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Ann Johns • 3 years ago

Great article and beyond time that this issue was addressed. I use the term 'zionist' myself as saying the word Jew causes untold problems. I used the word the other day on a conservative american media site and was instantly attacked, quite a shocking attack too. I was called a nazi slut, a fucking cunt and the author also said he would like to kill me. That sort of behaviour does nothing for their cause.

Le Ruse • 3 years ago
ravenise • 2 years ago
Jinks Munroe • 3 years ago
Esther Sch • 2 years ago

Netanyahu has dual citizenship as a do a very long list of US politicians.

Ivan Karamazov • 3 years ago
Mel Gibson's Beard • 3 years ago

What utter idiocy. Apparently recognising Iran and Syria as sovereign states that should be permitted self-determination = wanting an Iranian Mullah to rule the world. Somehow.

Also, "anti-Christian"? Are you aware of the historical relationship between Christians and Jews? Hint: it's not a friendly one. The Talmud speaks of Jesus boiling in excrement, for example, while Martin Luther in his book "On The Jews and Their Lies" was quite scathing in his reproach of Judaism.

Jon Steele • 3 years ago

"What utter idiocy. Apparently recognising Iran and Syria as sovereign
states that should be permitted self-determination = wanting an Iranian
Mullah to rule the world. Somehow."

That's the same propaganda aka "fake news" Jewry hysterically shouted to the world non-stop leading up to WWII about Adolf Hitler's and Third Reich Germany. Total b.s.!

mark • 3 years ago

Very true.
Christian Zionist half wits and useful idiots swallow all this garbage.
Moslems regard Jesus as a great prophet, like Mohammed and Moses, and worthy of tremendous respect. He has a special place in bringing in a new world order at the end times of Moslem theology.
According to Jewish religious doctrine/ dogma, Mary was a prostitute and Jesus was her illegitimate son by a Roman soldier. He was properly executed as a vile blasphemer and is now boiling in a pit of burning excrement in hell for all eternity.
Jews like Sarah Silverman never lose any opportunity to tell anyone who will listen how much they hate Jesus and Christians. No doubt they look forward to the day when all Jews will have 2,800 Gentile slaves, who are just animals like cattle or insects, to cater to their needs.
Orthodox Jews in Israel spit whenever they pass a Christian church. They also spit on Christians.
Jews complain that they have suffered persecution as the murderers of Jesus, but Jews have provoked this by taunting Christians with "We killed Jesus and we'll kill you.".
It is not Iranians seeking world domination.
It's (((some other folk.)))

Ivan Karamazov • 3 years ago

What abount Quran?

Mel Gibson's Beard • 3 years ago

Here's a crazy concept: I'm opposed to Islam *and* Judaism. What Muslims do in their own countries, however, is of no concern to me. Israel/Jews stirring up revolutions and perennial Middle-Eastern conflicts is a far more pressing issue.

Jason Jehosephat • 3 years ago

Why is the Israel/Palestine situation more pressing than Saudis and Yemen/Houthis and Syria/Assad and ISIS and AQIM and Boko Haram and Erdogan and ...?

Because it's the origin of all this.

Jason Jehosephat • 3 years ago

Oh, right. Sunnis and Shi'ites and Alawites are attacking each other and Yazidis and Christians because of Israel. Houthis are rebelling against the Yemeni government and Saudis are attacking Houthis because of Israel. Boko Haram is kidnapping girls in Nigeria because of Israel. Any other tall tales you want us to believe?

Most of these groups and conflicts you mention have fuel added to their fires in one way or another because of Israhell and the JEW-SA.
Sometimes they even outright create many of those groups & manufacture the conflicts.

The Jews did 9/11 then lied about "WMD's". Blamed it all on Muslim Arabs.
Even basically created ISIS & funded them.
They are behind a lot of uncontrolled evil in today's world. Maybe not all, but more than enough to warrant their total destruction.

Jason Jehosephat • 3 years ago

"The Jews did 9/11" is funny because how do Jews get a couple of handfuls of Islamist extremists to carry out attacks like that? Oh, and THAT created ISIS. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Right. As for WMDs, I wasn't aware that George Bush and Dick Cheney were Jews. That is truly news to me.

Marius Popescu • 2 years ago

The islamist extremist conspiracy theory is ridiculous from A to Z. The Twin Towers AND WTC 7 were brought down by controlled demolition and there was no plane at the Pentagon. A Jewish security firm was in charge for WTC. Whose owner, a Jewish guy named Silverstein insured them for a lot more than their actual value, insisting in the contract that he should have been reimbursed twice in case of 2 separate terrorist attacks. Which "coincidentally" hapened. Not to mention the insider trading just before the attacks, the Israeli spies celebrating after the attacks and so on and so on.

