over many decades, if not centuries. AND there must be generational reparations.