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American Graffiti • 2 years ago

I never liked Browder. His background reminds me too much of Armand Hammer (named after Arm & Hammer). He had relatives that were jailed in the US as Stalin-era NKVD spies. He renounced his US citizenship in part, for what the US did to them and the persecution of his father. The apple never falls far from the tree. Another Berezovsky-type.

Tim • 2 years ago

Navalny and William F. Browder belong to the Natoists.

They have thrown swastika cross in 1945 and introduced the NATO cross in year 1949.

Jane • 2 years ago

After what has happened in ukraine, regardless of this programme; the Parnas party are going nowhere, this just adds to the commonly held negative views of people like navany and his liberal gang

Kjell Hasthi • 2 years ago

- it is disconcerting that memorandums from the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) and the one memorandum on CIA letterhead are formatted identically

Simon Parkes' mother was employed by MI5 but worked for CIA. Not much difference then, same bosses.

Anja K. Boettcher • 2 years ago

Apart from preparing the ground for destabilizing Russia from within, the US is already planning other Ukraine-like destabilisation of Latvia, in order to further promote a further escalation of the NATO-Russian relationship up to the moment they want to enforce a Russian response to violence against the Latvian Russian minority with the use of tactile nuclear weapons which would then allow a full war-response by NATO. The want to incite a rebellion of that minority, to which the Latvian government, after first attempts to reconcile, is pressed by Poles and Ukrainians to react toughly, so that step for step the situation becomes worse – up to the moment of physical violence against the Russian minority which then would provoke a Russian reaction for their support.

The plan was figured out by a thinktank for a US-conference entitled “Rethinking Amageddon – Planning Scenarios for the Second Nuclear Age” on the 12th February 2016.


According to the plans, worked out their by US-thinktanks, they have sketched their an elaborate path to a full scale war in scripts available in the net.

The link can be found here:


While they know that unwilling and (in their eyes) too compromising and de-escalting EU countries like Germany, Italy, Austria, the Chechs and the Greeks, could be an obstacle, they have as well started various taskforce for the “information warfare”. One which is directed to make Europe’s population swallow the idea of NATO airstrikes against Russia held a conference in Novermber 2015 in Essen, Germany. Their strategic report can as well be found in the internet. It shows the direction of NATO propaganda and the determination to abuse all our media for that purpose:


It’s all quite obvious, they do not even hide it. They are so damn sure that the public might be distracted to the degree of complete disregard to all these plans – although they are publicly available.

What can we do to prevent their scenario of a full scale Amageddon of Europe?


teddyfromcd • 2 years ago


with all due consideration to potential and likely inevitable LOSSES ..

the RUSSIANS - EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM - no matter how remotely russian

MUST BEGIN PREPARATIONS TO LEAVE -- and start transferring assets, however that goes n the procedures...

i am talking about REAL ''PICK UP AND START LIFE" AGAIN..it is going to be a painful process and they will have to sacrifice much of what they have established for generations in the baltics...IT SHOULD ALSO be noted that the DUMA is about to approve the 1 hectare free , no tax for ''every russian citizen and foreigner that wants to establish in russia for any business or personal reasons -- EXCEPT to sell to foreigners" anyway..and at least whatever the limitations of that -- they DO have something to ''go home to" ..
a dacha, a new house, to build on free land, something...

RATHER THAN WAIT for their possessions to be confiscated, burned, and their lives miserable BECAUSE they are russian in latvia, and baltics as will SURELY COME because they are going to be used as ''BAIT" BY NATO/USA BALTICS to provoke russia.

but it is ALSO CLEAR that WORSE will come unless they already do it now. it is better that whatever 'losses" they have to make for picking up - houses to sell, even at lower prices, etc...are NOTHING COMPARED to if the USA/NATO/BALTICS

EVENTUALLY will provoke something like what happened in UKRAINE. AND BY LEAVING THEY REMOVE A VERY, VERY LARGE part of national assets with them TO their true homeland in russia. and at least -- literally -- BE SAFE.

IT HAS come to that point and the lessons of Ukraine, etc...have already shown they are RUNNING OUT OF TME and can not rely on HOPE that things will be better and the worst can be avoided. NOT AT ALL - THE USA ANGLO-AMERICAN regme changers through the baltics are INTENT on creating a 'vietnam" RIGHT IN THAT AREA.

AND THE RUSSIAN ETHNICS better make their preparations now . bank accounts, etc...businesses to liquidate -- invest again in russia, simply MAKE their chilldren understand the critical importance that their very LIVES are at stake FOR BEING RUSSIANS.

AND it partly removes the EXCUSE by the USA/NATO/BALTICS.

