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John C Carleton • 9 months ago

China and Russia been dumping US bonds for a good while.
They just have to do it slowly, so they can get as much cash, to buy stolen discounted gold with from the British Anglo Zionist Empire, as possible without tanking the market.

The Federal reserve, prints currency, "loans" it to USA corporation, at USURY rates, gives this currency to other "sovereign" puppet states such as Belgium, who then act like they are buying the bonds for themselves.

It is a scam. Those who trust the USA/British Empire, will wind up with worthless paper, while the Usury bankers, their bosses, China and Russia, will wind up with gold.
All you USA worshipers should understand something.
He who has the gold, makes the rules.
Guess the western sheep are going to be the bitc#s of China and Russia for the next century or so.

Tommy Jensen • 9 months ago

I believe America will win. Therefore I sold my gold and bought dollares. The bad guys always win.............LOL.

Aleksandar Tomić • 9 months ago

Actually, the good guys always win, because when they win, no one has the courage to call them bad.

Cliff • 9 months ago

" Treason doth never prosper
What be the reason?
For when it prosper,
None dare call it treason" -William Shakespere

Tony B. • 9 months ago

NOT Shakespere

Cliff • 9 months ago

You are quite right. I stand corrected. It was apparantly one John Harington, a writer of the same (Elizabethen) era.

Guest • 8 months ago
MJM • 8 months ago
Mychal Arnold • 9 months ago

Hey Tim or whatever. Yep you always win huh? Vietnam, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Sudan, .ring any bells I could go on but you have been embarrassed enough with your msm drivel. Always the weak and defenseless you lily livered chicken's. You better avoid war with the two most powerful countries in the world. Can you guess? and neither are you pedos and babykillers. You make me sick and disgusted. Voted again the most threat to world peace. Ussa, ussa, ussa. Proud are ya all. The time is coming where you reap what you have sown and on that day I shall dance my happy dance that you feel what you and your evil countrymen have wrought in the world in the name of democracy and freedom hope it is on cable! You rotten to the core people!

Guest • 9 months ago
Mychal Arnold • 8 months ago

I like that ussa holocaust. Mind if I use it? Am glad to see another good man on here . You get guy or girl like kyjelly who is such a hypocrite and liar. May I ask where you hail from?

Mychal Arnold • 9 months ago

Yep! As Rome burns and eaten from within!

zorbatheturk • 9 months ago

It's still a million miles better than a craphole like RuSSia!

Scotoz • 8 months ago

Ever been to Russia? If not then all you can say is what the MSM tells you to say. Russia is NOT the USSR anymore and its people are just as wary of the unipolar world under American (UN/Bankers/NATO) control. The land of the brave and the home of the free has a corrupt government, DOJ, FBI, CIA and is without any doubt the largest promoter and supporter of terrorism and hypocritically says it is in a war on terror. Grow up and smell the coffee as the world is turning against the 'bastion of the free world' and looks to Russia as the real protector of a truly free world.

zorbatheturk • 8 months ago

Yadayadayada. RuSSia is a murderous corrupt gangster state run by the mafia and the siloviki.

Scotoz • 8 months ago

The biggest and the best always comes from the USA and it is the renowned world leader in corruption, death and destruction, supporting coups against democratically elected leaders and many of them so called allies. Iran, Chile, Ukraine and countless others have been the victims of USA death and destruction so no Russia is not even close to what you have portrayed.

zorbatheturk • 8 months ago

Yeah right, buddy. And the moon is made of green cheese.

Стефан Евгений • 8 months ago

Its a cleaner craphole than yours, no GMO.

zorbatheturk • 8 months ago

Bogov, cretinoid.

Стефан Евгений • 8 months ago


zorbatheturk • 8 months ago

You too.

Tsarkov19 • 8 months ago

Says some troglodyte who has never been there...

zorbatheturk • 8 months ago

RuSSia is crapakovich.

Le Ruse • 9 months ago

Yes Tommy.. Good move !!
Buy US$ !! US$ is backed by US government !! Gold is not backed by anything !!