Jason Jehosephat • 2 years ago

A funny thing about conspiracy theories like yours is that they rely on believing that the alleged plotters wager everything on contrived, intricate strategies that any fool can see are likely to fall apart. Right, if I'm going to blow up a large chunk of the Pentagon, I'm going to invent a cover story that involves depending on hundreds of people who are in on it all executing their parts perfectly and not one of them spilling the story, and I'm going to rely on a cover story about a plane crash where, magically, nobody who was in the vicinity would have *seen* this plane, and nobody would question how it *happened* that nobody had seen this plane (I'd swear, some people think the Pentagon is way out in the jungle where nobody can see it, rather than being completely ringed by busy highways, with high-rise buildings overlooking it from the other side of one of the highways, and occupying as it does part of the Potomac vista as seen from D.C.), and where this regularly scheduled flight that follows the same route every day magically departed with a full complement of passengers without ever having landed anywhere, and with all the people on board permanently missing.

To put it more briefly, someone who wants to pull off a ruse like this isn't going to take an approach that, from the outset, is going to have less than a 1% chance of actually succeeding.

Meanwhile, yes, I'm sure it's perfectly normal for you to know about what insurance policies everybody in a given office building happens to have purchased. By the way, if you're going to espouse conspiracy theories, they shouldn't include absurdities like the idea that building owners ask their security contractors, "Gee, how much do you think I should insure my building for?", or that insurance companies would ever pay out more than total damages. In other words, don't trust conspiracy theories that depend on recruiting as believers people who next to nothing about how things work in real life and who are therefore easily convinced by any wild story that excites them more than a TV thriller.

Marius Popescu • 2 years ago

Well, those people involved in the conspiracy did not play their part perfectly. There are lots of holes and smoking guns in the official cover up story. They depend entirely on the MSM repeating it ad nauseam without actually questioning and analysing anything. They also depend on silencing and ridiculing the thousends of academics, engineering professionals, fire men, eye witnesses etc. asking for a real investigation. Go to the AA for 9/11 truth web site, listen to their evidence and then try to figure out yourself where the truth lies.

Jason Jehosephat • 2 years ago

My point is that people don't usually launch expensive schemes involving the coordination of hundreds of people that they don't expect to succeed. It isn't credible that anyone would pull a stunt like this.

WTC 7 wasn't hit by a plane yet it still came down, explain that.
Not to mention that the Mossad planned the plane stuff for ages.

Bush & Cheney aren't, but they don't matter because the Neocohens surrounding them are. They're the ones with the true power. The PNAC crew.
The father of (((Bill Kristol))) was the founder of the Neocons. Then a bunch of other Jews like Wolfowitz and Podhoretz were involved in it as well.

Jason Jehosephat • 3 years ago

What you're claiming is that thousands of people who simultaneously saw a plane didn't see a plane, AND that this entire plot relied on a prediction that, for some reason, at exactly the right moment, thousands of people would imagine that they saw a plane that wasn't there. You probably also think the plot of "Minority Report" makes sense.

Jason Jehosephat • 3 years ago

I'll bet you blame the Jews when you bang your elbow or your parking meter expires too. Because, apparently, in your view of the world, no one else is responsible for anything that happens, even when they go on murderous rampages, so everything MUST be the fault of the Jews.

my2Cents • 2 years ago

You have as much credibility as my dog after stealing the cheese off my bread.

Marius Popescu • 2 years ago

Maybe not everything is the fault of the Jews but, in not aknowledging ANY of the crimes instigated/committed by the Jews, you are losing any credibility. The Jews managed to take hostage the US, like a parasite or cancer taking control of and finally killing its host, and used the might of the US to destroy the rivals of Israel, but in the long term this strategy will backfire. You cannot destroy nations of tens of millions of people because one nation of 7 million people wants to rule the world. If America gradually loses its power, Israel will lose its main protector and partner in crime and eventually collapse.

Jason Jehosephat • 2 years ago

Zero is the fault of "the Jews". As though the millions and millions of Jews living their individual lives are constantly in solid agreement and walk around telepathically plotting the execution of massive evil deeds in unison. The only ways you could imagine that are if (a) you belong to some group where YOU all walk around sharing your thinking through some kind of hive mind or (b) you're suffering from paranoid delusions. And (a) is really just a subset of (b). Your ideas on the subject can't just be judged true or not true. They make absolutely no sense.

my2Cents • 2 years ago

My grandparents had a safe house for Jews during WW2 so I had many Aunties and Uncles. One couple remained with them for 2 years. My spunky grandmother wore a Star of David on her coat and when she visited her married daughter she had to pass a German check point. They knew she was not Jewish and called her the crazy lady. That became very handy when she had to take a group of Jewish women pass that checkpoint and the soldiers were told by their command to let the crazy woman and her friends through. This couple converted to Christianity and Uncle became a pillar of the Christian Reformed Church. When the war was over Jews who were forced into hiding during the war could receive restitution for the financial costs for room and board paid to their hosts.