''the russians left -- all of them" WHERE IS THIS RUSSIAN EXPANSION YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT?

"IF you cross even an inch of russian borders -- your shps SINK, PERIOD".

it HAS TO be that kind of ''red line" now. as the LUNATICS OF the west and baltcs can't and WON'T stop their lunacy. it is really time for KREMLIN RUSSIA - FORTRESS russia to make the decisions without further delay , imo.

and it has to now include the russian ethnics - they MUST FLEE - just like CRIMEA AND EAST UKRAINE HAVE DONE -- FROM WESTERN FASCISTS that are impending in descending upon them.

RMM • 2 years ago

Correct warnings. But I wish you would not use so many capitals...

che guevera • 2 years ago

The Capitals are for emphasis, this is not doctoral thesis.

and • 2 years ago

Took me awhile to get use to Teddys style .
cognitive dissonance and all , for a few caps and emphasis placement .
then. I pushed through my hangups ,, and value every letter of his posts .

teddyfromcd • 2 years ago

it;s really very kind of you. i really should try harder not to be so annoying like this with caps and all careless typing.

teddyfromcd • 2 years ago

so funny, che...your mentioning doctoral thesis.

in university and music college - which is my educational background because i'm a classical pianist...

i used to be the ''ghost writer" for my college mates so they could graduate , even a couple that were working on their doctoral theses...who used to borrow my own term papers and i'd help them rewrite to make it look like they did it,., sort of ''made to order" ghost writer - and they'd get B or A from what were really my analyses of complicated stuff in music...and then they can graduate. hehe...

one time at least -- i had this graduate course in music - some theory/analysis type course - modern music - and the teacher was a rather well-known theory book writer -

and come fnals time - my analysis of some complex pieces seemed to have stunned him at the depth of my analysis (which i wrote the nght before, because i'm lazy that way) - as i took my turn in class to make my presentation and giving my examples from the analysis, playing them at the piano and elucidating to the class how i probed the work's structure, and all that business...and really few of them could really understand anyway as i knew it was far more original and probing than any of them had with their term papers.

and -- at the end of the course - he gave back all our term papers with grades - except mine..and when i asked where mine was -- he just gave me my grad, A - BUT not the actual pages i scratched my analysis on...i remember he blushed a little saying he couldn't find it - so sorry, but that my grade was A. LOL.

and months later - he published a book giving examples of modern music analysis - and someone that read it told me the chosen material of music i analyzed were THERE...hehe...so i just shrugged my shoulders..laughed it off and 'there's more where that comes from - if he wants - tell him i'll give him for his next book".

that's why they're rich and successful and i'm not. it's the story of my life really. lol.

so those were times when i was applying proper grammar and construction and all that..

Rocky Racoon • 2 years ago

Note even a footnote eh? Nice of him. I used to have trouble reading your posts too remember? I like the animation now.

teddyfromcd • 2 years ago

thank you.

i just have a bad habit..sorry . so hard to break now..but i will keep remembering to control it. i know it is very annoying to others also.

Kjell Hasthi • 2 years ago

- Apart from preparing the ground for destabilizing Russia from within, the US is already planning

I haven't gone through the sources yet. But are you telling the sources tells "US" wants to destabilize Russia, and also start a WW? US is a superpower in decline -> US has more important problems to worry about
US think tank - does not have to mean the client is US
A Russian think tank may be pro-Putin or anti-Putin. In last case that is not a "Russian" think tank, more an Oligarch think tank

Most people may think that is not literally, and only about Russians. Stan Monteith is American and his is worried about all Christians are going to be killed off in many ways (as an illustration I create myself: Special tax on Christianity, and vaccines for Christians that will make them infertile)
"The Government Is KILLING YOU - Stan Monteith The Prophecy Club"
(one surprising US goverment policy was about promoting homosexuality and discourage marriage and children, and if people have children, it should only be one child. Then promote all kind of diseases and ban cures for cancer)

Anja K. Boettcher • 2 years ago

The US either wants to topple an independent Russian government or to go step for step up a pre-planned escalation ladder. The ficticious scenario in the script, composed by a thinktank for that conference, shows something like a chess arrangement: We will make move x1, then they either will have to surrender or they will go step y1. Secondly we make move x2, then they will either have to.... and so on.

In this scenario (which really names the dates of the described chain of events, supposed to start next year) they really think through any use of the weapons they have at their disposal.

And a second aspect becomes obvious: They are determined never to allow any of their "allies" turning out to be a possible game-changer. They take into consideration that they may always use Poland and Lithuania for the next step of escalation, if it's convenient, and the German government to slow things down, if they need it. But that any other country could persuade them to alter any of their steps or even the general course is definitely outruled.