Tsarkov19 • 8 months ago

You left out one word: the BANKRUPT US government.

Le Ruse • 8 months ago

Bankrupt ??? Humm... but I was just told, by a CNNNBCBBCABCMSNBCFOX bimbo that it's only Russia, that's broke because they have rejected "western expertise"??

NOS • 8 months ago

Must watch - Banned on Youtube:


Peter Jennings • 9 months ago

Remember the Belgium Bulge a few years back? the process must also work in reverse.

wilmers13 • 9 months ago

You cannot buy gold from the Empire, have you not read the book Gold Warriors.

Security is a propaganda term now, stands for war preparations.

John C Carleton • 9 months ago

The Empire sells other peoples gold to China and Russia everyday, having stole and sold Americans gold long since.
Works like this.
The not Federal, and no Reserve(s) dollar, is worth about 1 cent, of a 1913, pre Usury criminal banker scam "dollar".
That 1 % is swiftly loosing it's value.
To keep the American people, from realizing, the USA, is using them for cattle, stealing their labor, through planned hyperinflation,:
Israhell/Washington crime cabal, dumps massive amounts of "paper gold and silver", on the market, each and every damn day the rigged market is open, in order to artificially keep the price of gold and silver way the hell below where it should be priced in federal reserve currency.
This hide s the true inflation rate of the not federal and no reserves private Usury Banker Currency, falsely identified as the "US Dollar".
Israhell/Washington DC, does not have the physical gold and silver to cover what they sell.
It is a criminal scam.
Those who buy this paper gold and silver, small guy, will never be given physical for the paper.
Small guy, traded green paper for white paper. Either will be worthless soon.
Sovereigns, can buy enough of it, to demand delivery of physical.
The day the British Anglo zionist Empire defaults delivering physical gold, to China and Russia, for the paper gold, is the day the curtain comes down on the illusion of the USA financial empire.
Washington DC knows this, China knows this, Russia knows this.
In order to buy time, Israhell/Washington DC, has stolen, sold at hugely discounted prices, to keep the dollar scam alive, just a while longer, all the gold they were supposably storing for safe keeping, of other sovereigns.
They have stolen privately held gold, which was stored in commercial banks and vaults for "safe keeping.
They stole the gold which went missing from the basement vaults in the world trade centers, before they set off the demolition charges.
Then they sold it.
They stole and sold Ukraines gold.
They stole and sold, Libya's gold.
They had intended to have already stole and sold Syria's gold.
They are fast running out of other peoples gold, to deliver to China and Russia at huge discounts, to prop up the scam, just a while longer.
The day there is no more stolen gold to deliver to China and Russia, the music stops, all the chairs are removed, this game of musical chars is over. Starving Americans will eat their pets, rats, and each other.
Thanks Israhell!
Thanks Washington DC/USA.

Le Ruse • 8 months ago

You mean, this "greatest American Hero ??...

John C Carleton • 8 months ago

He actually said, turn in your gold or i'll throw your butt in prison!

Scotoz • 8 months ago

SO where is the land of the brave and the home of the free again? LOL

John C Carleton • 8 months ago

In a "government" approved "history" book, in the library, under fiction.

Le Ruse • 8 months ago

Yupp.. Remember, that the piss shit media, then canonized him ??
He was known then as Saint Franklin ??

Trauma2000 • 9 months ago

I want more information on this. Isabella said a similar thing. I want to know more... So the U$T's that are in actual fact worthless, Russia is using to buy gold at a huge discount to what should be the true market rate; and then Russia is storing this. I understand the storing thing. I'm a straight forward kind-of-a-guy. But its the U.$.T.'s to Physical Gold I can't get my head around.

Why is the U.$. honouring what is a knife-to-its-throat deal that is very soon going to result in the collapse of the U.$. dollar? And according to this forum fully 20% of Russia's reserves are still held in fiat U.$.T's..?

Why would Russia hold such a large percentage if its reserves in what will be worthless U.$.T.'s when it knows that the U.$. is going to try and scam Russia and default..?

