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pamino • 4 years ago

A precision: Charles I. of Austria was the last hereditary Emperor of Austria, of which the first was his ancestor Francis I., who in 1804 declared himself to be such as well as the (elected) Holy Roman Emperor Francis II which he had been since 1792. In 1806 he abdicated as Holy Roman Emperor, since when there has been no election to the throne of the Romans followed by coronation as Emperor by the Pope or his deputy, though the heirs of the Electors Temporal of course still exist, as does the one Elector Spiritual, the Bishop of Ratisbon for the time being, formerly Bishop (now cardinal) Müller and at present his successor Bishop Voderholzer, this as provided by a very important, though (believe it or not) nameless law of the Holy Roman Empire passed in 1803, which among other things is the ultimate legal basis for the imposition of church tax. Not Cardinal Marx but Bishop Voderholzer is, by virtue of this law, the present Primate of Germany and Arch-Chancellor of the Holy Roman Empire for its German nation, which includes of course Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, etc., etc., where New High German is the official local language). Nobody has ever pretended to abolish the Holy Roman Empire, but there have been only four Emperors of Austria: Francis I., Ferdinand I., Francis Joseph I. and Carl I. Only the first of these was a Holy Roman Emperor as well (as Francis II), and that only until his abdication as such in 1806, since when the Holy Roman Imperial throne has been vacant, which is why the Holy Week prayers for the Emperor contained in the Missal are not recited, since they never are during the interregnum between the death of an Emperor and the election and coronation of his successor by the Pope or his deputy, who to-day would be Bishop Voderholzer. It is of interest that various attempts to drop these prayers from the Missal caused nineteenth-century Popes and their S.R.C.s many times to call ‘modernising’ printers to order, and the prayers are still there in all pre-Vatican II Missals, though ‘not recited, the Imperial throne being vacant’. Francis I. , Ferdinand I. and for a time Francis Joseph I. were Emperors of Austria (including Hungary), but the later Francis Joseph I. and Carl I. were Emperors of Austria and Kings of Hungary.

veritasetgratia • 4 years ago

Good on you Matt. You are stating what so many of us are saying back in our as yet small circles of friends. We want to grow in the Faith and in the virtues to be ready when and if we are required to go the ultimate. Thank you for your leadership.

The Interrogator • 4 years ago

THANK YOU SO MUCH. It was so good. I wish I were in better shape, because I might like to go.

faithful • 4 years ago

Wonderful pilgrimage.....how long is the walk...what about food service and bathroom facilities ?? Of course with the "massive, massive crisis"...the priesthood is not gleaning too good a reputation.

trish • 4 years ago

God Bless you Michael and all the pilgrimages!

Rod Halvorsen • 4 years ago

Thank you Michael. Very interesting and God bless you and the Traditional movement all over the world.

cs • 4 years ago

Tears of joy!

Thank you, once again, Michael Matt and to all who participated in this remarkable
witness of the Catholic faith, from those who love Christ and His Church, and are willing to sacrifice in the fight for her.

Maggie Sullivan • 4 years ago

Real hope.

Wilf Netherton • 4 years ago

How many of those 20,000 still believe that Bergoglio is the legitimate pope?

Adrian Johnson • 4 years ago

Lots of Catholics are like me: we are loyal to the Papacy, but are not deceived about the bad pope we currently have. It is enough that we warn those who will listen to ignore his bad teachings when they conflict with established Dogma. "This too shall pass." Meanwhile, live the Fatima message, and possess your souls with patience.

Also, do not support any charities associated with the UN-- and that includes charities run by our bishops. I support "Aid to the Church in Need|' and my local food bank, and that's it. I fund needs of my parish directly, not through "pledges" which can't be accounted for.

I do not fund the needs of my parish either.

Remnant Moderator • 4 years ago

Who cares?

Well said.
If he is, ignore him as if he isn't.

...and no money.

Emjay • 4 years ago

A wonderful event! I wish I could walk that long and far, otherwise I would have loved to join the pilgrimage. The Church will be reborn in France.

Dan Gallart • 4 years ago

Pope Francis has degraded the Catholic Faith to such a level that it has transformed it into a new religion, even beyond the corrupting germ of Vatican II and Protestantism. We could call it '' the Francis religion '' a sum of grafts that lead to confusion, to the total lack of substance, taste , smell and color.
Jesus Christ said: I am the salt and the light of the world. If salt is not salty, it can only bring corruption, without preserving and enlightening.

pamino • 4 years ago

I like ‘if salt is not salty’ for ‹si sal evanuerit›, but the rest is a dangerously loose paraphrase. What immediately follows is ‘how can anything be salted? It is good for nothing more than to be thrown out of the house for people to walk over’ (in Our Lord’s time there were as far as I know no rubbish bins).