So Uncle shows up one day with some papers and handed them to Opa....Opa was a man of few words....He carefully read the document and handed it back to Uncle with the words "You had better go home". He did.

Uncle returned the next day to ask Opa for forgiveness....See none of the Jews were ever asked to pay a cent for their room and board. NEVER. So what made this Jewish convert to Christianity assume that he could engage in swindle and made my grandfather complicit in it. It is inherent in the Jew to fleece whatever system and milk it. Opa forgave him. Uncle and Auntie visited Israel...As Uncle grew older he made it known that he wanted to be buried with his prayer shawl. I never trusted Uncle after that. Uncle was not an isolated case.

Guest • 2 years ago
mothman777 • 2 years ago

Thankyou for researching those quotes, there are a couple there that I had not come across before.

The apologists and mind-manipulators always try to obfuscate matters by saying some other faction of Jews is doing this or that, Naturei Karta for instance, or those who claim the existence of some thing called 'fake Jews', AKA those who allegedly follow only the Talmud, or those who are allegedly not of original Jewish Tribal blood, which the research of David Duke has thoroughly disproven, as to get citizenship in Israel, one must be able to demonstrate that one possesses the essential Jewish haplotype genomic sequence, with the so-called 'Khazar converts' actually proven to be just returning former diaspora Jews with only the very slightest degree of genetic adulteration existing in a very minute number of those Jews over all that time, 3,300 years living abroad, something the Jews are ensuring that the whites will never be able to maintain by the use of their surreptitious Coudenhove Kalergi engineered racial interbreeding program for all Gentiles, this being particularly evidenced in the Cohen priest lineage, which still maintains almost total genetic parity with Jews from Israel 3,300 years ago, see
'The Cohen / DNA Connection' by Karl Skorecki, and those who say Zionism is not Judaism carry on a similar attempt at deception. Also, Jews in Israel do not accuse each other of being fake Jews, and all are instructed to study the Torah, Talmud and Zohar as essential Jewish scriptures for all Jews.

'The Poisoners' is an excellent article that you may not have come across on Renegade Tribune, and it contains very surprising information that has been covered up very well for many years, those responsible for causing countless millions of deaths across Europe many centuries ago by using the dark art of poison are the same Tribe who now largely dominate the so-called 'medical' and 'pharmaceutical' industries, with the very predictable results that we see today, wth hundreds of millions having died even in modern times by having been denied the authentic and original 1930's Raymond Royal Rife technology that provenly cured 100% of all types of cancer and all other types of disease caused by pathogens, with demonic slow torture called chemotherapy and radiotherapy having replaced that to slowly burn people, often to death, with harmful antibiotics and vaccines also still being used instead of the Rife technology to carry on the essential Jewish directive contained in Deuteronomy 20:16,"However, in the cities of the nations the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes", as the Tribe is fanatically intent and has been as a cohesive military unit for several thousands of years upon being a world- beater and a world-taker and will have no equal, with all others either enslaved, or killed, with all non-Jews to be killed ultimately in any instance and then sent to hell, as the Zohar declares that all Gentiles in the world will be killed by 'god' in his wrath and that all the souls of the Gentiles will later be sent to hell under the Angel Duma (which sounds a lot like the Jewish-controlled Russian state legislative body, the Duma).

Guest • 2 years ago
mothman777 • 2 years ago

The Jew has been placed in his position by nature only to test us all to the point where we seek to reawaken by being made subject to the most lethal of assaults by the worst kind of enemy.

Even Gentiles being in a morally superior position, although in numerically inferior numbers is not enough, it seems, as was evidenced in WWII. The majority of Gentiles must come to be so awakened by spiritual education as to no longer permit the parasite to rule us.

Also, the Jews rely on constant reincarnation using kapparot to force their bad karma onto others, and to self-guide themselves into new Jewish reincarnations.

So, ultimately, no matter how many times the Jew is thrown out of our societies, or even killed in battle, unless he becomes spiritually educated to the point of willfully and genuinely renouncing his Jewish terrorist parasitical belief system and taking up genuine spiritual belief and practice, the problem will return again and again.

