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bill manning • 5 years ago

What we are probably dealing with here is the Trump crime family. Primarily, I smell financial crimes of some sort, since Trump has no ideological moorings to speak of, but that could easily obscure treasonous behavior in a still-unexplained mania to please the Russians. The Trumps and their hangers-on all act like they have something to hide...which may explain all the smoke they are generating, intentionally or not.

whoaminow • 6 years ago

Old man's having a tough time.

mlc5741 • 6 years ago

Government officials, past and present, aren't always going to tell the media the truth, or what they want to know.

downtown21 • 6 years ago

This column is a disgrace. It belongs in The Federalist or NRO.

Birmingham Jail Cell • 6 years ago

How did Comrade Trump's "Russiagate Scandal" start?

The best our intelligence comment can determine ... it started with "The Donald" luxuriating under a steady stream of golden Russian 'elixir.'

Otherwise how do you explain the color of Trump's hair?

Tom_Joad • 6 years ago

Well, it just gets deeper by the day, doesn't it? And did you see Samantha Bee interviewing two of the Russian paid trolls? One pretended to be a housewife in Nebraska. The other could be any of the commenters on here. You could understand the Russian Fake News trolls, they were Russian and Paid. But the American ones are much harder to understand. They think they are patriots, but they are really traitors. The next question is, is Donald really as incompetent as he is acting? Does he have the beginning stages of Alzheimers, and is that why he keeps doing things like telling the Russians state secrets? Can he still be held accountable for his actions?

S.J. Jolly • 6 years ago

Was there collusion -- I.e., a plan of action -- between Putin and Trump? Maybe. Or, Putin might simply have unilaterally decided to direct his agents to aid Trump's election chances by embarrassing the Democrats.

MMesser ✓Basket_Case • 6 years ago

Maybe? Why do you say that, where there is no evidence whatsoever to support the notion?

You might as well say "Maybe the earth really is flat..."

JUBB 3500 • 5 years ago

The investigation's are just getting rolling. Lot's kept secret, but will soon be made public. Impeachment IS coming. :)

MMesser ✓Basket_Case • 5 years ago

So is Godot.

Robert J. Romano • 6 years ago

The FBI was a part of Clapper's Jan. 2017 report at https://www.dni.gov/files/d... : "This report includes an analytic assessment drafted and coordinated among The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and The National Security Agency (NSA), which draws on intelligence information collected and disseminated by those three agencies." If the FBI knew there was some sort of collusion between the Trump campaign and putting the DNC, Podesta emails on Wikileaks, it should have put it on the table when there was an investigation running across no less than three agencies.

furtive • 6 years ago

Attorney General Robert H. Jackson;
“The prosecutor has more control over life, liberty, and reputation than any other person in America. His discretion is tremendous. . . .While the prosecutor at his best is one of the most beneficent forces in our society, when he acts from malice or other base motives, he is one of the worst.”

A prosecutor has almost unilateral, unchecked ability to destroy the lives of those he charges. It is beyond troubling that our top law enforcement officer chooses the company of those who repeatedly failed their duty.

👈 😎👍 • 6 years ago

Puzzlingly frank article for this bastion of left-wing propaganda.

Glitch in the matrix?

Tom_Joad • 6 years ago

I see the paid trolls are out.

mitrom • 6 years ago

It's obvious that this Russia-Trump investigation is a ruse to spy on Trump and his associates for dirt. I'm sure the Obama Admin spied on other political foes. His admin has a history of it. Let's hope that Mueller actually has some integrity and finds the truth.

MMesser ✓Basket_Case • 6 years ago


furtive • 6 years ago

See: Trevor Aaronson: "The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War On Terrorism,”
Irish Good ol boy Mueller as FBI DIRECTOR created the Terror Factory- conspired to entrap Muslims and arrested them as terrorists to justify the FBI's inflated budget.
The FBI are the keystone cops. They are coverup operators & incompetent. Nothing but a gangster operation.

Mueller mentored Comey. Both are corrupt, pretending to be patriotic.
Comey got $3 million as a "board member" at Lockheed Martin to shut down Clintons Treason investigation.
Mueller wants Trump's tax returns to dig into. He has UNLIMITED boundaries to probe.

Obama never gave up his life to an independent counsel. Lynch Holder & Yates protected him.

Rod Rosenstein must be compromised. No other answer why he didn't protect Trump.

Gangsters are running our country like a banana republic.
No honest person can lead these criminals. They turn the tables & charge the innocent.

(See Senator Stevens because he ran for another term in Alaska. They killed him!)

MMesser ✓Basket_Case • 6 years ago

Mueller is opening a criminal probe when no law has been broken, and no crime has been committed, or any evidence thereof. A criminal probe to discover a crime! That's Bolshevik style. The Dems and RINO's have brought about the complete destruction of our justice system.

AFAIK, Trump can and should give Mueller the boot. What can they do about it? Nothing but invent stories.

Ozzone • 6 years ago

"Russiagate" is going to backfire on the DemocRats big time. I can't wait for the finale.

Rotorblade • 6 years ago

American Leftists have exposed themselves as the childish, bedwetting, regressives they truly are.

They have nothing and no idea where to go next.

eingriff • 6 years ago

And why, in the name of all that's holy, have the dystopian officials of America never investigated the identity, marital status, constitutional eligibility and loyalty of the communist Quisling pretender to the Office of President, who collaborated with Putin for decades, and whose machinations will probably kill the United States of America and cause the collapse of civilization.

TheShadow • 6 years ago

Nations don't add millions of jobs, trillions to the stock market, security to its border and then collapse.

furtive • 6 years ago

Hey, Matt,
Substitute Trump for Hil-Lia-y & any special counsel will have enough
evidence to execute her.
Why doesn't Tahibbi investigate the uranium hil-liar y sold to the Russians & how she LAUNDERED A payoff INTO THE CLINTON FOUNDATION; or Why the FBI DIDN'T SEIZE THE DNC COMPUTERS; or why was Seth Rich assassinated?