Nuclear war is not at all a no-go for the US, while I am absolutely sure that the Russians would only make use of it under the inescapble threat of physical extinction - following the clear message: "If you decide, we have to die, we won't go alone."

This is as well Ron Paul's view, that of Clinton's defense secretary William Perry and Andre Damon's interpretation of John Kerry's current message to Japan.

Kjell Hasthi • 2 years ago

Your source (1) is Washington DC / Pentagon related
We may equal that with Hillary in US

Your source (2) "FutureWorld Fundation"
(another "Towers of Babylon")
- Addressing vulnerability and promoting security

"We have commissioned in-depth research from leading think tanks across the world on the questions underpinning the Global Agenda."

We = the fundation
"leading think tanks across the world" = Khazarian think tanks
"Global Agenda" = the Khazarian agenda
Khazarian (they are global Elite). It has nothing to do with US interests

How do you conclude it is "US", not Khazarian?

Your source (3) "Joint Air Power Competence Centre (JAPCC) "

Anja K. Boettcher • 2 years ago

My source (1) is from the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessment. The persons who sign responsible are all US congressmen. They have as well produced the script I have linked (even if the link was as well given on the sites of Future World.)

Wikipedia says about the CSB:
"The Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA) is an independent, non-profit, Washington, D.C.-based think tank specializing in US defense policy, force planning, and budgets. It is headed by Andrew Krepinevich, a West Point graduate. According to its website, CSBA’s mission is “to promote innovative thinking and debate about national security strategy, defense planning and military investment options… [and] to enable policymakers to make informed decisions in matters of strategy, security policy and resource allocation.”[1] CSBA emphasizes initiatives the United States and its allies can take to wisely invest in the future, even during periods of fiscal austerity and uncertainty. CSBA evaluates its policy proposals through the net assessment methodology, wargaming, and by estimated impact on the Department of Defense budget over multiple Future Years Defense Programs."

How can you claim it has nothing to do with the US-administration?

Rocky Racoon • 2 years ago

Forget this guy he is a disinformation agent here to take people down a rabbit hole to no where.

Kjell Hasthi • 2 years ago

Washington DC is world military center. But people are jumping to : -It is an American (i.e. a Christian) military center, and then - Hillary will be working for Americans. Hillary has another agenda, revealed by emails
The six-star is both an Israeli and a Khazarian emblem (Judaic they too). Khazarian will be the accurate meaning. The Bushes and Hillary are Khazarians. Iraq war (just South of Khazaria empire) was a Khazarian war, f*** US (Iraq has importance to world history on level of Egypt. There are some secrets below ground they wanted to control - Iraq has one of the entrances to the Underground World?)

bosje • 2 years ago

It seems to me that what Hillary is up to when elected president, is making a war with Russia, which Europe has to fight and Putin will win.
No illusions about Europe's capacity and willingness to repeat Operation Barbarossa.

Anja K. Boettcher • 2 years ago

Nor have I. But the problem is the existence of nasty weapons like nuclear bombs. You no longer need long lines of marching troops to mess up other countries and your own.

An attempt of a traditonal war would have no chance, because they would hardly find enough young people who would be willing to fight it. What for?

If some bloody politician declared a traditional war against Russia, young people should just throw away their weapons, before anybody has fired a single bullet, and say: "Okay, we surrender. Would you like some beer?"

Any other scenario would be as tragic as absurd: Would we (=ordinary people) want to waste our young people's lives for the bloody occupation of a territory where we are not wanted? Hardly so. Would the Russians be keen to do anything like that the other way round? Definitely not.

Somehow visiting each other's country as guest or tourist is much nicer.

Everything else is a sick desire of elitist hubris of snobs who are incapable of spending their time on decent objectives.

Kjell Hasthi • 2 years ago

USA can stand 50.000 losses before Washington DC will be burned down, Russia 5 millions.

Anja K. Boettcher • 2 years ago

But that would be a sad loss of lives - especially as people like Nuland, Kagan, McCain, Soros or the Brzézinskis would hardly be among the victims.

The people who would deserve it are unfortunately never those who die first.

Kjell Hasthi • 2 years ago

Of course. Both US and Israel have a problem: They cannot stand losses, have never stood losses. Saddam could have broken Bush by executing American pilots live on screen. Would not take long. Today the wars are presented as: - No one died
The Hezbollah war ended soon when IDF had losses

Kjell Hasthi • 2 years ago

My impression is Operation Barbarossa was without any strategic goal.
- When will the operations end?
- Before Christmas
- Our clothes are only meant for summer
- I know, don't worry

Rocky Racoon • 2 years ago

Ok even if it was Zionists they are using American resources to accomplish goals. Cries of rape are over. You protest to much.

