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Homeschool Mom • 1 week ago

Mother of Divine Grace Homeschool is an excellent Traditional Catholic Homeschool (K-12). Here's their site:
I have been using Mother of Divine Grace Homeschool for years and love the Classical curriculum and all the support they give you.
Check out their site. We are so happy we found them!
As far as the old "socialization" wall some throw at you when you are thinking of homeschooling...it is a lie. Think about it. Do you really want other kids "socializing" your Catholic kids? Do you really want the public schools "socializing" your kids? Our children are mature beyond their years due to home schooling. They are extremely confident when talking with adults and peers. Our children never have to worry about being left behind or held back by a public school schedule.
Jump over that chasm and home school your kids. You'll never regret it!

Margaret • 1 week ago

Like most children, my siblings and I attended public schools. Imo, the reasons why most people don't homeschool is: 1) parents don't think they have the qualifications or the time to homeschool and 2) broken homes. If you're working two jobs to put food on the table, pay the bills etc., then public schools look very attractive. However, the reasons reported above may make even single parents think twice about public schools.

Permanentvacation • 1 week ago

For those who are interested in homeschooling, I highly recommend teaching your kid to read before 1st grade with Hooked On Phonics. I used the older kits that one can buy from eBay, levels 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. My eldest was reading chapter books at 4, now she's 12 and reading from the Good Books Program at Angelicum Academy. I found Traditional Catholic readers here http://home.earthlink.net/~.... Kid's kindles are wonderful and http://www.yesterdaysclassi... has wonderful children's classics to download on them, although, there are quite a few protestant books, so be wary. Project Gutenberg is also a great resource as is http://www.traditionalcatho.... Read to your children as much as you can. I've stayed clear of the library after I read my 4 year old a book about 2 male chameleons and I didn't realize what I was reading until the end. Ugh! Stick with the classics! Homeschooling is one of the BEST decisions I've ever made. We travel a lot, driving cross country from California to the East Coast. We get to see history, plantations, civil war sites, revolutionary war cites, Catholic shrines, TLM in the most beautiful churches, and experience wonderful things. I want my children to remember these experiences, not some experience of them being bullied, or molested by a teacher, etc. My kids have lots of friends and we are fortunate to belong to a wonderful homeschool group for our "socialization". We are also members of HSLDA, which I highly recommend.

Atsa4you • 1 week ago

Michael, Can you please share resources for Curriculum K-12? Thank You