I want to know more.

John C Carleton • 9 months ago

Picture a crime family.
Some branches are pure evil.
Some not so evil.
Some are very open about their evil.
Some are sneaky hypocrites who use the news media to white wash their crimes, and vilify their victims.

BUT! And this is one huge BUT, they all know too much on each other to start talking too damn much.
Also, their criminal Empire, (shearing/raping/murdering the sheep for fun and profit) is all tied together. Common banks, common/interchangeable fiat currencies, Usury debt practices.
Take part of it down, the other part will suffer great losses, if not go down with them.
Russia, and China, has gotten tired of the British Anglo zionist Empire lording it over them and treating them like red headed step children.
Russia and China, have not seen the Light, are not operating for the sake of their people, but to keep themselves in power, by returning to the people, some of the wealth they stole from the people to begin with
British Anglo zionist pig fkers Empire, is too greedy to return any of the stolen loot.
The BAzE, have a let them eat grass like the animals they are elitist attitude.
China and Russia, are trying to position themselves to come out on top when the economic reset happens.
They both were FORCED, by Empire, to both buy and hold, huge stashes of both Federal reserve fiat currency, and bonds, to do business in the rest of the world.
The USA military is the enforcement arm for the BAzE.
USA military is corrupted, demoralized, veterans fked over royally, weapons do not work as their purpose, was to steal the labor of the American working man and women, not to produce weapons which worked as advertised.
Russia and China, will continue to buy gold, buy time, to get in a better position to give Uncle Sugar's pedophilic ass both middle fingers.
It is in their interest to do so.
The owners of the British Anglo zionist Empire, have their personal vaults filled with stolen gold.
The politicians you see, the Rothschild's even, are window dressing to hide the true owners, and to protect the true owners asses during slave revolts, by offering, kings, queens, politicians, bankers, heads to get chopped.
These owners have no loyalty to any other person, or country in the world. They see themselves as the chess players, humanity as the pieces, the earth as their personal chess board.
They do not give a FF about America, the American people, or the hand puppet political whore of DC/USA.
The hand puppet whores, are too stupid, and corrupt anyway, to understand whats coming, or to have the power, intelligence, or balls to stop it
There are all kinds of fun and wealth created, for deviant sick bastards, in creating, and tearing down empires.
Besides, all the death and destruction gets them sexually excited
Takes years of study, experience with, and intuition, to begin to understand their evil, and the way the world really works.
Whether someone started years back, educating themselves, preparing for whats coming, will determine if they will enter the kill zone as a sheep or not.
The only protection sheep have, is the hope, the jackals will rape and murder some other sheep, not them. That is why they will not stand up or speak up.
That is why they violently attack anyone wants to leave the herd mentality, everyone else forced to be in the same sheep state as them,
They are afraid the jackal will notice them individually.
Herd numbers and hiding in the herd, are the cowards only protection

Bill Rood • 8 months ago

Trauma, forget about T-bills for purposes of this discussion. In order to understand the gold-silver scams, you have to understand the totally separate issues of partial reserve banking, short sales and naked shorts.

As you probably know, banks loan out far more money than they have currency on deposit. This practice dates back to the early years of banking. Governments had long minted their own money (coins) from silver and gold, but it was inconvenient (due to weight) and risky (due to theft) for people to carry their coins around with them or store them at their business or residence, so banks were invented to store "hard" currency (coins) with the promise that equivalent coins could be retrieved either on demand or after a specified waiting period. Depositors fully expect that the bank will loan their money to others, earn interest from the loans and split that interest with the depositor. They are in essence leasing the bank their asset (a certain amount of hard currency) so the bank can sublet that asset to a third party borrower, very similar to the short sale of corporate stock!