Kjell Hasthi • 2 years ago

I would not care unless we the People cannot make a decent fight before we know who to fight
What is the job of (Progressive) media? To make us fight the Right wing people / the Conservatives / the Fundamental Christians / Neocons (NYT term -> neo-Conservatives = crypto-Conservatives) -> make us blind

Who are we going to fight?

Rocky Racoon • 2 years ago

Well you are letting a Canadian run for President against the constitution so obviously even when you have a fight.....

Kjell Hasthi • 2 years ago

Americans are at last seeing through it all and support Trump
- F*** media, f*** Washington
Trump can be anything, also Hitler, as long as he is their Hitler
Americans don't want any another false Hitler
Trump can hate whoever he wants as long as he loves Americans
Trump can make war as much as he wants as long as it is war for Americans
What Americans don't want is another fake war

teddyfromcd • 2 years ago

the destabilizing of russia p[roject goes apace, even accelerating -

it is what the USA has to do in order to preserve its primacy - that's the whole point. it knows it is a vicious rabid dog cornered in its exposed brutality so now -- it is lashing out in all directions -- it's an all-out war, . that has actually been going from the USA FOR A LONG TIME NOW. it can't help itself -- it's what the USA IS AND DOES.

Rocky Racoon • 2 years ago

Broke and going for broke, doubling down on PNAC and FSD.

Jane • 2 years ago

Good post!!

teddyfromcd • 2 years ago

thank you, Jane.

Kjell Hasthi • 2 years ago

- it is what the USA has to do in order to preserve its primacy -
You are jumping to conclusion, Americans are enslaved they too

- because the USA can not let go of its obsession
That is psychology, not politics

teddyfromcd • 2 years ago

yes -- but that doesn't change the fact.

the usa can not let go of its obsession.

the population has access to technology and information . it matters little that the explanation that ''we are just being misled" is trundled out tme and time again.

that is the excuse of the NAZIS and germans - in the aftermath of the war to say "we never knew".

what matters is -- IF americans say that they are a people who have 'values"

family, church, god, faith, trust, courage, truth, justice, equality, fairness, compassion...

it does NOT take a genius or access to the secrets of governance and media as to KNOW the difference between a country "our country" -- going abroad, crossing oceans, in the news all the time about some ''far-away place" they couldn't even place on the map

being a place where their leaders TALK all the time about bombing and invading and landing troops and sending the FBI to ''investigate" affairs elswherethe CIA , the NSA, the oil spills, the revolts, the dictators toppled, some country ''far away" in trouble


it does not take a college education or a highschool education or having at one's fingertips all the world's ''fact checking" -- or even the TIME to do it -

when a person of a country keeps hearing about these ''foreign entanglements"

it is SELF-EVIDENT even to a child that 'WE ARE MEDDLESOME" .

and therefore the only true explanation is that this is a CULTURAL, SOCIETAL -- CALL it even a ''passive -aggressive" attitude among the american populace about what their leaders tell them lie to them about -- but it doens't matter.

OTHER LANDS are other lands -- AND ONE HAS NO BUSINESS going there far away where one's ''soldiers' nephew, friend, aunt, grandpa or the highschool football player or the guy from the other street or the guys from kansas" and whatever IS

because the OBVIOUS is starting them n the face...lies or no lies...

it's NOT YOUR LAND - and people are dying elsewhere ALWAYS ASSOCIATED with the presence of americans.

it is therefore what a young , unknown american poet described it as:



Kjell Hasthi • 2 years ago


I remember the resistance against Vietnam war was so great US started to disintegrate. The President was also against Vietnam war. Both the President and the People. The American psyche was: - What the f*** are we doing there?

Rocky Racoon • 2 years ago

I am hoping for the draft. That should liven things up a bit.

teddyfromcd • 2 years ago

OF COURSE you are right.

but the point is -- public opinion when people - based on simple, universally shared instincts and upbringing that something is BAD and another is GOOD

as simple as HUNGER or PLENTY -- or kicking down someone's door that's not yours who actually lives in the far end of the street and doesn't even know you or anything to do with you yet you GO THERE to kick their door down and kill their children for things your friends and you or your parents say are the reasons..

these are not complicated matters that require ''everything we know about that family over there one street away".

you're just MEDDLING and are the aggressor - and it doesn't require SMARTS to undestand that.

therefore -- by the TIME public opinion -- such as that of americans -- resonates to ''opppose the vietnam war"

it is TOO LATE -- they already - as a country destroyed another that wasn't in any way even close to theirs - let alone showing up on america's doorsteps while tens of thousands of americans are 'given fare thee well - be safe" by their parents and families and schools and communities

to do what?

go across oceans and engage themselves in lands far away?

