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cestusdei • 1 year ago

Of course it's a crime, but the Left is making it legal. We warned that homosexuals were going to do this. It all started with them. Don't believe them when they claim they oppose it. Obergefell set the stage.

SicSemperTyrannis1776 • 1 year ago

The left keeps claiming that members of the LGBTQ "community" do not prey on children, but that lie fools only the most gullible in our society. Those who identify as LGBTQ are mentally ill and should be confined for the public good.

Guest • 1 year ago

That was the event that literally let the perverted Genie out of the bottle. Thank you John Roberts, the fake Catholic. Justice Thomas, the real Chief Justice, gives me some hope.

let freeedumb splain'eth • 1 year ago

you know whats a crime?

using church non profit status for political purposes

cestusdei • 1 year ago

Gee, that was upheld by the SCOTUS long ago. You know what a crime is? Sexualizing children, which you are doing and supporting. You guys want to legalize pedophilia and don't bother to hide it anymore. That will come back to bite you.

Guido Sarducci • 1 year ago

Like Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, W. Seth Martin, Chicago pastor Charlie Dates, and Houston pastor Ralph West???

@Real_Truth • 1 year ago

Is it okay for the non profiteers at bread and puppet theatre to use puppets for marxist political purposes and bigoted hate speech?

Like Al Sharpton?

@Real_Truth • 1 year ago

Do alfonso sharpton and jessica jackson preside over an actual pulpit? I know they call themselves reverends and all but…

@Real_Truth • 1 year ago
let freeedumb splain'eth • 1 year ago


lots of christians, gym teachers, scout leaders, and gop candidates would face the chair

Gravity • 1 year ago

What gym teachers? Accusations against Jordan has been by incarcerted druggies and never corraborated. What GOP candidates? Plenty of DNC donors - Bean, Esptein, Weinstien, and as for teachers, a history teacher in Tustin, CA was just caught trying to sexually assault a young teen! He's the head of the "Gay Club" at school and was the pres of the local union group.

SicSemperTyrannis1776 • 1 year ago

Plenty of elected Democrats, too.

DEEZNUTZ • 1 year ago
@Real_Truth • 1 year ago

1. Christians!? You mean Catholics? Yeah, the pope also supports the beastly Covid jab.🤣

2. Porky’s!

3. Scout leaders? You know the Boy Scout leaders are all females and gay men now right?

‘Boy Scouts change policy on gay scout leaders’


4.‘Arizona Democrat Tony Navarrete resigns after arrest on child sex abuse charges’
https://www.independent.co.... resign-child-sex-abuse-b1900901.html



You mean homoz who identify as Catholics.

I like this sock because it shows what creepy Jim actually thinks.

Ryan Ellis • 1 year ago

Tucker is a GODSEND!
Thank you, God, for Tucker's input on the issues, such as this one!

There needs to be a place IN PERSON for Patriots to meet and learn together in my area in Michigan.

The Legendary Lee Canady is a man you need to get to know TODAY!

I will pray for America. Please pray for me. God Bless you.
Trump 2022! 🇺🇸

Steve Bannon for Vice President!
In any event, be the change you wish to see in the world and run for local elected office. Do not just trust the process; BECOME the process.

Carpenter_E • 1 year ago

Trump fired Steve Bannon on behalf of the pro-Hillary Democrat *Jared Kushner, and the Democrat *Gary Cohn from Goldman Sachs, who wanted him gone as he was the architect of the MAGA agenda, and the only one who stood up for the campaign promises in WH debates.

"From now on we will have good days and bad days. But the revolution we fought for, and won, is over."
-Steve Bannon, after being fired and insulted and ridiculed by Trump

Gary Cohn later bragged about stealing papers from Trump's desk before he could see them. This was the kind of person Trump preferred once in office. He gave Cohn and Kushner the right to write bank laws, which meant there'd be no Glass-Stegall act to protect individual savers when predators like Goldman Sachs gambled with investors' money and caused wild fluctuations again.

Trump of course never audited Obama's enormous recession handouts, as that would show how much money went to Goldman Sachs.

