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joe spamerton • 1 year ago

Could the Malthusian elites be grooming an administrative caste of eunuchs to run the HR departments?

Twilightingale • 1 year ago

They want us "in our place" which is subservient to them. The actual racists are always on the left, as they always talk about it and divide people by it and pit groups against each other by race. Democrats may not take our Laws seriously but at least someone does. I saw a clip of Ron DeSantis announcing an illegal immigration 'strike force', and you should peruse it for yourself near the top at Whatfinger News in the video bar. We are being flooded with what Dems hope are future leftist voters and need to stop that. I self-identify as Joe Biden so I can have all my election theft cohorts arrested and executed then turn 'other me' in too so Trump can rightfully finish his 2nd elected term.

Vegan Taco • 1 year ago

“By properly interpreting the Constitution, the Supreme Court has answered the prayers of millions upon millions of Americans,” DeSantis said. I switched in 2018 from alt leftist Drudge to that site you mentioned, in 2018. If you are easily offended, Whatfinger News buffet of latest news with 24/7 updates, is not the site for you. The Florida Supreme Court has previously ruled that the state’s constitutional privacy amendment protects abortion rights there beyond federal law. It will be interesting to see how they interpret abortion laws after Friday’s SCOTUS ruling.

Hammerstrike • 1 year ago

The Chad "fight to the end" White Russian vs Virgin "former collaborators meekly marching to their deaths" Kulak.

No surprise that the controlled opposition prefers the latter.

DeAnna Elena Calderon • 1 year ago

Just so everyone knows:

Russian Communists = Red army.
The Tsarist royalists = White army

Russians associated with the White army were called “White Russians” regardless of their ethnic identity.

Tom • 1 year ago

They have already filled those positions with man hating feminists.

Russell McGinnis • 1 year ago

The other side has met with ZERO material resistance since Henry Ford's expose because of mealy mouth diversionary labeling such as yours.

Obscurity is all they need to succeed and you are their most valuable asset.

The communist assault is and always been genocidal race war by Jews against Whites.

City of London
Lizard People
Trilateral Commission

Man up. Doesn't matter if you piss them off --- either way their "Covenant with God" requires them to slaughter our children.

Our assailants are the Global Jewish Nation, who gave us 9/11, AGW, Covid, Ukraine, mass shootings and both World Wars.

RUKidding • 1 year ago

Get help dude. You're not well. Seriously. Get help.
This dude needs to be flagged. Hello ?

Russell McGinnis • 1 year ago

Instead of offering countervailing facts you indulge in smear and censorship.

Are you MEGAPHONE or Hasbara?

RUKidding • 1 year ago


Libertybelle • 1 year ago



The Internet Gangster • 1 year ago

'Malthusian' is correct. London's subterfuge in the United States is tremendous.

SoggyDredger • 1 year ago
HonkyTonkin • 1 year ago
Twilightingale • 1 year ago

That is what they did to Trump, on everything not just race, and it is the opposite of our legal system. Plus everything they accused him of they were guilty of themselves and while he tried to prove his innocence they were off committing more crimes.

NatureBuoy • 1 year ago
Twilightingale • 1 year ago

And none of us were in a condom...

Todd Clemmer • 1 year ago

Who would want their child attending these marxist indoctrination camps?

SwiftHedgehoglet • 1 year ago

Those who claim another race are championed, at least on the left (Warren, King, Dolezal) and ditto if they claim to be trans or something else. We used to help people with obvious mental problems, now they lord over us and dictate to us.

JoeShepherd • 1 year ago

Whites should identify as Hispanic to get past these ridiculous gatekeeping policies. During a job interview they cannot even bring up the topic.

Twilightingale • 1 year ago

It should be a crime to claim another race if for financial gain, and I know the three mentioned all profited by it. Gender dysphoria is a real thing and treatable, but the surgeries are torture. A woman who had male surgery and is now back to a woman tells of 17 inches of hair growing inside her downstairs and constant infections. Nothing glamorous about those things.

Joe McCarthy was right • 1 year ago

The real crime is using race in the first place.