ANY SIMPLETON instinctively sees that it is WRONG because NO vietnamese came and ASKED for americans to "come kill these other vietnamese that we dont like" , ''bring us your freedom".

like the way syria was forced to ask russia - and putin explained to his people..and THEIR public opinion - while CAUTIOUS and fearful of an engagement - UNDERSTOOD and saw the same experience their country had from the foreign invaders like the nazis -- and said :

"alright but we hope it won't/ be too long - we don't like war we know what it is -- but that country really has no one else to turn to but us".

americans have shown they are NOT like this in any degree..they go about in their callous, ''carefully studied detached attitude to the suffering of others" even if

THEIR COUNTRY has caused dozens and dozens and dozens of such misery upon others -- and REFUSE to face up to THEIR OWN callousness and CAREFULLY POSED ''detachment"

because they KNOW - deep down -- they are WRONG in being ''passive" about it - repeatedly so - not JUST ONE instance -- but year after year, generation after geneartion




Rocky Racoon • 2 years ago

Those meddlesome personalities show up on this board as well. lol Making self righteous demands. Anyway DRAGOON 2 in play for this summer.

Kjell Hasthi • 2 years ago

- to preserve its primacy
its = USA's ?
I doubt that. USA is going to be a 3rd world country, besides USA is heading for a major natural disaster, causing USA to be split into two (I guess source is from future - whoever is the source, this is what DHS is preparing for, a major disaster)

Disaster map

Europa after a flood?

Guest • 2 years ago
Kjell Hasthi • 2 years ago


Americans preparing themselve for what to come

teddyfromcd • 2 years ago

we know that already -- its FALL s already in process..but that's the exact reason why it is going all out and escalating and putting up fires everywhere towards russia -- because the USA can not let go of its obsession. it thinks that by doing so against russia -- china will be left isolated as the next target for ''never allowing rivals to ever again rise against us".

but -- being the lunatic country that it is -- it WILL do the lunatic thing.

it's the DNA of the USA. and the only way for the russian ethnics in the baltics to do , imo,


TO exactly THE CONFLAGRATION the lunatic USA wants. in either case -- the russian ethnics WILL LOSS not just their possessions by their very lives. they have to FLEE NOW..IMO. while they have to time -- and that time is BEST USED INSIDE the safety of Their real homeland, russia.

Guest • 2 years ago
Rocky Racoon • 2 years ago

now you are being a nuisance. So F,O.

Gogodoll • 2 years ago

What's the problem? Isi it a coiincidence that here we have more people ganging up on teddy than all this previous time? I don't think so. If you have problems with caps skip. If you have problems with how long or short is someone's comment skip. There are people who are not limited by sucha things and want to read good comments like teddy's.

teddyfromcd • 2 years ago

just bad, bad people, through and through, is really the only way to sum it all,

just bad, evil, cold hearted people

Kjell Hasthi • 2 years ago

When some Washington (politician) was asked why he opposed Trump
- He is not part of the Security establishment
"Security establishment" = insider
Trump cannot be President because he does not belong to the Washington Security establishment. My point is you are either born "Jewish" (Khazarian) or not. If you are not born "Jewish" you will never be "Jewish" either, or US President, whatever money you have. If you on the other hand is born "Jewish", and you cannot handle the career ladder, they will find a job for you. You will never be on the street (except in Israel, where they all are "Jewish". That will be the worst place to be "Jewish". Germany will be a nice place, those who matters are "Jewish")

Anja K. Boettcher • 2 years ago

Kjell, an honest question: Why are you so obsessed with the question whether somebody is Jewish? Which US-president has ever been Jewish, as you suggest? I can't recollect any.

I see it like teddyfromcd: There are obviously destructive elements which get hold of state power from time to time, and in really bad times, the most powerful institutions primarily attract cold-hearted and evil people. But since when has this something to do with ethnicity?

I regard the current US-elites as evil in their cruel and inhuman intentions and actions, but would never regard that as specific of the American people. Why should any ethnic group be different by birth?

Kjell Hasthi • 2 years ago

Jewish = Semitic, like Hebrews
JFK, Bush, Clinton, Carter, Johnson = "Jewish" / Khazarian
Harrison Ford = "Jewish", not Jewish
Whoopi Goldberg = "Jewish" for sure
Demi Moore = "Jewish", not Jewish

- I regard the current US-elites as evil
Of course. I am stating who they are, of Khazarian descent
I am tired of all those millions "Jewish" calling themselves Jewish