Unfortunately, bankers noticed that even when they had, according to their accounts, loaned out all their depositors' money, they still had plenty of hard currency on hand, because it would circulate back to them as deposits from those who had sold goods or services to the borrower. They calculated the risks involved and determined that if they had loans on their books worth several times the amount of hard currency they had on deposit, it would remain extremely unlikely they would ever run out of hard currency. They would be committing fraud, because they would be leasing an asset (to the borrower) that they neither owned outright nor had legitimately borrowed from someone else (a depositor), but it was highly unlikely they would be caught. Over time, this common practice has become legal, though regulatory agencies have regulations on the reserves banks are required to maintain.

In the stock market, a short sale is when a seller borrows stock, then sells it to a third party. If someone sells stock that they neither own outright nor have legitimately borrowed from a registered owner of record, that's called a naked short, and it's illegal, mainly because it interferes with market efficiency. By flooding the market with phantom shares, naked shorts can lower the apparent value of the stock in the market, though they don't actually affect the underlying value of the stock itself. The stock still has the same book value, earnings etc but the fictitious supply drives its stock market price down. Slick manipulators sometimes take advantage of low information investors by circulating rumors about a stock, then starting a stampede using naked shorts. Low information traders panic, driving the price lower and the manipulators cover their shorts at a lower price. Other times, the manipulators use such tactics to make it difficult for the corporation to raise money. This may have been what happened to Lehman Bros. Brokerage firms sometimes enable naked shorts by failing to enforce rules on the settlement of trades, but at least it's illegal. On the other hand, the naked shorting of currency, aka partial reserve banking, is perfectly legal.

Naked shorts in the form of partial reserve banking create fictitious money based on debt, just as naked shorts of stocks create fictitious shares. This lowers the apparent value of hard currency because the public doesn't understand the difference between real money and money created by bank credit (and banks are unlikely to tell them), so prices rise generally. In addition, asset bubbles form and grow even faster than the inflation rate, until regulators are spooked and decide to tighten the money supply by increasing reserve requirements or withdrawing reserves from the economy altogether. With less money in the economy, inventories rise and corporations lay off workers. Banks can lend less, charge higher interest and people have trouble paying their debts, especially if the interest on their ARM goes up. If you think the Rothschilds, Dimons and Blankfeins of the world don't have a clue when this might happen, there's a bridge in NYC you might want to buy. Many of their banks are able to deleverage ahead of the game, so they have cash available at an opportune time and are able to buy up assets at a fraction of what foreclosed debtors paid for them. Since producers are unwilling to sell inventory at prices below production costs, the general price increase becomes permanent.

Now, back to gold and silver. Pepe alludes to the fact that very little physical gold is traded in the financial markets. What's traded is mostly futures contracts, certificates of ownership and other derivatives. Very rarely does anyone take delivery. After all, small investors have the same problems with safety and convenience that they had with coinage hundreds of years ago. Because the market is mostly paper, it is highly vulnerable to manipulation, specifically naked shorts. These institutions are selling gold they do not have, and because most people don't understand the difference between real physical gold and fictitious gold represented by paper futures contracts, certificates of deposit and ETF shares, the apparent price of gold does not rise. It boggles the mind that this continues to be the case after Germany asked for its 300 tons and was told it would have to wait 7 years, but the sheeple are still watching and believe the corporate news, too. Go figure!

Trauma2000 • 8 months ago

Bill... this is a fantastic answer.

Basically the bigger you are the easier it is to game the system... which is why Russia and China are trying to create a new system. Russia and China are in the target sight, and they know it, and they need to get out in order to regain some control over their financial markets. And gold is key to this because the major currencies of the world are controlled by the people who want to destroy them.

So, why then, does China still have a Rothschild central bank..? Surely they should have been one of the first to get rid of it, or re nationalise it.

Bill Rood • 8 months ago

I don't know anything about China's or Russia's central banks. I don't know if you mean a "Rothschild-style" central bank owned and controlled by the CP or a central bank actually owned and controlled by the Rothschild family. I also don't know what they mean when they say the petro-yuan will be convertible to gold, but one thing is certain: Having a government printed/minted currency backed by gold at a fixed price for gold is incompatible with allowing banks to create that same currency out of thin air simply by creating "debt" (essentially selling a promise to deliver gold that they don't have backed 100% in their vaults).