Trump was elected on a promise to stop mass immigration. But he gave pro-immigration Kushner the office closest to the Oval Office. He then pardoned a Jewish Orthodox man who employed hundreds of illegal aliens in his kosher chicken plant, some of them children, under "hellish conditions" according to the police. The Orthodox Jews in New York told Kushner that he should be pardoned, and Kushner told Trump, who obeyed.

But he did not pardon Julian Assange, who revealed the enormous crimes committed by the NSA - opening the mail of hundreds of millions of Americans and others without a warrant. Trump had a poster of Assange in his campaign HQ and said "I love this guy!" But once in office he pretended that "I don't know Assange".

MAGA disappeared with Steve Bannon being the last breath.

Gravity • 1 year ago

First off, GLASS-STEGAL was ended by CLINTON, not by Trump. Trump ended some of the "Frank/something" which actually made "too big to fail banks" EVEN BIGGER. As for MAGA, it has not disappeared, as MAGA has been around for many many decades, long before Kushner and probalby you, have been alive.

Yes, the ADL does not like Trump. We get it. Of course, these aren't the reasons.

DEEZNUTZ • 1 year ago
thatindividual • 1 year ago

I’ve run out of words.

W M • 1 year ago

The goal of the Democrat party and the current illegal occupational Regime is to make pedophilia a protected class. Years from now we will have presidents as corrupt as degenerate Roman emperors who had castrated boys as "wives".

john wilson • 1 year ago

Notice the Satanic dragons wall stickers..connection to child sacrifice???

Carpenter_E • 1 year ago

Have a look at one of the main producers of anti-White propaganda, which includes the hateful attack on the lives of normal, decent Whites. Disney. After Walt Disney's death, when the price of the shares dropped momentarily, they were bought by a group of politically minded Jews.

-The chairwoman of Disney is the Jewish homosexual Susan Arnold.
-The CEO is the Jewish Robert Iger.
-The president of Disney General Entertainment Content is Karey Burke, who boasts that she has made both her children homosexuals, one of them transvestite and the other "pansexual".
-Before Iger, the CEO was the Jewish Michael Eisner.
-The Jewish Jeffrey Katzenberg was the head of Walt Disney Studios 1984-1994.

It's ovious they'll never loosen their grip on the company.

The only Whites allowed at the top are those who have proven their loyalty, like the hateful Karey Burke who has lobbied for Disney to include "many, many, many LGBTQIA characters" in its stories. She has even called for 50 per cent of Disney characters to be either "LGBTQIA" or racial minorities.

Creepy Jim's 4th favorite sock. This is definitely a good post to show to the potential ADL donors.

Valkyrie 777 • 1 year ago

Brandy z can go to china and attempt to say what she just said on American tv
I'd like to see the response she gets over there 💥

thatindividual • 1 year ago

Send her to the world cup.

Valkyrie 777 • 1 year ago

I know many gays
None of them support pedophilia

Kevin Allies • 1 year ago

When they say that the word “groomer” is “anti-LGBT” and they receive absolutely zero push back what they are telling you is that it is all of them. You choose to ignore it because t your ignorance of reality has zero effect on reality.

Valkyrie 777 • 1 year ago

I have gays in my family that don't condone it but because of peer pressure don't speak up
Their bad not mine

Kevin Allies • 1 year ago

Then they are in on it. They know what is happening and they say nothing they are in fact all co-conspirators. They ALL know that the LGBT movement was entirely created to make the one thing that is universally reviled in a functioning society, sex with kids, acceptable. Therefore they are as guilty as if they were doing it themselves.

That means they are enablers. Enablers are just as much to blame.

Even the ones raping kids, say they don't support pedophilia.

Guest • 1 year ago
Valkyrie 777 • 1 year ago

My brother in law is gay but was married to a woman who he had kids with and they were never groomed by him
I don't condone homosexuality it's against God's law but I can't stop people from practicing it just as I can't stop anyone from being a bigot

Kevin Allies • 1 year ago

B@llsh@t they weren’t. They were groomed to accept it as if it is normal.

@Real_Truth • 1 year ago


Valkyrie 777 • 1 year ago