Duties • 1 year ago

College has become a waste of time, money and mind. Whites are better off learning a trade, moving to the country, growing their own food and stocking up on guns and ammo.

bilderbuster • 1 year ago

Ask White South Africans how that has been working out for them. Whites are still barely a majority but are the only ones not permitted to identify as a group that may have interests exclusive to them while all other racial and ethnic groups are actively encouraged to do so. The only Whites who are encouraged to organize are White homosexuals and women and only when they oppose White males.

donnieboy64 • 1 year ago

sounds exactly like america.

bilderbuster • 1 year ago

I prefer to compare Weimerika to Weimar Germany because both were destroyed by a minority within.

donnieboy64 • 1 year ago

what minority in germany are you referring too? for that matter what minority in america are you referring too? just curious.

Frank Frivilous • 1 year ago

Everybody knows who that minority is. They use the same playbook because it worked so well in WW2. All the top Nazi leadership were of the same minority background. The current bloodbath in the Ukraine is another good example which is why Lavrov was publicly shamed for his bold comments.

donnieboy64 • 1 year ago

once again...what minority/minorities are you talking about?

Frank Frivilous • 1 year ago

rhymes with Juice.

Dunga Gin • 1 year ago

the lad isn't too bright.

I guess being a hun, a german, in the land of germanic peoples constitutes the minority.

They did let a lot of muslims in though...

donnieboy64 • 1 year ago

yup lol. he's dodging me.

Dunga Gin • 1 year ago

a german can't be a german
a brit can't be a brit
obama claims he's from the irish side of kenya.
You just can't be white any longer.
The elitists are genociding whites for world control.
Can't wait for the white liberal mass genocides of their own.

I hope they let me chip in on that part of the plan.

Guest • 1 year ago
Dunga Gin • 1 year ago

Whites used to be 100% of South Africa. They discovered and founded it.
See what happens when you let the animals in.

StandingO • 1 year ago

Third-world pollution is rampant in the USA.

Cher t • 1 year ago

It starts even before college applications. Public schools are ‘rigging’ scores for minorities and underserved communities. Our local school here in Daytona gives Honor GPA points for the core courses. Meanwhile all the rest get regular Points for core classes. Administrators and Principals help certain students pass tests so they could qualify for scholarships. Determination and hard work isn’t something being taught in school. Just claim as a certain group of people and it’s all yours for the taking.

Guest • 1 year ago
Dunga Gin • 1 year ago

It's how their "teachers" earned their place in life.

JoeDisqus56 • 1 year ago

Google "The myth of american meritocracy". It's a pretty in-depth piece about how underrepresented white christians are considering academic performance. What needs to happen, I think, is voters need to make it known they don't want to vote for ivy league candidates. Get politicians who don't come from the ivy leagues and who don't hire people from the ivy leagues. A lot of what makes those schools important is that so many of our politicians come from them. I imagine a lot of regular whites wouldn't want to send their kids to one and we should be looking for ways to reduce the influence these thoroughly corrupted institutions have.

Guest • 1 year ago
Surak2 • 1 year ago

Not all of us.

JoeDisqus56 • 1 year ago

close enough

M Aurelius • 1 year ago

White males invented the modern world and everything wonderful in it.
We also ended slavery wherever we could.
Remind the ingrates of that fact every time you can.

Guest • 1 year ago
travell lyte • 1 year ago

Without the George Fentanyl myth, Juneteenth would not have been

Dunga Gin • 1 year ago

Well, appreciate your sentiment.
But until the democratic party of the USA is eradicated, we are all slaves in America.
It is what makes them operate.

Frank Frivilous • 1 year ago

Well, what is your answer to Democrats switching parties?

Dunga Gin • 1 year ago

If you are a democrat.
Only eradication thru extermination.

Dunga Gin • 1 year ago

Oh do you mean your nonsense that democrats were republicans and vice versa?
That slavery democrats were republicans and todays democrats a herd of Abraham Lincolns?
You mean that idiocy?
Do the world a favor stay in the basement.