Scotoz • 8 months ago

Intrinsic value is something which inherently has value by its 'natural worth'.. Gold has been used for thousands of years and a basic analogy is that 100 years ago an ounce of gold would buy you a very decent and well made suit of clothes from a high class tailor and today the same ounce would do the same so it 'retains its value'. Gold has been artificially suppressed by the London Metals Exchange for years as to 'back' all the debt in the world with the 'Gold Standard' would make gold spot price around $10,000 per ounce. All fiat currencies fail and when it does people retreat into tangible assets of intrinsic value. The 'T Bills' used by the USA were part of the 1913 scam the Fed put in place to prepare for gold confiscation and the eventual 'petrodollar' introduced by Tricky Dicky in 1971 so the US dollar became the world's reserve currency. To break the stranglehold of the USA/IMF/World Bank etc Russia, China,, BRICS and others such as Venezuela are using other methods to bypass the petrodollar and therefore when T Bills are no longer viable the gold becomes much much more valuable and can reach up to $20,000 going by well respected non mainstream pundits such as Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers and others.

Mychal Arnold • 8 months ago

The holding of debt is useful in that the world still uses the dollar but once the confidence is gone bam over night useless. They are waiting for the right time to dump the dollar, mostly when they have enough gold to truly back the yuan and ruble. Nothing they can do for now but wait and strike when ready who knows when though.

Vince Dhimos • 8 months ago

Both China and Russia have sold off a large amoung of US Treasuries, but they still need some to buy and sell certain things that are only traded in dollars Russian rocket engines, for ex). Don't worry, at some point, those things will be few and far between and most merchandise will be available for trade in rmb, euros or rubles. It's happening fast and under the radar. A Latin American country just had some talks with China and afterwards, the local papers said the officials in charge were considering trading in yuan. None of this is hitting the Western msm, but these under-the-table transctions will cover most of the globe. At that point it won't need to be covered by the msm because we will all know.

Tommy Jensen • 8 months ago

Its really easy.
US lie to Russia about their dollar and gold deposit and stupid Russia believe it......LOL.....and Russia buy lot of gold for their hard worked dollares to get independent.
Russia fill in all their gobbled gold in Rothschild familiy´s central bank vaults and USA transfer Russia´s gold from Rothschild´s vaults to their Washington´s bank accounts..............LOL
Because you trusted that you could trust them. You said to yourself that US could not be THAT low life, and then you got focked again......LOL.
Because you were hoping USA would do something that made sense.....LOL.

Bd-prince Pramanik • 9 months ago

your answer is in your question!

Mychal Arnold • 9 months ago

John I firmly believe they will get what is coming to them just a matter of time nothing endures forever. But mostly not in our life time, though!

John C Carleton • 9 months ago

Any day now, any week, not very many months, can the scam go on.
In other words, Americans might want to bone up on delicious recipes for Rats, cats, and their neighbors.

Trauma2000 • 9 months ago

re: "China and Russia been dumping US bonds for a good while.
They just have to do it slowly, so they can get as much cash, to buy stolen discounted gold with from the British Anglo Zionist Empire, as possible without tanking the market."

I have been reading this for a while. But I've yet to see it in practice. Rosneft is still accepting U.$. dollars for oil/gas transactions, the most recent of which I believe was the gas shipment from St Petersburg to Poland..? https://tomluongo.me/2017/1...

I need to read more on this subject.

BobValdez • 9 months ago

Russia acceps dollars for oil, and uses them to buy physical gold. No need to hold useless dollars, just convert them to gold.

Isabella Jones • 9 months ago

At the moment, because the US is illegally holding gold prices down using uncovered shorts on paper gold, and at the same time has used sanctions to devalue the rouble, Russia is producing oil at reduced - rouble - rates, selling it on the international market for U$, [artificially inflated] and buying massive amounts of cheap gold with the huge profits she is making.
Russia is singing all the way to the bank right now. The US backed itself into a corner on this one it cannot get out from - short of waging war on Russia !!!