Certainly though, the Jews should all be thrown out of our nations and placed somewhere like Birobidzhan or Madagascar and held there by naval blockade lest they seek to manipulate any Gentiles to help them to regain military, religious, financial, and political influence anywhere in the world, and held there until such a time as they are completely cleansed of their mental sickness, so that their souls can reintegrate into society in a constructive manner, but their genome itself is now faulty after many years of inbreeding and needs to be bred out, which is just the fate that the jews currently project onto us as they seek to breed all Gentiles races out of existence.

Who will survive? It is a battle of wits, as the Jews continue to convince the overwhelmingly vast majority of Gentiles that the Jews are their friends, that the Jews are harmless, whilst the Jews slowly destroy the Gentiles from all angles.

Malevolently engineered stupidity in the Gentiles, particularly in the whites, caused by fluoride, mercury, premature severing of the umbilical cords at birth to brain damage the intended slave worker class of Gentiles, wi-fi damage causing shrinkage of brains of babies, genetic damage caused by GMO fake foods etc. etc. will be the cause of the end of all Gentile peoples unless they can muster their energies and face the Jews out of office, and out of their nations. At present, very sadly, most Gentiles do not even know that their peoples are deliberately being made to die out, by whom and what for.

Jason Jehosephat • 2 years ago

Keep your paranoid delusions to yourself.

Guest • 2 years ago
Jason Jehosephat • 2 years ago

Yeah, yeah, your message is clear: paranoid schizophrenics unite.

Marius Popescu • 2 years ago

I'm not talking of millions and millions of Jews , I'm talking about the many political Jewish organizations, like AIPAC, ADL and so on which DO coordinate their actions, support land grabbing and ethnic cleansing in Palestine, push for wars against Israel rivals which they routinely demonize. The Jewishness of these people is what shapes their political agenda, this is why it is logical to say that Jews in America and in other Western countries are guilty for such and such evil actions.

Jason Jehosephat • 2 years ago

No, it is not logical to say that an ethnic group of millions of people is responsible for the actions of any small subset of them, and to be accurate you would have to say that *their view of the significance of their Jewishness" is what shapes their political agendas. As with Christians, Americans, Russians, Muslims, Chinese, etc., there are vast differences among large groups of people in their respective views as to what being in those groups entails. Your conflation of the actions of any one organization with some sort of block mentality among an entire class of people is the height of intellectual laziness and/or inadequacy. Your logic isn't far removed from taking seriously the syllogism "God is love. Love is blind. Ray Charles is blind. Therefore, Ray Charles is God."

Wrong, I don't blame Jews for personal issues, that's absurd. I blame them for stuff that is much bigger than individuals, nations even.

If there were no bad gentiles then the Jews wouldn't even be such a problem to begin with. This is where you fail using such an asinine argument.

Jason Jehosephat • 3 years ago

Obviously, I was characterizing the sort of non-sequitur blaming you're indulging in as equally absurd.

Except it isn't.

Jason Jehosephat • 3 years ago

Well, yes, it is. Claiming that hatreds that go back hundreds of years exist, and are fueling conflicts today, are all the result of a country that has existed only since 1948 is absurd. "I must go out and claim all the territory in the Levant or kidnap Christian schoolgirls in Nigeria or rape Yazidi women or rebel against the people who are cruelly ruling my country because of that, but I only feel that way because of Jews in Israel." It's patently ridiculous.

jbwilson24 • 3 years ago

Yep, same way. I respect Islam as a primitive 7th century warrior's religion befitting a slaver. I have no problem with them slicing and dicing clitorii at will... in their own countries. Invading ours, on the other hand...

daniel • 3 years ago

what about it? Jews had it much better in the Mideast than under Christian domination in Europe. Go to hell you vicious liar!

ravenise • 2 years ago
ravenise • 2 years ago
Ivan Karamazov • 2 years ago
Guest • 3 years ago
Ivan Karamazov • 3 years ago

Peace be upon with you, dhimmi.

Degenerate76 • 3 years ago

A Christian only becomes a Dhimmi if they live in an Islamic country.

Jews are the ones trying to turn Christian countries Islamic.


Ivan Karamazov • 3 years ago

And alt-right and alt-left united they stand, are helping them, supporting Ummah countries like Iran and Lebanon.

Degenerate76 • 3 years ago

Mel Gibson's Beard said it clearly enough:

"What utter idiocy. Apparently recognising Iran and Syria as sovereign states that should be permitted self-determination = wanting an Iranian Mullah to rule the world. Somehow."

I notice you had no answer for that.

The Zionist schemes in the Middle East are creating the refugees that the leftist Jews in Western Countries are opening the door for.