Or how john podesta got rich on Russian banking while working in the Obama White House.

What came first, Matt, voter fraud or Trump's large crowds?

Read the book, "Shattered" & you will discover how & Hil-liar-y CONSPIRED TO SPIN THE WAG THE DOG EXCUSE AS A RUSSIAN HACK WHEN IT WAS SETH RICH , & they murdered him.
Any one in Con-gross could use the book as evidence, & the circu$$ of idiots will stop burning up taxpayers/other people's money on gossip & SLANDER!! (burr & warner should be expelled for this ruse -chaffetz is prematuring resigning!!!)

Gumshoe reporter or Goebbels parrot, which are you, Matt?

TheShadow • 6 years ago

Solid, solid

How do you get the bold font?

furtive • 6 years ago

Look up < > "bold font" I cannot show the charactersl

L. Wm. Roberts • 6 years ago

Russian-connection my hynnie --- Is the DNC and Hillary connection to Wikileaks Source Seth Rich and his probable actual death in the Hospital, hours after the time recorded on his death-certificate, news-worthy yet... or is Faceplant and Tweeker still deleting the message?

downtown21 • 6 years ago

Even Fox News has retracted that story, stupid.

L. Wm. Roberts • 6 years ago

Hannity has "Retracted Nothing"... Skippy!

Tune-in tonight

downtown21 • 6 years ago

So you're proudly bragging that you listen to a TV host who spreads misinformation even after his own employers won't stand by it anymore?

Matthew2237 • 6 years ago

You want to know what they are looking for? They are looking for any possible excuse to not pass a budget for the 9th consecutive fiscal year. Continuing resolutions are DC Establishment Priority #1. All other priorities are rescinded.

Punditator • 6 years ago

What it seems they are trying to so is Scooter Libby or Martha Stewart someone on the Trump team and therein cripple his Presidency. While I think Trump is immune to such silliness, people like Ryan, Sasse, McConnell and McCain are owned by the media.

Billybob9 • 6 years ago

The way these things are usually wrapped up is someone brings in a Jew to put on trial, and then he is found guilty, and punished for the propitiation of the Establishment's sins.

Elliot Abrams, Scooter Libby, there are others in the past ~ Roy Cohn springs to mind ~ he was Trump's buddy....... but he's not there to kick around anymore or THEY would be doing that.

I think it's a strain of professional antisemitism that really needs to be curbed, which is why we need to DO A WOMAN THIS TIME ~ and Hillary Clinton is perfectly suitable for that purpose.


PNW_Patriot • 6 years ago

Maybe the investigation is a ruse started by Obama apparatchiks with the idea that Trump would self-destruct under the pressure… Looks like it's working.

Ozzone • 6 years ago

You obviously don't know Donald Trump very well. He does more work by 7am than most billionaires do all day. He has negotiated multi-million dollar deals and came out on top over and over.

Of course if you read the fake stream media, they claim Trump is totally unhinged and about to commit suicide.

Patrice Couture • 6 years ago

Or the investigation is a Russian hoax perpetrated on the Democrats to make them look bad and help Trump.

👈 😎👍 • 6 years ago

Democrats don't need any help to look bad.

Patrice Couture • 6 years ago

Agreed. But that will be their defense if and when the Russia gate is proven false.

FRED • 6 years ago

Exactly what statute has Trump violated? Last time I looked winning an election is not a crime!

Bridget • 6 years ago

The leftist look like " Fools on the Hill " !

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disqus_8khqz1RlNM • 6 years ago


Jon Carry • 6 years ago

You need to buy a new keyboard.

furtive • 6 years ago

No. A new brain.

Socrates44 • 6 years ago

The "Russia" investigation is a red herring, a hoax. Can anyone, anyone name the statute that is being referenced for this "investigation?" They can't because there is none. Is there any claim or evidence that a single vote was compromised by the "Russians" in favor of Trump? Anyway, they don't want him POTUS, because he is no pushover, like HRC would have been. it's all a fiction, all of it.

furtive • 6 years ago

Expensive disruptive fiction. Burr Warner & Schumer should be charged with stealing taxpayers money.
If they were in the private sector, they would get fired & sued.

Michael Langlinais • 6 years ago

Given all of the leaks from the professional bureaucrat class since Trump took office, does that it stand to reason that if there were real crimes committed, they'd have been leaked? What has been leaked to date mostly comes under the heading of "Help, I'm butt-hurt and I can't get up!"

Socrates44 • 6 years ago

You know what is a crime? Hillary and Bill Clinton brokering the sale of 20% of our uranium stockpiles to Russia, which was then shuttled to Iran...you know Iran, Barack's buddies in that "deal" that put us all in peril? You want a crime? Point it at the Clinton Crime Family and Obama.

👈 😎👍 • 6 years ago

Russiagate is a Democrat smoke screen.

Ozzone • 6 years ago

Of course it is. The problem is that they painted themselves into a corner with the lie and have no choice but to double down. This made up scandal is going to be the downfall of the DNC and it's lapdog media.

Guest • 6 years ago

Dershowitz says the special counsel will find no crime, that even if Trump colluded with the Russians, that's not a crime, tho it would be politically unpopular. If so, then Mueller is a taxpayer paid DNC muck-raker.

Now, if money was donated by the Russians and not reported by Trump, that would be a crime. Money donated and reported that is not allowed has always been allowed to be returned to the donor e.g. the Buddhist Nun scandal. It would be a violation of equal protection to go after Trump for that if other political figures were allowed to make amends.