Guest • 4 years ago

No need for anxiety.
Go full on Trad - no money for novus ordo homos anymore.

HomeschoolMomof4 • 4 years ago

I have never been to a Latin Mass. Our bishop is extremely liberal, and absolutely hates the Traditional Mass and has been working to take it out of our state ever since he became bishop. We have very few churches that offer it here in Arkansas. The closest one to where I live is about 3 hours away and I don't have the means to drive that far each week. I do, however, have an app on my phone and can watch the Traditional Mass on my phone or tablet. I hope and pray that the Traditional Mass will make a resurgence in Arkansas, but because we have so few Catholics in the state, I worry it won't.

Helen Westover • 4 years ago

There is a SSPX and a FSSP in Arkansas. I've been to both.

Adrian Johnson • 4 years ago

See if you can find an Ordinariate Parish within driving distance. Go to a liturgy there, and you will find reverence, holy priests, intelligent and educational sermons, and serious engagement to preserve the family against a corrupt culture. The Ordinariate priests are often outstanding spiritual directors. The congregations are diverse yet likeminded people whom you will find a strong parish family.

pamino • 4 years ago

What is an Ordinariate parish? Is it something that exists in only some places?

Guest • 4 years ago
pamino • 4 years ago

a) Thank you for the explanation, O sternflammende Königin.
b) When you say ‘their rite might be a little different’, exactly what two things are being compared here? One is the preconciliar Missal, I suppose, still essentially that of 1570, but with what Anglican source? Scarcely the Book of Common Prayer, I should think.

Philip Michael • 4 years ago

Let us all pray for a holy pope, holy bishops and many, many, holy priest. And, many holy, faithful, Catholic families.
The Catholic faithful have starved enough being fed modernist gruel by our modernist leaders for the last 50 years.

Micheal • 4 years ago

Could you put some interviews with pilgrims on line ? Both young and old. I am sure that it would be inspiring.

Helen • 4 years ago

Can you open a channel on Bitchute please? YouTube censors pro-lifers.

Scipio Africanus • 4 years ago

Viva Cristo Rey! Our Lady shall crush Modernism--may the Modernists repent and return to the True Faith.

Michigan Patriot • 4 years ago

Amen ! Amen !

The LILY of France • 4 years ago

Deo gratias!

Restoration begins in France. It is where it all began due to the Revolution. I look forward to join you in 2020, which it'll be a critical year.

God bless you, Michael, your family, the Remnant and our Church Militant.

Adrian Johnson • 4 years ago

The formal request by our Lady of Fatima for the consecration of Russia by both Pope & bishops was on 13 June 1929. 100 years from then is 13 June 2029.

In this context, Our Lord pointedly told Sr Lucia that the kings of France had 100 years to consecrate France to his Sacred Heart, and to ratify it by putting this image on the French Flag; but three generations of kings failed to do this and on the very day of the 100th year, the King was deposed. He was later guillotined.

pamino • 4 years ago

What exactly happened on 21.01.1693, then?

peter f • 4 years ago

Not. Sure. But, on 17/06/1689, Sr Margaret Mary Alacoque wrote a letter describing the desire of the Lord for the king of France to consecrate himself, his court and the whole of the kingdom to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
On 17/06/1789 representatives of the 3rd Estate called themselves the National Assembly replacing the king.

pamino • 4 years ago

I think you didn’t see my further message below before writing this.

pamino • 4 years ago

I think I was a bit wide of the mark there, but then so were you, since the King was not deposed until the 21st of September 1792, the day after the inconclusive cannonade of Valmy which each of the two sides claims to have won. I should really have asked, and ask now: What happened on the 21st of September 1692, when I take it St. Margaret Mary was still around?

peter f • 4 years ago

Hmmmm. Writing on the hoof is a bit problematic. 17.06.1789 was when the 3rd Estate (peasants) effectively said that they were in charge by Calling themselves the National Assembly. No mention of the 1 and 2nd Estates i. e the clergy / Church and the nobility.
From the sources I've seen, and they haven't been many, the 100 yrs is always from 17.06.1689. There was a lot going on around the time of the revolution so feel free to do some digging and let us know what you find.

pamino • 4 years ago

For the present: “the 3rd Estate (peasants)” – not exclusively these, since the Third Estate included everyone who was neither a clerk in Holy Orders nor a noble, for example the bourgeois.